Friday, September 30, 2005

On my Feet again!!!

This week, I finally able to re-start my regular run after 2 months of bronchitis..... feeling good that I am on my feet again. I had 3 runs summarised below....quite a good gauge of my current fitness till the marathon on 4 dec, I will be targeting to ramp up my weekdays mileage to about 30km per week (abt 8-12km per day) and weekend will be super long runs >20km with my running kakis.....For weekdays, will be using the training strategy of either run morning, next day night and rest one day or run morning and night on the same day and rest one day....probably trying these 2 combinations for the next 2-3 weeks I will also have to juggle between runs and badminton/tennis (leg itchy cured but hand become itchy now) On Wednesday, My ASICS Cumulus VI had finally clocked the 800th km...and is still going strong...i will probably use it for weekdays short runs (<10km). Last night, I had my 3rd run of the week with my new baby: Mizuno Wave Rider 8...finally bring it out of the box after I purchased it 2 weeks back for virgin run...Had a very good run with it, I ran the same route as the one 2 days back and clocked 1min faster...this run although faster, is actually more comfortable than the first...There will be a separate posting for my review on my new baby. Here my this week summary: 26 Sep 2005 MONDAY 8.00pm Route: Pavement Run round big loop outside Bedok Reservoir via Temasek Poly Distance: 6km Time Taken : 31:34 min Average pace : 5:16 min/km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI 28 Sep 2005 WEDNESDAY 6.30am Route: 2 rounds Bedok Reservoir Distance: 8.6km Time Taken : 47:31 min Average pace : 5:32 min/km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI Lap breakdown: 1.3km for 7:39min@ 5:53min/km Shit for 5min (yes...i took a toilet 5min break) 1.1km for 5:55min@ 5:23min/km 1.9km for 10:55min@ 5:45min/km 2.4km for 13:13min@5:30min/km 1.9km for 9:47min@5:09min/km 29 Sep 2005 THURSDAY 8.30pm Route: Pavement Run round big loop outside Bedok Reservoir via Temasek Poly Distance: 6km Time Taken : 30:33 min Average pace : 5:06 min/km Shoe: MIZUNO Wave Rider 8 I should be doing my crazy overnite run with my Mizuno WR 8 this weekend...watchout for it!!! Cheers....................crazy runner on crazily(does this word exist?) good shoes

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Crazy Run this weekend

OK, I going insane....I going to do something crazy this weekend...long time never do these ever since out of Uni....I going join in LonelyRunner in his quest for 168km Run Round Singapore with other SgRunners. I will start about after the 2nd marathon distance and maybe up to a maximun of marathon distance(end at esplanade)..but current plan is to travel the route highlight yellow below which is about 35km(end at Katong CC). according to the NTU schedule, I should meetup TLR and SgRunners gang between 10pm-11pm...going to be a fun overnite run (1st time...last time done a lot overnite cycling) However, these stretch of the run is one of the toughest up to changi village, we can replenish at petrol kiosk or 7-11 if any along the way and at Changi village, we can have our last supper before we embark on our long lonely run via coastal road to east coast place for replenishment (unless from the official run station) ...... But this time, situation is defintiely better than my last long long travel on foot for 35km from Sembawang to Heeran which there is no food or water. Me and my partner suffered Dehydration due to my partner idea of putting Pocari powder into our water bag....... However, I think with the motivation and company of should be done with fun and laughter Cheers..................good luck for my insane run

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lobster Feast!

I know this is a bit out of Topic for this Blog....But just tempted to share with everyone these delicious lobsters I had last Sunday from pengarang!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Equipment review: Salomon hydrobelt 45°

There quite a number of hydration packs or water bottle holders in the market. If you are interested in one....probably can try the one shown hanging above (who's butt is that? some handsome one lar). Can be found at Salomon labs at Suntec. Read Ethanolic's review here Cheers.................................

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Photo finish For Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon

What can be better than a Photo Finish with 2 of my fellow Running Kakis? OK, I admit we look bad in this shot, we did smile at the photographer but he did not catchus at the right moment....anyway, thanks to whoever took this photo and squeeze the 3 of us in.... cheers...............

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Up and Running Again!

Feeling very good waking up at 6.30am this morning...This is my second run after a long long break and also the last of this week....I was shocked to see the sun has already brighten the day...Gosh! It has been 6 weeks ever since my last early morning that means next week, i can wake up earlier to run and not in darkness... Hooked on the transmitter to my chest and geared up real fast, i headed out of the wearing my old ASICS Cumulus VI...still not relunctant to wear my new Mizuno Wave Rider 8 to run at the reservoir...probably leave it to the road run next week.... Went straight to the chin-up bar and pull...Wow! still feel the ache from 2 days ago...i guess too long never exercise so recovery still very slow...went over to the reservoir, swing my limps, stretch and jump a bit, I started my run at a slow pace.... I was trying to control my pace, focus on my head-neck, my vision 30-50m ahead, my elbow backswing and also using my knee to lead the way (from the pointers in my previous post)...a bit uncomfortable, which is normal as I am not moving my usual way....My Heart rate was least 5-6 count lower than my run 2 days ago...I shoudl try to maintain the effort till the end...Hit the 2.4km mark at 12:55min..good, not too fast or too slow and most important, not feeling any strain from my last focusing on running at a consistent pace...breathing is good and comfortable....finished the last 1.9km at 9:45min..just 2-3sec off tuesday run with less strain.. head for the chin-up bar again and struggled with another 8 chin-ups before walking back home to shower and change for work. Good run...going to do macritchie 9.5km with my gang this week run will be more or less the same to condition the body before I push my mileage up. Run Stats: Overall - 4.3km for 22:41 at 5:17min/km avg HR: 158 max HR: 177 calories burned: 211 KCAL lap - first 2.4km for 12:55 at 5:23min/km avg HR: 150 max HR: 165 last 1.9km for 9:45 at 5:08min/km avg HR: 170 max HR: 177

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Running Do's and Don't: A Summary

In search for a good running form: Extracted from "The Art of RUNNNING with the Alexander Technique" The Do's: - Allow the arms to engage the legs - Allow the ankles to release, followed by a release towards the back of the knees - Allow the knees rather than the feet to lead the movement forward - Allow the legs to move in semi-circular pattern - Remember that the external direction is forward, the internal direction is up - Let the eyes look out 30-50m ahead - Allow the wrists to remain toned rather than floppy - Allow the elbows to remain bent at 90 degrees - Allow the arms to move straight forward and back or slightly across the body - Learn to run light and quietly - Run on the legs, not with the legs The Don't - Push the body up and let it land heavily on the legs with every stride - Push with the feet - Lock the arms on to the trunk or fix the shoulders - Allow the feet to cross over the mid-line - Do an Elvis, and tuck or push the pelvis into the legs - Allow the head to roll, bob,wag or look down - Allow the fist to clench, the wrists to flop and the thumbs to stiffen - Clench the teeth or grimace - Bounce up and down or roll side to side - Push the chest toward the target - Belly-breathe

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am Back Running!

I was feeling tired after 5pm...I guess I did not eat enough...feeling no energy to keep awake...almost dozed off on the bus on my way back....trying to read the book "The Art of Running" but only managed a few pages....However, I am determine to run tonight. Reached home feeling energetic suddenyl, took a quick pack of MILO, wore the Polar HRM S210 which I borrowed from Kay, prepared my RED water bottle into my bottle holder, slipped into my old faithful ASICS Cumulus VI and headed out of the door. I actually intended to try out my new Mizuno Wave Rider 8 or my Black Beauty today, but I do not want to test the durability of Mizuno WR 8 at the reservoir and I wanted to leave my Black Beauty virgin run till this sat macritchie run. As wat I usually did before my run, I headed for the chin-up bar and did 10 chin-up (wow! more than my usual 8). Did a bit of turning and twisting for warm-up, I started my run round Bedok Resrvoir...Started feeling very good...checking constant my heartrate for the first started to shoot up to 162 and maintained for a i continued, I remember what I read from "The Art of Running", look middle distance ahead and also remember what i read from "ChiRunning" concentrate on your elbow swing back (Run with your arms swing)...I was feeling tall as ran comfortably at a constant quick pace, concentrating on my breathing and arm swing...I reached the 2.4km point and clocked 12:45min I tried no upping my pace but maintained the effort till the end, increasing my stride speed but not all out, I finished with a decent time of 22:27min...running the second 1.9km for 9:42min... Did a 1km walk for recovery and some stretching on my legs, I did a post-run chin-up for 8 times. Look like, my fitness has not degrade too much...just that based on my half marathon last sunday, look like I will need more time to increase my mileage for my year end full marathon.. Run statistics: Avg HR:170 Max HR:188 2.4km for 12:45 min at 5:19min/km 1.9km for 9:42 min at 5:09min/km Overall 4.3km for 22:27 min at 5:13min/km Cheers............i am down but not out, and I will be back stronger

Running Gear I updated AGAIN: My ANOTHER New Running shoe

I know is a sin to shop....especially brainlessly...just to satisfy your desire for new stuff...for a runner especially, will be changing new running shoes...For me, is to suppress my depression from no running, no training and no sweating............ Got 3 cash vouchers of $110 and armed with a 20% discount voucher for Mizuno products from Mizuno Wave Run......I switched sides....My original target is ASICS Landreth II But I have switched to MIZUNO!!! After financial consideration and positive feedback from SgRunners who have brought the shoe, I got myself my second pair of Running Shoes in 2 days: MIZUNO WAVE RIDER 8 Date of Purchase: 12/09/2005 size: US11 (has my foot grown? 2 shoes also 1/2 size larger)

Cheers...................investment in your shoes is for you to run further, better and healthier

Monday, September 12, 2005

Running Gear I updated: My New Running shoe

Went to Salomon Labs at Suntec with a friend today after Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon. Very excited about the Salomon sale and as my friend is a registered Salomon Sponsored Athlete, there will be extra 20% on top of the normal 30% discount..... I have been eyeing this Adventure Running Shoe ever since I first stepped in Salomon labs: XA Pro 3D and i finaly got this at a very very good price which is about 45% off the retail price..... There are actually 3 colours to choose from: grey with red, black and red.....after thinking, considering and cracking my head, I decided to get the black beauty!! (I never got such a black shoe before).... Got to get half a size bigger than my usual shoes. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Salomon XA Pro 3D Date of purchase: 11/09/2005 Size: US 11

Cheers................Pampered your feet and they will bring u around for many many miles

Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 2005

Woke up this morning at 3am and reached Padang at 4am. The place was quiteempty as i was one of the earlier competitors around.....the army guys are still preparing or resting for the long day ahead. Met up with DO and BrokenRunner first....saw DO's hydration belt by New Balance (the one I eyeing and I costed half the price of fuelbelt)...the make is quite good and provide a snug fit around the waist...maybe I will get it next week using the 40% off voucher from New balance REAL Run. Slowly, more and more SgRunners arrived at the meeting point and very glad to see quite a few new faces........ As the race about to start, I managed to meet up with my running kakis....5 of us started ran was a big crowd and we are usable to push we decided to warmup at a slow pace. As we reached each coast park, I started feeling like peeing so i made a quick dash to the toilet along the way and continue with the guys........after 11km, i started to feel the strain and decided to slow down my pace.......I ran alone from this point...i decided to walk thru all water I reached indoor stadium, I was still OK but the water at the waterpoint there is ice cold water...suddenly, this triggered my cough and phelgm...i started to feeling bad and breathing irregularly.......i run-walk until I met with one of my kaki who akan stitch along kallang riverside park. As we went, We caught up with Dasher and we decided to ran together for the rest of the the end, we came in together at a decent time of 2hrs 29min (exclusively provided by dasher)....No a bad timing considering my condition although it was 25min slower than my last year timing and walked a lot........ After the Run, met up with the my running kakis and also SgRunners.....Did some marketing to sell the SgRunners Tee to some of my Kakis...Dasher and myself took some photos with the SgRunners and went off with my Kakis for lunch at last activity outside for the day is to travel down Suntec after that to get my Black Beauty...described in my next post. Overall for this year race organisation, It is not as good as last year....waterpoints were not so enthusatic compared to previous year (maybe the best water point compeition was call off?)....the atmosphere at these waterpoint are very dull and listless...unlike previous years, there are cheerings, loud music, water shower, much better deco..........bag deposit is another problem this year, not as organised as last year and runners took a long time to retrieve their bags...No free breakfast this year compared to last year.....goodie bags sucks compared to previous years and otehr event.....the route is OK this least this year no need to register for the run.... I guess the major difference is becos there is a new commanding organising unit this year as the usual experienced unit got closed down last year (I came from that unit called 1 PDF) Got to train consistently next year...before that, got to come up with a quick fixed plan for this year end marathon.. Cheers....................

Running Gear VI updated: My New Running Cap

Got this cap from Salomon from Plaza Angsana, JB on my birthday for RM$49.90. Surprised to see this mesh cap in one of the ulu Adidas shop on the second level. I like the soft comfort of this cap and also the mesh which helps in the ventilation. I went to Salomon labs in Suntec today and did not find this cap int he shop...must be quite an old model... Haven't try this cap yet...probably during this sat run at macritchie.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Faceless Man at NB REAL Run

Thanks to the Photographer for New Balance REAL Run, I have become a faceless mystery Runner in RED.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run 2005

I woke up having ache over my whole body....I guess this is due to my IPPT yesterday...Tumpang TLR's car down to Kovan hub with Philip....met up with a few of the SgRunners before meeting up my 2 other friends who came also for this run. This is the 2nd time for Mizuno Wave run and also my 2nd time for this race. Last year, I started too fast and kana stitches right after U-turn point...Hopefully this year is okie...But this year, I have not recovered from Bronchitis and still feeling the fatigue from yesterday IPPT. Last year Race was badly organised: No proper traffic control..only 2-3 traffic police officers and they are really stressful...runners got to stop at traffic light and take in all the carbon monoxide and dust from the vehicles....and runners basically jammed up the whoel road which is dangerous water point was badly organised...not enough helper and they have to give out in bottles which is still sealed...took a hard time taking out the plastic seal No toilet provided...runners have to squeezed at the small toilet at the food centre No bag deposit service This year race started on time and we were gald we saw barricades to marked out one lane for runners...looking good...we also saw more traffic police officers controlling the traffic light.....I decided to follow balasing who also running slower due to his aquathlon yesterday...i was feeling good but after the U-turn point, the 2nd water point ran out of water...lucky I have decided to bring my own water as i expect a hot weather for the was a upslope and I started to feel my leg jellying...decided to slow down as balasing continue...the rest of the run was just squeezing the reminding energy available out of my body...I reached the 3rd water point...empty and saw the 1st water point boys came and started pouring out remainding water.....disappointed.... Furtherdown the run, saw runners falling out of the run.....i guess is due to the empty water point.....i enduranced and finally finished in 59min. A good run actually.... At the end water water available....anway, I collected my goodie bag and met up with the SgRunners....took quite a number of photos and went kopitiam for a drink with the guys.....very good outing as I get to meet a lot of new faces.... Overall....Not a well organised run,...the only improvement is the traffic control and the very nice blue quick-dry Event Tee.....hope the organiser can provide more water and better organised next year....if there is still one.... Cheers........................never underestimate the power of your mind

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Running Gear VI: My Running Cap

Yes! For those who saw me at this year NB REAL Run, I was running with my new Running cap from Adidas. I guess this is the latest model from Adidas Running series. Making use of the 20% discount from this year Marathon, I got it for $20 from Suntec Adidas. This model got 2 colours:black/dark grey or light blue. The light blue is not so nice and difficult to match other I got the black version...One concern is that black absorbed heat faster but after the NB REAL Run, I was wrong. In fact, I must be thankful that I wore this during the hot sunny run. At least my head got heated up slower and was actually quite cool and the visor shielded my eyes from the glaring sun. I think next tiem i got to cut my hair shorter to get better ventilation effect....heee Cheers................Need to cool my head during hot sun run

Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 2005 Race Expo

Went down to Mount Faber SAFRA to collect the race pack for SBR & AHM this afternoon. The race Expo is a simple one....go in, collect number tag, lucky draw and goodie bag coupon and get out. No exhibits or booth by sponsors which appeared during last year expo. The race pack is also very simple: number tag explanation iof the iGANTRY technology lucky draw coupon goodie bag coupon below is my bib this year:

My Weeky Mileage exposed!

Wow! Today seems to be a good day to blog...this is my 3rd posting of the day. I started my Running log last year after I got my ASICS Cumulus VI on 31st Aug 2004. Below is my past 1 year mileage for my 2 running shoes. I have used ASICS Culumus VI for all my road runs and Salomon TECH Amphib for my trail running mainly at Macritchie Reservoir. 735.7km on my ASICS Cumulus VI 104.5km on my salomon TECH Amphib. You might note that there is one month of no running during last year Dec. Yes, I was down with Bronchitis relapsed. Started to pick up a bit during Jan and Feb. It's a pity this time that I finally past my 50km weekly that I broke down again. Did I surged my milage too fast that my bronchitis relapsed again in Aug this time? I guess not, I know is due to my big mouth that eat everything that caused the problem..The >50km week was done at very low intensity to control my mouth next time..... Cheers..........

Happy Belated Birthday My Shoe!!

Oops! Forgot to celebrate my Running shoe birthday which is 3 days back on the 31st Aug. Yes, i referring to my ASICS cushioned shoe, Cumulus VI which I got it on 31st Aug 04 at Tampines Mall Sportslink(does not exist any more) for $121. For the past one year, I have clocked 735.7km with this road shoe, completed the following events: Sheares Bridge & Army Half Marathon 04 Mizuno Wave Run 04 Legs & paddles 05 MILK Run 05 New Balance REAL Run 05 Mizuno Wave Run 05 Happy Belated Birthday my Shoe! Cheers........Running shoe to a runner is the same as rifle to a soldier.

I cleared my IPPT!!!

Yes! I cleared my IPPT for this work year 2 days before dateline!! I was very happy cause I was quite stress about this IPPT for the past one month. I first booked my IPPT on 6th Aug. Unfortunately, I was sick few days before that....real sick...coughing until my lungs coming out! So i postponed one week after...but my cough got worst and became bronchitis relapsed!!! I continue postpone my IPPT one week after another until today which is my last last chance!! To my surprised! I have improved all my static stations compared to last yr...only my running was slower by 7sec!! But my fitness is really low....I was panting like a dog after every static stations and everyone was staring at me thinking I OK or not. As for my 2.4km, My target was 12min, I need to run 3 rounds of 800m so that will be 2min per round. My tactic light, small quick consistent strides rather than my usual long strides. My first round was feeling OK and I did a quick 3:35min. I slowed down during my second round as I know I might not be able to complete if I increase my pace too early and I started to feel dehydration so I did a slow 3:56min. For the last round, I started to feel my stomach muscle weakening but I pressed on and increased my pace and completed in a decent time of 11:07min....3:35min for the last round and I was coughing and coughing after that but this was much better than my REAL Run ending last week. I have also digged out my IPPT results and 2.4km run ever since my first try during sec 1. Unfortunately, data during my 2 years of junior college and 2 years of army was lost...but still an interesting piece of data....showing how I have fared throughout the past 15 years....This year, I have clocked my fastest shuttle run and my slowest 2.4km timing.....8-(

Click on the above table to see the big table....

Overall, it is a surprised last year..I did it 3 weeks after I recovered and trained for it, this year I did not recover fully and I did not exercise for the past 5 weeks and did much better. Anyway, I got the $200.....should be using it to buy a new running shoes! Yippee!



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