Friday, March 31, 2006

Recce to Tampines Park Connector

The rain and thunder were non-stop this afternoon. A bit regret that i din managed to wake up for a good run this morning and he weather iis superb. reached home only at about 8.30pm and saw that the rain has finally stopped. I decided to go for a long nice easy run by the park connector. havent decided how to go, i just head out to bedok reservoir and started to run where my legs bringing me to. So i went out to bedok north route and along tampines ave 10. turn to tampines ave 9 until junction with tampines ave 12 and turn into tampines park connector and go all the way to pasir ris park and back, goes to sunplaza park and follow park connector back to bedok reservoir road... took about 1hr is defintiely my longest run ever since i recovered from bronchitis recently....a nice good nite run...hopefully, my legs are OK to walk tomolo Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 15.2km Pace: 6:27min/km Time Taken: 1hr 38:10min laps: 3.1km for 21:03min@6:47min/km 1.5km for 09:35min@6:23min/km 2.5km for 16:27min@6:35min/km 2.5km for 16:13min@6:29min/km 5.6km for 34:51min@6:13min/km

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

MILK Run 2006 registration is ON!

I have registered!!! have you? if not, check it out here: This is my first run for 2005....did very well for the 10km then...first time in my life and so far the only time that i managed to go under 50min. Unfortunately, they have shorten the route to 8.4km this year.....but I will still go to support the Kids!!!

A short short run

weather has been turning wet and cool for these few days...i guess is due to chinese QING MING festival which is round the corner...there is fortunately no rain this morning so i woke up early and head out for a run....originally, planning to do some intervals at the reservoirs but decided to go for 2 rounds....the sky was cloudy and I doubt I can see ay god sunrise this morning.... I was going at an easy pace...but feeling uncomfortable somehow...i guess is the change of running form recently that affected my body feel.....did a quite fast pace for the first 2.4km which i normally warmed up by going slower than 14min....then....500m away from the ed of 1 round, my bowel started to move!!! shit shit and I need to i better stop after one round before any disaster happen....... I stopped after completed one round and walk briskly back home...the feeling was gone...i pick up a bit of pace and it came i decided to head home for toilet on the safe side...... It was an easy and relax run for the start of the week..maybe i try to do another easy run tomolo morning.... Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 4.3km Pace: 5:34min/km Time Taken: 23:58min laps: 2.4km for 13:38min@5:41min/km 1.9km for 10:20min@5:26min/km 8 chinups

Saturday, March 25, 2006

SunRise Run 25 Mar 06

This very early morning....i woke up at 5.30am...washup and waited for Alvo to come and pick me up for Sunrise Run. We also went to pick meteor up and headed down to tanjong pagar mrt by ECP. Run3 and Tiwazz was early and as 6.30am was near, more and more runners came in like littlefoot, xuanjing, kickjazz, renoh, choonwei...... We started at 6.30am and reached sheares bridge for sunrise...rested there for 26min snapping photos all the way before we head down suntec side and went back to our start point.... We went to Tanjong pagar mrt for breakfast before we break of them either going back to work, going to gym or swimming....with me, the only one heading home to prepare for afternoon shopping trip....a good relaxing run done The route we took as shown in the pic also: start from tanjong pagar mrt and go towards marina south till sun dial. Up sheares bridge and wait for sunrise, snap snap photo then run down suntec side and back to esplanade park to fullerton hotel and along shenton way back to maxwell road Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII Distance: 7.1km Time taken: 50:49min Pace: 7:09min/km Lap: 3.4km for 23:00min@6:46min/km wait 26min for sunrise on top of shears bridge 3.7km for 27:49min@7:31min/km cheers for another great sunrise Run

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Running with Running labs Run

A bit mouthful on this post title.....anyway, i ran today...actually wanted to wake up early for sunrise run but this morning was as wet as i ditched the idea and pray that i can leave on time....managed to finish my work until i really carry on whn 6pm came, i sneaked out right after my boss leave and dash to Running Labs at Funan.... I actually reached quite early and saw IMD chatting...slowly, Tekko, sportventure, the VRP gals and a few others arrived....we started just by Singapore riverside beside Hill St...going towards esplanade then aong Kallang river till the end at Kallang/Geyllang Road beside Furniture Mall and U-turn back. Total distance covered is about 10km. I was running very slowly and chatting with Tekko for the first about 2km until he went for toilet break. My hamstring still feeling tight from monday intervals....after Tekko left me, i started to pickup and make a chase towards the front runners and stay in pace with them....right after kallang sea sports club....we are left with IMD, Chris and myself chatting and pushing away...i was pushing quite fast for 2.5km before i reach the U-turn point...then we saw Buck Hai following behind... I started to feel the strain of no i never run a 10km without throat started to get irritated and i was spitting all the way to the end....The 5km back was maintained at a steady speed but was a tempo run for me definitely...Chris was talking all the way with IMD and i started to maintain silent for the last 2km.... Finally finished at a good time and join the rest for dinner after a good run... Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Distance: 10km Time taken: 55:22min Pace: 5:32min/km Lap: 2.6km for 15:54min@6:07min/km 2.4km for 12:22min@5:09min/km 5.0km for 27:05min@5:25min/km

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Golden challenge to a marathon in a bad weathered day

ultraman posted this in sgrunners' forum: "actually if one can do away with the timing in mind consciously or sub consciously, one tends to achieve a much better result in timing. During any run, never let the superficial elements affect the mind. If you can do that, you will no longer a sub 5 or sub 4, but a new breed of runners with quality and speed." very true words....and i will make this challenge to myself: To complete a marathon without a watch, without looking at the time until i cross the finishing line.... anyone want to try this challenge? Not a good day for me...intended to wake for a slow recovery jog but i did not make it....not determine to get out of the bed. My hamstring are still aching over monday's i thought a good swim after work will do it but the weather turned bad....rain came and my work suddenly piled to work OT tonite. I MUST run TOMOLO!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Intervals with Ironmen

The cleaning exercise over the weekend has really drained my physical energy away...i was feeling very tired throughout the day....I have promised SC5 to join him at Tampines Stadium for interval training so the angel in my head said: " just go for a run and u will find you energy back" while the devil on the other hand said: "u r tired and no energy already, somemore u will be doing intervals, u will get injured...go home and have an early nite" I decided to listen to the angel and went ahead to meetup with the Korean Ironman....also joining in SC5 with his interval was Yew, the Langkawi ironman....stress stress...but i decided to do my fast 6x400m to train for my ippt instead of their slower 3x1200m...... after 2 rounds of light jogging and 4x100m striding, we took a sip and went ahead respectively...i was trying to loosen my legs and I was crusing quite fast for the first 200m...42sec...too i tried to slow down a bit for the next 200m but I din..i managed to maintain the same 42s pace and finish at 1:24min... As I was completing lap by lap....the 2nd straight hundred stretch headwind got stronger which made me difficult to pace properly....but i tried to relax and still hit between 42-44sec....managed to complete 5 rounds within 1:30min which is not within my target of 1:30-1:40min..I managed to maintain a rest interval of about i decided to cut back by one round....but the ironmen are finishing their final round so i rested for about 2:30min and paced SC5 for his final 400m for 1:47min.... it was a good interval training for least i know where i standing now in terms of speed endurance level...maybe i will join the ironmen interval when they are back to their 800m laps in few weeks time... Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Distance: 2.4km total Time taken: 8:57min total run time Pace: 3:44min/km Intervals details: 400m for 1:24min@3:30min/km 1:32min rest 400m for 1:28min@3:40min/km 1:30min rest 400m for 1:25min@3:33min/km 1:31min rest 400m for 1:27min@3:38min/km 1:40min rest 400m for 1:26min@3:35min/km 2:36min rest 400m for 1:47min@4:28min/km

Friday, March 17, 2006

nite LSD cum sgrunners gathering

Did a crazy run tonite....feeling bored running around bedok reservoir i decided to go for a little exploration...since i have no time to run over this weekend, decided also to do my LSD....and happened that sgrunners are having a gathering at esplanade, so i thought is a good chance to run down to esplanade for dinner.....along the way, i also went past my office....i took about 34min to ran from home to office...about the same time i took a bus. reach esplanade and found that there is a Nokia sponsored concert going on....very crowded...finally met up with the sgrunners and listen to choonwei, wildcat and philips chim discussions on supplements and theories...met other sgrunners like sportventure, mythos, diverRunner, DreamRunner, Freddy, Alvo and meteor....a quiet small cosy outing unlike a big and loud crowd in the past...but overall...i had a good run tonite and a good dinner...managed to cover 13.6km comfortably... Route: from bedok reservoir>kaki bukit> ubi>circuit road>macpherson road>kallang riverside park>esplanade Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII Distance: 13.6km Pace: 6:00min/km Time Taken: 1hr 21:32min laps: 2.4km for 14:35min@6:05min/km 1.5km for 08:24min@5:36min/km 1.9km for 11:43min@6:10min/km 1.7km for 10:43min@6:18min/km 2.2km for 14:17min@6:30min/km 2.2km for 12:48min@5:49min/km 1.7km for 08:59min@5:17min/km

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sunrise Run @ Bedok Reservoir

Last nite, I was preparing for my this morning run when i saw the state of my Wave Rider 8 after 3 weeks of running at bedok reservoir with it....I think i better give it a bath soon Every morning is a sunrise run for me at Bedok Reservoir if i managed to wake up...but this morning, i brought my camera phone along just to catch the beautiful sunrise there to share with everyone. Not feeling very good this morning...a bit of ache and felt inflexible at my right hips and right i started slower for the first round and took me quite a while before i got warmed up....tried to maintain a quick pace even though i was tired towards the second half......concentrate on my posture and quick steps, i managed to struggle at a average pace below 5min for the last 2km.... is always very difficult to maintain a 2 rounds reservoir run twice a week for a start...i should be better conditioned 2-3 weeks later if i managed to continue running consistently.... Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 8.6km Pace: 5:27min/km Time Taken: 46:48min laps: 2.4km for 14:23min@6:00min/km 1.9km for 10:40min@5:37min/km 2.4km for 12:18min@5:08min/km 1.9km for 09:24min@4:57min/km 1 slopes conquered 8 chinups

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On the road to recovery......

Managed to met up with my cool dudes and chio babes running kakis last nite for B&J....din eat much myself..only had a subway veggie delite half foot....feeling hungry by 10pm and fear that i have not enough strength to run this morning....surprisingly, we also met 2 of the babes from sgrunners and have a short chitchat before we dispersed... managed to slept well last nite and woke up effortlessly this morning for a run....i even woke up earlier than before....headed down to the reservoir and found that 2/3 of the reservoirs are in darkness..wonder what happened to the lighting system...but the sun was up early this morning so i managed to run in the light after my first round....the weather was great...not too hot and not too cold...and the sunrise was great...maybe i try to bring my phone and take photo tomolo morning... feeling my body had recovered major problem except i choked myself with my drink during the started of my 2nd run and this slowed my pace quite a bit for the next 500m before i recover my posture. finished well, feeling great....that the kind of running feel i wanted to regain again.. Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 8.6km Pace: 5:25min/km Time Taken: 46:33min laps: 2.4km for 13:50min@5:46min/km 1.9km for 10:27min@5:30min/km 2.4km for 12:26min@5:11min/km 1.9km for 09:47min@5:09min/km 2 slopes conquered 8 chinups

Friday, March 10, 2006

misty LSD run

This weekend will be too busy for me to squeeze a i decided to do a LSD this morning, rest 2 days over the weekend and wrack again on mon....this morning was very misty at the reservoir....less runners at 6.30am also..but found that more aunties are out jogging and running.....most of them i have never seen before in the where the uncles? Did 2 rounds of slow but fast strides run....not bad...still can tahan for 2 rounds below 50min.....but will need a lot more runs to reach my 42min PB there.... Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 8.6km Pace: 5:41min/km Time Taken: 48:55min laps: 2.4km for 14:28min@6:02min/km 1.9km for 11:02min@5:48min/km 2.4km for 13:15min@5:31min/km 1.9km for 10:09min@5:21min/km 1 slopes conquered 8 chinups

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

lost in the world run

Lost in the world today....took a bus home early today and found myself lost....lost in the sense, i do not know how to spend the next 4-5hrs before i hit the bed....i decided to go for a run....lost and confused what to do with my run...i decided to take a run to Tampines Stadium...3.3km/2 miles away....the track was quite crowded...i sat at a corner and took off my shoes....did some striding barefooted to feel the ground again.....rested and walked around....admiring the slim girls and the fast running guys.......finally decided to hit home.....legs felt heavy after all the striding but continue to endure back......i will see if my legs or body will ache tomolo after 2 days of consecutive running...... Shoes: Asics Cumulus VI laps 3.3km for 21:30min@6:31min/km idle on the track
8 chin-ups
3.3km for 20:42min@6:16min/km

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

First Tempo Run

Not in very good mood today.....woke up earlier than the alarm....grab my WR8 and head out the door.....reached the reservoir and started my engine.....suddenly, feel like venting my anger....started to pickup my speed...decided to maintain a good tempo....looks like my past 2 weeks "extra" drills are doing legs felt free and easy...but not my breathing....once i hit the 2.4km mark..i started to slow down my pace to catch my lungs are straining but not my i mentioned last week....this week i will start to pick up more speed for my runs... details of this morning run: Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 4.3km Pace: 5:15min/km Time Taken: 22:36min laps: 2.4km for 12:24min@5:10min/km 1.9km for 10:11min@5:22min/km 3 slopes conquered 8 chin-ups to end

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunrise run !!!

sgrunners are not seow abt running....we are also seow abt food and even the bulk of sgrunners were up north running KL international marathon....the remaining runners r also not resting at home....we had our first time sunrise weekend run for both sat and sun....thanks Tiwazz or organizing this and he came down to run for both days together with ran on sat but decided to have a relax morning by the river and be our jaga for sun... I only went for sunday sunrise this morning....shared a cab with meteor, cosmic and philips, we reached zouk (not for chionging) at 6.30am...ronnie and Tiwazz were already doing there warm ups......we waited hedgehog for 10mins before we took off without him as he came later to meet us at esplanade bridge... We took a 20min run along riverside quay...and along boat quay for about 3km before we reached esplanade bridge to wait for the sunrise.... after feeling the sun glare is strong, we went to esplanade for toilet break before we ran 20min back to our startpoint to find philips...and there we find the relaxing jaga relaxing by the riverside.....thanks to him, we have 100 plus after our run...... After stretching and cooling down.....i was a shaggy dog...craving for food....and we walked from Zouk to Funan 99 kopitiam for a hearty breakfast before i broke away fromt he group and came home to blog...heeee wearing my nimbus, we ran 20min for 3km, rested 48min for the sunrise and ran 20min for 3km back. cheers..............

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Great weather, good morning, wonderful run

I slept too well last woke up at 6am before my alarm sound...decided to laze on the bed for another 30min....changed into my ASICS cumulus VI and headed out of the door....unlike the last run which is cloudy, this morning is cloudless!!!.....took a slow light run and maintaining a cadance of about 180 steps per minute...finished one round of reservoir at a very relaxed time....feeling good and healthy again.....probably will start some trial runs to see how my fitness step and also to do some tempo run next week to prepare for my "dunnoe when I taking" IPPT.. went up the small hill and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise before walking back home for shower and prepare for work Shoes: ASICS Cumulus VI Distance: 4.3km Pace: 5:56min/km Time Taken: 25:32min laps: 2.4km for 14:52min@6:12min/km 1.9km for 10:40min@5:37min/km 2 slope conquered 8 chin-ups to end walk on........

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Came across this interesting and important article from Dr.Romanov's training advice in POSE Method....which i feel is one of the more difficult hurdles to cross for anyone to improve their running to have the determination to change those bad habits to new good ones.....but sometimes...the problem is, we are unable to identify where our habits are right or wrong....we can only tell if the body is feeling good or not which may be correct or is where a good coach, a training group or a training kakis will comes in help identifying what you cannot see by yourself.... Read on....... GOOD AND BAD HABITS IN RUNNING Old habits die hard. - Proverb Men's natures are alike; it is their habits that carry them far apart. - Confucious Habit is "a tendency to act in a certain way or to do a certain things; usual way of acting" as it described in Thorndike-Barnhart Student Dictionary (Harper Collins Publishers, 1992, p.496). Our habits are part of our life, influencing our lives to an extreme level in the good and bad direction. We fall into the habit of doing things not because they are good for us, but because we or somebody else got us into the habit of doing it. We walk the same street, to the same supermarket, to the same movie theater etc. Perhaps it may not be the best way to go to not so great supermarket or movie theater, but we like it, because it is familiar to us. The new supermarket and new movie theater are a bit further than the old ones and therefore a bit more inconvenient. So we are not changing our old routes......Read Full Article here like what we often said: " a leopard canot change its spot, a zebra cannot change its stripes" Run on.....


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