Monday, May 07, 2007

Puma's virgin run

Finally, got my puma out for its virgin run. The weather was great for past 2 days and the ground is wet..i need my run after rested for 3 days....put on my puma na dit felt weird...i guess is due to the shapes of the shoes head....the tongue was actually very short also puma02 decided to try it on the normal 10km route round punggol and sengkang skpg99km started out quite fast as usual....the shoes felt light and the ground feel is took 2-3km before i managed to break in comfortably into it....the forefoot is flexible and it has a good balance between cushion and ground was lighter than my adizero SN although the forefoot cushioning is not as soft but sufficient. unfortunately, something broke my stride and i got to walk for 10m and restart again...i was cruising for about 2km at quite fast speed before i slowed legs are still fresh but my heart and lungs are weak....need more mileage the last 3km was terrible as I was stopped several times by traffic lights before i ended off in 56min........ so far so good for the shoes..but the harder evertrack strides at the outsole did make the shoes felt weird on big issue more important is no ache, no pain....i will need to try it on longer runs in future.. what can i ask for more a shoes i paid for $39.90

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