Saturday, May 12, 2007


it has been at least 5 weeks since i last came to MR on sat morning...that was before my 2 weeks of back illness... managed to wake up at 6am and took an early bus....the trail seems very quiet i was jogging towards the northern trail entrance, there is this 2 kids carrying a double kayak blocking the way...they then turned right up slope....they are holding the kayak with on hand on their right shoulder with their paddles on the left...i stopped for them to clear and this kid saw me behind....i began walking as the path was clear and suddenly, this kid stopped and jerked his paddle backwards....the edges cut my right biceps and left a scratch on my skins.....damn....i control my cool and let it be...continue my run...dun feel like scolding pple at the start of the day. Can feel the difference that my stamina dropped a lot after my long illness...felt tired and weak as i struggle thru the trail...stopped at ranger station for a short toilet and water break before i moved on to the rifle range trail..... felt breathless and tired especially when i hit the golf course....stopped running at the foot of the hill after the golf course and walked thru the hill..i felt like stopping i started running again at the MR25 TT route.....ran for an hour and that is it....i decided to quit and walked the rest of the 3km back......ran about 8.5km for 1hr 4min met DR and DO running back as i walked towards Long House for my breakfast... a bad day run...hopefully this afternoon arms exercise can amend my bad running mood this morning

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