Monday, May 28, 2007

Inspirational wallpapers from Runners' World

We sat in front of computer every day in office... an inspirational wallpaper is very important to perks up our day Here is one site with many inspirational wallpapers for runners
My Current wallpaper in my office


Inspirational Wallpapers said...

Hi if you also like che the way i like then visit Che Wall Papers

Celestine Chua said...

Hi Taz! Thanks for sharing! But it seems the wallpaper link is now broken, so you might want to check that out.

I've actually created my own set of inspirational wallpapers (with quotes). I'd love for you to use them on your page, which you can find here:

For anyone who's reading this and interested in inspirational wallpapers, feel free to grab them from the link above too.

run to live said...

thanks Celestine!

link updated


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