Thursday, January 31, 2008

A list for the confused

Are you confused over all the terms and technology used in different brands of running shoes?

Example...we always say EVA is used in the midsoles of running shoes...but Adidas say they used adipene, brooks say they using Mogo, Asics said their called Solyte, New Balance said they ahve Abzorb....then they have different outsole materials and also different cushioning system like gel, hydroflow and air

Here is a list of them all as a good reference: A list of confusion

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nike considered low 4

If u finding the the title of this post weird, u will find that the name of the shoes is more weird and yes, the name is the title of this post


Saw one on display at the sale section of Sportslink as I was finding the Brooks Axiom 2.....the size is right so i juz took the shoes and wear it to try try.....very comfortable and light, it has a Nike free kind of flexible $99, i would considered as a steal for its brand......and i rather buy a leathered casual like this compared to other hard soled and heavy branded casual

Searching online for more info, this is a off-season shoes for after-sports wear

The problem is, I got no more space in my shoes cabinet

Hunting for the right shoes

Adidas Adizero SN has been in my shoes rack for about 1.5 yrs...clocking more than 700km nad even a piece from the outsole has came out from my last long long run....So it is time to look for a replacement for my long run when i recover

Someone was discussing with me regarding the difficulty to find a suitable replacement for adizero SN. This shoes has one of the better cushioned shoes with a good balance between light weight and forefoot far, feedback from friends using this shoes, they have not find a replacement for it and this shoes is no longer available locally

I have been searching and hunting for a suitable replacement for months....shortlisted a few probable choices: Saucony sinister and tangent 3, Nike air zoom elite 3 and are some of the few

I have tried waering Nike Air zoom elite 3 at the Nike boutique. Quite light n weight as it belongs to the performance lightweight stability category...the feet is great, the forefoot is roomy for me...and i can feel the air cushioned at the just that the first feel is that the midsole of shoes is a bit too stiff

Today, I happened to be at hougang mall so i took the cacne to visit sportslink at level 2. Brooks only sell in sportslink unfortunately, a retail shops that dun market the brand and sell at their shops with ignorant sales staff....and i must say this brand is underrated in Singapore....and so i went into the shop and ask for a pair of size US12 to try on


I must say the fit is good for me, the forefoot is surprisingly roomy for me as I always has the impression that brooks, being an american company produces narrower first impression is the weight, very light...feels even lighter than my adizero SN and air zoom elite i walked and hop around, i can feel the hydroflow cushioning system in the forefoot....yet it is low to the ground and the forefoot is flexible enough...the upper mesh makes the shoes very airy and good for quick drying when wet....too bad, got no chance to wear it for a test run first

I must say I have a very good feeling abt this SGD$141, the retail price is the cheapest among my shortlisted shoes....but then...will have to find some way to get it cheaper if i decided to get it later.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kenenisa Bekele.......freaking God in Ethiopia

Anyone who read about Haile Gebrselassie will know this young freaking runner from Ethiopia who is the "successor" to the great Haile G. He has already broken Haile G's 5k and 10k record and is currently holding the world record for these 2 events.

Below is the video of his 10k world record feat in Zurich....running 53s for the last 400m lap.....he is a real freak!

Another great writeup on Bekele by I'm Buraian at

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The spirit of marathon coming ALIVE!

Last year, I blog about this exciting upcoming movie called The Spirit Of Marathon

finally, a ONE NIGHT SCREENING has started in the North America theaters on 24 jan!! I really doubt it will come to singapore....i guess got to wait for DVD to be available

3 big secrets to endurance training

1) consistency

2) periodization

3) heavy hard explosive resistance training

- a local sport scientist.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Website: Who Is Haile Gebrselassie

Thanks Buraian for visiting my site and directed me to the wonderfu site he created for Haile Gebrselassie. It's a great site with all his records and history and all the exciting video for his races.......

Click on the pic below to Enjoy!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Haile Gebrselassie Reveal by CNN

After finishing the biography of the great Haile Gebrselassie, it will be best to watch this series of documentary on the great runner itself. What is covered in the book in words are shown in person with action in this CNN series and this actually follow one of the all-time greatest distance runners as he attempts to register his 25th world record.....Great stuff to watch!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

"The Greatest" missed his world record

As I was 90% done with Haile Gebrselassie's biography, he has just won the richest marathon of the world.....missing his world record by less than half a minute:

The 34-year-old Ethiopian won in 2 hours, 4 minutes, 53 seconds for the second-fastest time ever. But he was 28 seconds from setting his 25th world mark and collecting the US$1 million bonus (€684,000).

"The idea was to complete the first half in about 62 minutes, but I was almost half a minute too fast. I paid the price for that in the final stages of the race," said Gebrselassie, who collected US$250,000 (€171,000) in prize money.

Full article here: Gebrselassie falls short of breaking his own world record in Dubai Marathon

An my nose is doing intervals when in aircon environment as well

Sunday, January 13, 2008

running books from the west

Happened to be at boon lay so i visited the library....there are quite a good range of running books...and some books not even found at i managed to get 2 of them:


The Boston Marathon - A century of bood, sweat and cheers

The Greatest - The Haile Gebrselassie Story


Damn..the last place i want to go this yr is to c the doc in the clinic and I did it on friday...wasted another do nothing weekend....the same old cycle starts again

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

to the east accidental LSD

going to work has been quite low morale for me recently because of the future hanging in the air...suddenly feels something lacking....runs have been inconsistent and also lazy and short

A heavy rain right after lunch is giving some hope that it will stop after work for a nice colling run and it did......came back home by 7pm and went out of my house with my waterbag backpack but without the waterbag...i brought along my 750ml adidas water bottle and a change of clothes, money, ezlink and my hp...

I decided to do mroe than just running in loops....i head out without any clue where to go...hit a traffic lights and just cross...very soon, i found myself heading towards old tampines road

i keep myself running slowly and took a 2-3min once i hit a junction....running along old tampines road is like running away from flats, just beside a road with low but fast traffic......headed into the industrial park and came out to hit IKEA and GIANT...i was still feeling OK as i proceed on to hit pasir ris...running along drive 12 and hit the long drive 3....rested whenever i hit a red light at junctions....untl i hit downtown baldder need to empty to went in for a short toilet break before i proceed..

it will be park connector all the way to changi from here.....i was thinking if i can hit changi village for dinner.....after passing the right knee started to act.....the pain started to come in....old imbalanced running has caused it and i have yet to find out why but at least today, i have stretched further before it gets up...i guess, i need to revert back to run/walk if i need to go longer for LSD....

at the upslopes towards loyang ave, the pain got worst and i decided to stopped at loyang point for dinner before heading a pity that my body is still able to go but to cut short my run tonite.....changi village roti john, probably next time

at least....i found back something that i lack in my life

Monday, January 07, 2008

slow slow lazy run

I was shocked to find that my family member was hit with a genetic disease called Ankylosing spondylitis and there is a potential that i will be hit too if my blood also carry a marker called HLA B27.....better check it out when i go for blood test next time

Did a slow slow lazy run again round the buangkok 2km field....this time, i changed direction for every round....a lazy me only completed 3 rounds before i head for a good dinner

2km - 13:36min@6:48min/km

2km - 13:46min@6:53min/km

2km - 13:14min@6:37min/km

I better buck up soon...........

Friday, January 04, 2008

wet grass run......

Ever since a sudden dropped of temperature and heavy rain has started to cause my nose to react.....throat started to get affect and not feeling good the whole day....but i need a run tonite...thinking of doing a LSD..

It was raining suddenly after lunch....low morale plus my throat feeling aircon also dunnoe what was not working at all....the stuff still air made my nose worst

But after i stepped out of office, no rain...floor is still wet...gurkha started running on the road....same as wed, i decided to head to compasspoint to get my dinner first before i head home to change

I decided not to push far and hard since my throat is not in good condition....i should stick to my buangkok field loops but adding 2 more loops to make it 10km on the wet grass

I keep telling myself to go slow to hit abt 12min loop...the first loop was a torturing whole body muscles are still hard due to long hours sitting in front of the computer....finished just nice at about 12min....second round started to get loosen up but breathing is no good.....ended up a little bit faster....

started to feel strain on the 3rd...bnut was surprised i came in much faster....and it was too fast so i decided to do just one more lap....and ended up going much faster than the third

2km - 12:07min@6:04min/km

2km - 11:51min@5:55min/km

2km - 11:36min@5:48min/km

2km - 11:18min@5:39min/km

throat did not feel that bad after the run.....hopefully it gets better tomolo....

Ultra Running books from Sengkang!

I must say, I am very impressed with the community library in compasspoint....It probably contained the most comprehensive running books among all the national library branches...from hal higdon's marathon, frank shorter's books in running, jeff galloway's books of running to others which are not found even in most bookstores....

And this day, I came into the library against with the intention just to get some magazines to read and I atually found the following 2 books:


Extreme Running is a new book published in 2007.....This book is written by these 2 extreme runners who completed 7 marathons in 7 continents....the books covers 24 most extreme ultramarathon races in the world from sahara desert, gobi desert to death vallery and the north and south poles...with full coloured photos and a write up on the races details

The ultramarathon Man is a book written by Dean Karnazes published in 2006.........This book covers his ultramarathon life, running for days without sleep, running in extreme conditions and other races and events

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st run in the New Year with a New watch

Got a new watch on the very first day of 2008....Casio Sports PHY series STR-900:


This watch actually has the exact same functions as my current casio running watch STR-300, except for a more sleek design and also an electro-illuminator backlight


After resting for abt 2+ days, i decided to go for the first run in 2008....with my new watch....the after effect of the 40km on foot is still there.....causing aches on the lower part of the i decided to just for my "X-country" run round buangkok field

Reached back early so i decided to go compasspoint to grab my dinner first and visit the library for some magazines to read....

decided to hook up my old Salomon XA Pro 3D for a more protective and stable run on the uneven soft ground

Started slightly faster than last week....and i went faster on the second and last lap....

2km - 11:57min@5:58min/km

2km - 11:32min@5:46min/km

2km - 11:14min@5:37min/km

A good comfortable run...with a hard finish


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