Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday To my Shoes: Adizero SN

Times really flies....it was exactly a year ago that i brought and I BLOGGED about my new rubber HERE Last nite, I just clocked this shoes over 500km....and still going strong....still very cushioned and sometimes, i still find it too cushioned....hahaaaa unlike my mizuno wave rider 8 which gave me black toes nails for my virgin marathon...i used this for my ast yr marathon and my feet came back unhurt!! Happy Birthday my dear shoes

Monday, May 28, 2007

9 years.........on the 2 wheelers

28 May....is a very familiar date.....cannot recall until i started flipping out my cards and saw this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket YES! my class 2B motorbike license is 9 year old!!! and I have yet to ride on the motorbike ever since 9 years back back on 28 may!!!

Leg itchy run: SK BK AMK HG

Leg itchy since late afternoon...a run is inevitable this evening......waether is good...but i only left office at 6.30pm....journey home was fast...as i was takng out my water bottle pouch and pull the zip open......damn it! the zip came off!!! Look like it is time to retire it after 2 years of usage... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Still remember I blogged about it HERE 2 years back Got no choice but to go for a run without waterbottle....hopefully i am OK with that...need to run with controlled pace...i decided to head towards AMK and have my water break at AMK MRT It took me quite a while to warmed up...abt 3km into the run before i felt smoother...but this route sucks...too many long wait at traffic lights...many big junctions...i took about 1hrs 21min for the 12.6km..and i believe more than 10-15mins are spent waiting at the junctions...some are as long as 2min...it was like doing fartlek...run, stop and break, run...but overall, it was a well paced run...my speed regulator is working well today.

Inspirational wallpapers from Runners' World

We sat in front of computer every day in office... an inspirational wallpaper is very important to perks up our day Here is one site with many inspirational wallpapers for runners
My Current wallpaper in my office

Bay To Breakers 2007 (nudity are censored)

I thought this race FR is very interesting to share with everyone...... It shows how creative runners can be.............. and also how running can be used to bring out your ideas, thoughts and opinions.... Nudity are censored in this short film...but if you are easily offended by this topic, i suggest you better dun watch this video but instead, you should be clicking on THIS

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My deepest condolences to an old friend

Recently, saw the news of a local drummer, Wayne Seah who died in his sleep at this Punggol home. According to his friend, he was a health freak!...that prove that a health freak dun live long also....when is time to go....is time to go....no need falling tree after the rain and no need drunk drivers. his tribute page: http://www.waynethunder.com/ Saw this news and treated it as normal news and just brush it off my attention..i dun actually take note of the name... But the images of this long haired rocker keep appearing in front of me and even an email was received from a yahoo group of my sec sch that this guy is my schoolmate (i dunnoe the guy who emailed this).... Until this morning, Wayne, WAyne, waYne, WayNe Seah......YES! Damn it! I knew him!! I knew him in Sec Sch...if I not wrong, he was from NPCC and was a very good runner even though he is petite...we ran together before....we are quite good friend then but never in contact after we left school.. i will need to go and dig out my school year book...... but for now....my deepest condolences to him and hope his family can cope with the loss of a great guy....

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My first Run Log on MapMyRun

puma02 Tried to do another LSD with my adizero SN insole in my Puma...feeling good...no slippage this time Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 2nd run with load - waterbag with 1.5L water, a towel and a tee My first attempt to do Map my run route using MapMyRun.com..... quite cool right? This run was much better than last sat... did a 10min run/2min walk compared to 8min run/2 min walk last sat Covered 17km in 2hrs 3 min...about 2km more compare to last sat

Friday, May 25, 2007

Measuring distances on online maps

I have been using Street Directory Jogging Calculator and www.can.com.sg to measure my running routes for the past 2 years.... Until last year when Street directory started charging for it...althought they have revert to free service after that, their jogging calculator isscrewed up on my both IE and firefox browsers....www.can.com.sg used to be a very good alternating choice althought with its limitation but the measuring distance future can only appear on IE...but it also screwed up recently and i cannot use it at all.....it keeps hanging my browser somemore and is very slow in loading i got so frustrated and decided to search hopelessly online till i found these 2 alternating choices with easier to use interface and also much faster operation... I found Gmaps Pedometer making use of google map....previously, only can use unless u downloaded the software of google earth...look like now it can be done online liao....the thing is default location is point to US..just need to move around and zoom into the little red dot island of ours and Hocus Pocus!!!! You can even save the routes or export to external file!!! Best, you can change the measuring metric between miles and km! I found another alternative in MapMyRun.com which actually used Google map also!! dunoe is it licenced from google map or is it "stealing the code"..but this has more features like putting markers e.g. shower, stretching, aids, water points on the map...and i can even use a view map!!...it can also import routes from gmap pedometer and also export to external files and even blog!! Best of all, Registration as member is free!!! Look like there is more motivation for me to run longer now...........

Barefoot Running: Scientifically Proven?

Barefoot Ted posted an interesting article written by barefoot Ken Bob Saxton about barefoot running and modern running shoes. i thought this is a well written, easy to understand piece of work.... trying to change but with progressive transformation....first is to reduce the cushioning in the shoes i used....and also to strength the related muscles involved. etc.etc.etc.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

unexpected journey to the east: Pasir Ris

Nothing to do after work...so i thought a run will be good to occupy the time to wait for my laundry to be done in the machine...since last nite run did not cause any aches, pains or tiredness hooked on my gear and din know where to go.....i thought long time never head to east...and anyway, want to explore this tampines industrial ave 5 that i saw on bus recently so i decided to head east. skpr11km Started at usual place, i head towards punggol park....before turning into hougang ave 7 towards defu lane. reached 5km at about 29min...good comfortable pace at Tampines road junction, i turned left and run along the long demoralising road...past defu industrial area on my left an came to the newly built "highway" that across and over tampines road...after which i was running by the airbase fence all the way till i reached old tampines road. that is end of pavement, i turned into old tampines road and run along the side of the road against the traffic....vehicles went past with drivers giving me a weird look...must be wondering why this insane guy run this ulu place in the middle of the nite. just a while, i reached this new junction of tampines industrial ave 5...trust me..u still cannot find this on the map. i turned left and finally there is a wide pavement for me to run on....there was construction on the new samsung-siltronic wafer plant on the left and just grassland on the right.... the road is straight and i guess is a shortcut thru old tmpines road as i saw IKEA, COURTS and GIANT straight ahead.....reaching the main road at tampines ave 10 very soon.... I turned left and head towards Pasir Ris....went under TPE and i decided to stop after i passed UMC... went for a walk, dinner and shopping at Psir Ris West Mall before i head home i measured the distance and is only 11.3km which i did it for 1hr 07min...a nice 6min/km pace

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CBD exploration run

puma02 Having issue with my insole last sat, i decided to try the insoles from my adizero SN since my adizero SN is using the insoles i brought from the army..... Just a handfull of runners came tonite...lucky got a car to tompang bags....the regulars are bored with the usual routes...someone suggested to run to MF again...the group agreed but not up MF lor Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket i led the group to the unknown....to cantonment road then turn into neil road....the fast runners finally see familiar places and started to charge forward...... i just stayed behind to make sure the back ones will not get lost.... measured to be about 6.5km only......good slow run to complete in 44min

Saturday, May 19, 2007

puma problem LSD, lazy kayak and food

puma02 I was tempting to go back MR today but after last week run...not motivated to do so this week....so i thought, it is time for me to clock some mileage....i decided to test the waterbag that was given to me by someone who has dumped it in his storeroom for years....i wanted to try loading it with 1.5L of water, a towel and a tee to change. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket decided to hook on my puma and went ahead at 7am...it was a sunny day actually and i regreted not having my shades on for the run....with loaded bag, i went at snail pace..using run/walk method....with ratio of about 8/2..the bag holds well without must irritation, no swaying and the cushioning at the bag is good....straps it well and the waterbag is like part of my body However, my shoes started to give me problem..only the 3rd time and 1st time on LSD, wonder if it is due to my extra load that my landing causes the insoles of my leg foot to slip to the back.....it was so back that i can see my insoles sticking out of my heels..i had to took it out and re-adjust it Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket i decided also to explore new routes...from sengkang, went down to buangkok and continue to AMK mrt, follow MRT line and came to the canal at bishan park..i followed the park connector all the way to potong pasir. since distance is quite short, I took a small detour to the former christian cemetery ground....i went by it everyday to work and finally able to run in it....a nice peaceful environment with quite a few joggers... i escaped to upper adjunied road and hit macpherson road, i turned right and continue till i hit the PIE....crossed the complicated junctions and turned into geylang bahru..stopped at the food centre for breakfast total distance is about 15.5km and i took a snail pace of 2hrs...a good run with new setup...i was able to control my pace and took my walk break faithfully...finished strong and happy ************************************************************************ i din stayed long at home after the run...took a shower and off i went to beach road market for lunch before heading to Kallang sea sports club....since k and B are taking their 2-stars course today and since i am free, i decided to come down to paddle for the 2nd week while meeting they for dinner after that. took the slalom and rented for 3 hrs....as kallang basin is a restricted area, cannot go far and do much...just laze around, enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea...watching the dragonboaters torturing their arms and kayak trainees doing their capsizing routines... ************************************************************************* After B and K finished their day of course, Kops brought us to Sembawang/Yishun to eat the "taste of thailand"...we have pinapple rice, tom yam soup, fried fish, vege,......dinner not satisfying, we went to chong pang nasi lemak, saw the long Q and also no temptation to eat, we took a quick drink and went down casaurina...wanted to have zhu chang fen...but not available at nite....we finally ended up at kovan alisan...finished 2nd round dinner, went over serangoon garden grass jelly and soy bean....took "Michael Jackson" and chit chit chat before we head home and ended our day.... A satisfying enjoyable day..............

Friday, May 18, 2007

RL run: Fort Canning - Singapore River

It has been a long time before i got sick that i came to RL run.....the last time i ran, was with a JC kid who caused me to over-run my normal pace....i almost died of out-of-breath Nowadays, seems to be unmotivated to run alone, so after tuesday's CBD run, i decided to join the RL gang this evening... i was quite last due to work and luckily, i made it in time....and wow! today's turnout was huge...20-25 estimated....heard from them last week also around this and a bit more....long time din come din know it has grown so much. tonite's run was fort canning- singapore river...as usual Eddy led the warm-up stretch before getting us move our butt.....this is the 2nd time i ran this route and still not familiar with the maze at fort canning...so i decided to stick to a group...in the end, i stick to these 3 gers and a guy as the gers are new and i knew eddy will lead them out of the hills.....true enough,i din get lost this time the ground was wet due to the afternoon thunderstorm but is not slippery enough to cause a fall.... once out of fort canning, the gers slowed down...or is it i went faster? they fell behind and soon i found myself running alone....caught up with the limping cokiee before hitting Kim Seng park. caught up with a group in front just at Zouk and i decided to cross over to the other side which is easier to run instead of following the rest.... managed to maintain a sustainable pace until the end without stopping in 49min....feedback from some..is about 9+km...i take it as 9km then.... a good run tonite....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to CBD run: re-exploring marina south

puma02 new roads have been opened at marina south to anticipate the heavy vehicles traffic at the IR construction site.... colleagues all left early for badminton..... also sneaked out to join the CBD run....it have been a long time ever since i last joined them.... turnout was good...a few new faces...and these guys are fast i followed Alvo at the back of the back for a start...then we picked up our speed gradually.....as we U-turn at the round about at the ferry terminal, all the fast faster are out of sight....in fact, all the way till seafood centre, we din even see a single soul in front...... As we exit the seafood centre area then we spotted a runner in front.....we gradually increased our pace to catch up....this guy is about 100m in front.....we caught up with him and we continue to maintain our pace..... I was feeling dehydrated at the seafood centre.....i was actually OK except my pheglm keep coming again....i decided to go for a slow walk to tone down my throat and let alvo go ahead.... walked for 2min, i picked up my pace again for the last 1.2km.....saw kops walking as i exited marina area.... actually no change to the road inside...just some diversion to a new road at the entrance of marina south.....maybe few hundreds metre longer than before...but no significant changes to cause confusion.... finished the run comfortably in about 52min for about 9.2km took a ride home in the tigger's car... thanks tigger

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finding back my old love at sea

I must first thanks for kops and bala for making this happened...... other then running which have been my longest doing sports....i actually have another sports which i love in the past and still do till today: Kayaking I love to be at the sea, whether is a calm sea or going against the forces of nature...the openness, the freedom and the unpredictable wave that came charging towards you.... i cannot remember when i first out in the sea in these old skool fiberglass kayak called slalom....all i can remember is my 4 days 3 nites round singapore expedition with NCC Sea back in Secondary 3....we need to go thru 2 weekends of torturous training before th actual thing..trust me...is worst than army training.... last time, where go 1 star, 2 star certification...just grab the paddle and just go ahead.....where got courses that teach u how to paddle properly and those techniques like J-draws, figure 8 draws, high/low bracing, bow/stern rudder, sculling...the only thing we learned is capsize drills....and is drilling us to do it several times until we love to do it(insaned) ever since then my expedition, i went kayaking several times especially those school camps....till my last year in Uni 5 years back....jio jio by frens, we took 1 stars at sembawang PA sea sports club (now is bottle tree village)....later we took 2 star at Changi.....we also went several round ubins and other expeditions with the clubs....everything ended when i stepped out to society to work...my membership expired and i also din bother to renew...my other frens also din jio to kayak again till weeks back..came to know that some frens are taking their 1 star courses and 2 of them are going 2 star in coming weekends... i took the chance to jio jio them today to go for a short session....2 came and we went for a short but shiok 2hrs paddling in pasir ris area...i also signed up 3 yrs membership......originally, we planned to head towards coney island or even into sungei serangoon.....however, was told that one stars has a limited area to paddle while i can go anywhere...since the 1 stars only can use bandit, i also use bandit...but honestly, i never tried it before...only used slalom in my 1 star and dancers in 2 star. anyway, we decided to go ahead.....went to the storage area: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket saw the dancers also: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket we took the kayak to the beach: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and head out to the sea: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket both of them took camera and happily snapping away..... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket bala took me and kops: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket so kops took me and bala Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket as we came close to coney island, found a lot of barges and big machineries..so we decided to give up and U-turn to go towards sungei api api swamp....and we went pass the kelongs: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket we took our time and relax: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket me happy to be at sea again: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket suddenly, the weather changed...saw lightning and rain at sengkang punggol area..changi also started to turn dark....a sudden big wave came and we got to break over it..we came near to the entrance of the swamp and saw some guys casting nets and having their fishing rods at the side.......2hrs almost up...we U-turned and returned to the beach reluntantly....packed up and while washing up....rain came pouring...heng we din stay out there longer After that we went to Elias Mall for tea break....and found Gozilla Bao...we decided to try it: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket broke it open: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket the filling are quite impressive...got crab stick, chinese sausages, fish cakes, one full boiled egg, mushroom and plenty of meat...the skin is not too think but is a bit cold...maybe should heat up more will be better....for $3.50, we managed to finished it with no trouble..... Very glad that to be back at sea again and still able to get back the paddling touch easily...at least can amend for this morning disappointing run...Hopefully, when the 2 of them finish their 2 stars, we can go for longer and further paddling session: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


it has been at least 5 weeks since i last came to MR on sat morning...that was before my 2 weeks of back illness... managed to wake up at 6am and took an early bus....the trail seems very quiet today...as i was jogging towards the northern trail entrance, there is this 2 kids carrying a double kayak blocking the way...they then turned right up slope....they are holding the kayak with on hand on their right shoulder with their paddles on the left...i stopped for them to clear and this kid saw me behind....i began walking as the path was clear and suddenly, this kid stopped and jerked his paddle backwards....the edges cut my right biceps and left a scratch on my skins.....damn....i control my cool and let it be...continue my run...dun feel like scolding pple at the start of the day. Can feel the difference that my stamina dropped a lot after my long illness...felt tired and weak as i struggle thru the trail...stopped at ranger station for a short toilet and water break before i moved on to the rifle range trail..... felt breathless and tired especially when i hit the golf course....stopped running at the foot of the hill after the golf course and walked thru the hill..i felt like stopping i started running again at the MR25 TT route.....ran for an hour and that is it....i decided to quit and walked the rest of the 3km back......ran about 8.5km for 1hr 4min met DR and DO running back as i walked towards Long House for my breakfast... a bad day run...hopefully this afternoon arms exercise can amend my bad running mood this morning

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Running Form: Why landing on forefoot is better than heel 2

I remember about 10 months back, I posted something on why forefoot landing is better than heel. I put up this drawing of my runform01 something just stuck me as i was looking back at this that maybe i should add more simple demonstration using something we learn in sec sch physics: F =ma, where F is the vector force with a direction and m is the mass with a the acceleration of the body. I being trying to convince myself and hopefully others that there is a simple and yet difficult to achieve way to solve the modern running injuries, especially the knee by consulting doc to find out where is the damages done, do physio and getting the “right” running shoes --> correct running technique. The solution is to find the correct running technique. This is the reason why, i have been looking at pose method for the past 1-2 years. The most basic and simplest concept to take home is to land below your CG and on the forefoot rather than the heel. Here, i put up more in the diagram with simple physic F=ma explanation: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket When landing on forefoot below CG, the force on the whole leg or rather the knee the force F1 = mass of th person x acceleration due to gravity. As it is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the person. No matter how fast the person run and how much increase in acceleration in the horizontal direction which cause the increase in horizontal F1h, the force F1 on the knees is the same. However, for the case of landing on the heel. The force F2 on the knee which is also the braking force is not the same case as above. The force F2 has 2 components: Fh – The horizontal force due to acceleration forward and Fv – The vertical force due to pull of gravity which is the same as F1 mentioned in the previous case. So F2 = Fh + Fv > F1, as Fv = F1 Furthermore, as the acceleration of the runner increase, Fh will increase which resulted in F2 increase. So more force will be exerted on the knee. So conclusion, landing on forefoot will cause less stress than landing on heel, especially for running who speed. Definitely, there are other factors for injuries like over-use of muscles due to over-training, accidental injuries, unbalanced muscle strength and inelastic muscles. So next time if your knees hurts, no point blaming your heartless shoes. Think of how to improve your technique rather than improving your time. This will not only save your knees, prolong your running life, it will also help to you save $$ as those expensive hi-tech shoes are no longer needed with proper technique. remember what Leonardo Da Vinci said: "The human foot is a work of art and a masterpiece of engineering." Warning: Changing running technique is a long slow process, which requires high level of determination and discipline. If it is done without control and moderation, it will cause more injuries as a result.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Riding my GO Green Vehicle Home

It was a great morning today...weather was wonderful for past few days...I was planning to wake up at 6am for a short run.... The alarm rang and woke up....sat on the bed for 5min and i went down on my pillow again...The next thing i know is i woke up at 7.30am...D^&$#%@$!! so pack up my stuff and went office...... Nothing much to do at work except to solve some stupid script issue...specs are not finalised yet so i was just waiting for things to happen. Waited till everyone left office before i pack up....i intend to travel home using my environment friendly vehicle...yes....no petrol or diesel needed and zero pollutant emission....took abt 48min to reach home...hey! that's about the same time as taking public transport... normally, i will take 5-10min(wait for bus), 5min(walk to mrt), 5min(wait for mrt), 10min(travel on mrt), 15min(walk home from mrt)...which is about 40-45min Here is it: My Go Green Environment Friendly Vehicle My route: Office2sk8km Got to stop by about3-4 traffic lights for about 1min to wait for the lights...so i should take about 4-5min earlier to reach home..... maybe can do it more often next time....but need to plan logistic. Hmmmmm...with my injinji, my CB pro did felt closer to running barefoot.....

Monday, May 07, 2007

Puma's virgin run

Finally, got my puma out for its virgin run. The weather was great for past 2 days and the ground is wet..i need my run after rested for 3 days....put on my puma na dit felt weird...i guess is due to the shapes of the shoes head....the tongue was actually very short also puma02 decided to try it on the normal 10km route round punggol and sengkang skpg99km started out quite fast as usual....the shoes felt light and the ground feel is good...it took 2-3km before i managed to break in comfortably into it....the forefoot is flexible and it has a good balance between cushion and ground feel...it was lighter than my adizero SN although the forefoot cushioning is not as soft but sufficient. unfortunately, something broke my stride and i got to walk for 10m and restart again...i was cruising for about 2km at quite fast speed before i slowed down....my legs are still fresh but my heart and lungs are weak....need more mileage the last 3km was terrible as I was stopped several times by traffic lights before i ended off in 56min........ so far so good for the shoes..but the harder evertrack strides at the outsole did make the shoes felt weird on landing....no big issue more important is no ache, no pain....i will need to try it on longer runs in future.. what can i ask for more a shoes i paid for $39.90

Thursday, May 03, 2007

JPMorgan LSD

It is JPMorgan run this evening, I did not take part and will not take part as this is a corporate event which my little tiny company will not sponsor and will not be able to make up the number required... I brought my barang barang as I intended to go down RL run but thinking that the runners might go JPM and RL run might stop for a week, i decided to head home first.. it was raining heavily in the afternoon but clearer in the late afternoon....i reached home as early as possible and change up my gear....i have no plan to go where....my legs still aches and sore from May day run.....i just ran as i wish.... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I ran towards buangkok green....kept a slow comfortable pace...after 10min, my sore legs got better..turned towards YCK road, i began my hilly run along the polluted road....my calves are sore but overall still ok not feeling strain....i took it easy and walke for 2min for every 8-10min run....stop at a couple of traffic lights also to take a rest chance. as i reached along woodleidge mrt, i was still feeling OK....usually i will start feeling tired at this point....i guess, i ran slow enough....crossed under PIE, i decided to turn left to a new route instead of the usual route running straight....i followed along geylang bahru and reached Upper Boon Keng Road in no time....ran passed my primary school...wow! changed to an adventure company liao I reached Kallang MRT and find my way to kallang riverside park...i am still feeling OK at this point....it was quite dark as some of the lights are off...followed beside the river all the way....the cones at the ducktour entrance for JPM run are still around....as the pavement turned right towards esplanade, the whole stretch of lights are off, the pavement was difficult to see and i have to go slow and carefully. Once reached under the sheares bridge, got to turned to the main road and ran to esplanade before turned back to the pavement.....instead of the usual run to tanjong pagar mrt, i decided to continue along singapore river and stopped at the the usual RL run end point. At least is near to Clark quay MRT where i can take mrt home. the lights along singapore river was all not on....see raffles in the darkness....as i was 300m away from the end point, heard a small dog barking and this small brown thing with curly fur came charging at me from 10m away, the owner kept shouting at it....so i sped...it was not very fast and i slowed down and ran beside it.....(lucky not big dog)...it was cute running and barking and it gave up after 50m....but i continue to sped till the end point..... did my warm-down and thought of going to the usual resturant for dinner....as i walked along teh road...hey! Ayin, Tekko's wife and Bambi were walking in front of me with other 2 fellows....so i followed they and joined the dinner with the RL run gang.....tekko and sebas joined the dinner after their JPM run..... Had a good dinner and a very good run...my legs are tired but not sored or aches anymore....today's run was comfortable for a LSD and this should be the way to run my LSD.....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chasing Kimbia: A peep into the life of the elite kenyans

discovered this blogumentary from one of the running forum. Look at the kenyans runners awesome running video are simply inspirational

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day HSP run to punggol point

After taking medicine for 2 and a half weeks with no exercise, i thought May day is a good time to re-start my running again....have no motivation and hope...i decided to join the fast and furious May Day run at HSP by the speed monster....not sure how much i can last...cannot then walk lor woke up at 6am and see that the weather is very good....but lightning started very soon and thunders follows...storm came at about 6:15am. i logged on to the forum and see whether any happening inside.....teelee was online and we pray and hat till the rain goes away....it was up and down until 7am that it started to died down....still drizzling, i made a call to make sure someone was there... i see that the rain has stopped so i hooked up my gears and out of the door i went....half way thru my run to punggol park...the rain started again...damn...i was going at a pretty fast pace and ran 2km in about 10min....siao liao...later sure cannot catch up with them one... saw XDD, TK, BR, RR and SB at the bliss restuarant shelter by the lake as we chat...the rain somehow stopped...teelee came followed by DR, DO and K with their white caps, white top and black tights (golden boys' uniform?) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket after all went to have our last pee, we started slowly towards hougang ave 7....XDD want to run thru the park along the river.....Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket we went thru a bit of trail and emerged from the vehicular bridge and continue our run along sengkang east drive to punggol east drive.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ....following the LRT line, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket we came to punggol road as we turned right and ran along this small concrete pavement by the side of the road.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ...we up and down the slopes 2-3 times, we finally reached punggol point.... This place has changed a lot ever since i last came...everything was torn down and left a small jetty with a policeman on guard....a few auntie was searching for worms at the beach and uncles fishing.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We continued to walked west-ward towards punggol marina and saw 7 dogs loitering along the beach....went past the big PA chalets and have to cross a small drain before we reached a sand trail....Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ...a few vans with drivers fishing by the side....we came to a big drain and this time, it is too big for us to cross. We back-track and find our way to the main road and follow to reached punggol marina... after toilet break, we walked around and found ourselves at the pier with couple of expensive yachts.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket..took a few photos together and saw a boatel coffee corner by the huge boatshed...we decided to take a break here to la kopi...enjoy the scenery....after which we head back to the main road...my legs are weak now... The rest started quite fast for me so i left behind the pack.....XDD mentioned there is a shortcut...but not familiar so we continue along the road until we came to a LRT track where we can see punggol estate and other LRT lines....we took the risk....having logical sense that got LRT track sure can go, my legs gained energy as we hit the trail so i led the gang along the LRT track and hit punggol mrt straight!! Wah! that was really a short-cut! no slopes and great surface to run on.... we turned right and went along punggol way.....after hitting the junction with TPE exit, i decided to stop and let the rest carry on....after no running for so long, i guess, my legs has enough today....and so i decided to leave the gang and continue to take a stroll with the nice cooling breeze home. estimated i covered about 15km.....the run was not continuous, it was at quite fast pace but with a couple of long breaks for photo taking in between..it was a good run with everyone keeping close to each others....din expect i can last that long......look like running can really re-start again....


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