Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mystery Flying Object

This is beside Gurney Plaza in Georgetown, Penang......did u see the flying object on google earth?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Late night run free.....

Last Nite, When to AMK then went down to donate my last 2 pairs of shoes to Novena RL before heading home.....discovered that Novena has more than double the number of shoes collected compared to Funan....wonder why

Reached home at 8.30pm tired...but I determine to go for a run...the lack of running is making me I put my laundry into the washing machine and let it spin before i changed up and head for the road at 9pm....

I took out my Nike free and had a good solid run with it.....My run was completely different compared to last sat with my Air Zoom Elite 4, which is inflexible and rigid......My feet felt free, unbound and light on the road....i guess, I need to scout for another pair soon if I run frequently with it......

Since Project Love Sneaker is completed....Next will be Project New Sneakers

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project Love Sneaker - completed

Finally, 3 pairs to Novena and 6 pairs to Funan....Project Love Sneaker completed

Monday, July 21, 2008

SCSM time of the year again......


Registration starts today!! Click on the picture below to see more details


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The North Face 100


New race in Town....

Click pn picture below to see more details:


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i am running again!!!

it was raining as I board the bus at yishun....but the rain seems to stopped when I alight at sengkang....ground was wet.....but I decided to go ahead and change up to my running gear

Try on my Nike air zoom elite+ 4 again....after weeks of walking with it..finally it got more flexible and softer...the midsole foam need break in

no pain no tiredness.....feeling good and control my pace...and I actually did 2km in 11:10min.....trying to control my pace so that not to burn out at the hills...i managed to finish in 36:29min for 6.3km....good run comfortable pain today

PLS updates........

3 down....6 more to go


I gave them a good final scrub before leaving me.....damn! did I get myself so many shoes over these years?

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Brooks Shoes release in the States

Finally some news of it....according this this thread from Runners' World forum, Brooks Axiom 3 is going to be released in the States on 15 July together with another exciting shoes called Ghost!!!What a name for a shoe...maybe next time go frankstein, vampire, mummy.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missing out a good deal.........

I have been eyeing this Brooks Axiom 2 since half a year ago

Saw on the papers that it is going for $69.90 at sportslink AMK, causewaypoint, hougang mall and kallang leisure mall.....I went down to Kallang leisure mall to grab it....but they ahve size US11 and US13 but no US12 which I need...they even tried to called up other outlets but no more sizes......Damn!!!

Unless I saw another good deal....or I cannot resist the thought of getting one to motivate myself to run again.....

I probably wait for the new Axiom 3 to hit Singapore in months to come

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Durian lelong lelong!!!

Happened tp go Bedok North Sheng Siong for shopping with my aunty and family when we discovered durian sale there:

Yes! If you heard it! one big plastic bag of durian costed $5...that is you can fill as much as possible into the plastic bag before it breaks

So we got one big bag here:


My First Running shoes brochure

Not only I digged out the old Nike brochure, I also found the brochure for my first running shoes that I blogged about 3 years back..I got this shoes in year 1990 which is 18 years back!!!..The old skool product on individual image to see a bigger and clearer image:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Comforting pain

I suffered from DOMS.....ran a 4km on tues but muscle soreness only came on thurs and pain thru I decided to go for a short 3-4km run on a flat route.....but pain became enjoyable along the way and went on to do the whole 6.3km route with a number of slopes......did a consistent 6min pace...not bad for someone who just started from zero

Old Skool Nike Brochure 14 years ago

I was tidy up my old study table when I found this old skool Nike on their Shoes Technologies....It is interesting to see how advanced Nike Air cushioning is 14 years back and compared to on the individual pages to see the bigger and clearer picture:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saying good-bye to my 9 rubbers

Old things dun go, New things dun come....

Project Love Sneakers has given me a chance to get rid of the old running shoes which I dun wear any more but still in very good wearable conditions....and so I did a stock check and decided to donate 9 of them!! Damn..I still got at least 5 pairs in my shoes cabinets

On the first day of the Project launch, I went down Novena RL wit 2 pairs....but only adizero CS below was accepted....I was disappointed with the rejection of my Mizuno Wave Rider 8 with the excuse of it was too dirty to be accepted....I have scrubbed off the dirt and sand...just that the white mesh is no longer white...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Adizero CS(above): Was given to me by another runner who ran a marathon in it and the total mileage in that shoes is only about 85km


The other 8 pairs (including the rejected one) are in the photo above...all of them have served me well and there are some sentimental value in them....they include the shoes I used for my first and second marathon and my favourite trail runners and my one and only pair of shoes which I won thru running....below are the a brief descriptions of them:

Top row from far left to near right:

Adizero SN US12: The shoes I love most and fit me the best! Used it for my second marathon and many long runs....I have not found another shoes with the cushioning and last so fit to my it at 30% off during adidas sales on 29 May mileage: about 700km.....

Nike Air Pegasus 2005 US11: The shoes I hate most...not only it fit badly...The first few runs caused pain on my archilles tendon......But this is the one and only shoes I won thru running thru MR25 ultramarathon 2005 8th placing..7 laps in 10hr 15min.....the original prize was an old pair of nike free 5.0 with wrong size and wrong was changed to this and got it on 20 jan 2006, mileage: 160km

Nike Air ACG (forgot model name) US10.5: This is actually a pair of trail runners/hiker...which I brought it from queensway for walking.....but my feet grew due tomy long distance running and cannot fit in any more.....comfy and good for lazy pple cause no lacing mileage: unknown

Fila racers (forgot model name) US10.5: I brought this for $60 at former sportslink in Tampines Mall for an adventure race....not a good buy as I should have brought something more breathable and better drainage...anyway, it has served me well in my speed works and some races.... total mileage: unknown

bottom row from far left to near right

Mizuno Wave Rider 8 US11: One of my favourite running shoes as well, only complaint is the forefoot cushioning really sucks....ran my first marathon in it and after that, my forefoot hurts for days.....after that retired to become my IPPT shoes....forgot how much I paid for it...definitely got it from World of Sports using some discount on 12 sept 2005...Total mileage: 480km

Asics Nimbus 7 US12: My worst buy of my it at Asics Runners' World Singapore at 40% off but still paid the most among all my running shoes....and yet...the first few runs caused archilles tendon pain...too much cushioning for me...what am I thinking when I spent my $$ on it on 14 jan mileage: 500km

Asics Cumulus 6 US10.5: My longest lasting it on 31 Aug 2004 at a sale in Tampines mall "first" running shoes when I started long distance leisure running 4 years back.....clocked over 1000km and mostly at bedok reservoir gravel and the outsole is still looking good...unfortunately, my feet expanded..if not,will continue to use this shoes for my run Mileage: about 1000km

Salomon XA PRO 3D US10.5: My favourite Trail running far, I have not found a second model that is so close to it....I used it in trail and also road for my long runs...>95% mileage in it using my friend's discount on 14 jan 2006 when Salomon was closing down and paid only $117 (RP: $209).....I got a second pair(US12) thru a fren holiday in Hong Kong last year to replace this one which I cannot fit in for running any more.....Total Mileage: 450km

6 brands, 9 shoes....I took 3 days to clean them up...I hope Running Labs can accept the rest of the 8 of them as they are still in wearable conditions...Those pairs which are rejected will go to donation box in Salvation Army Singapore...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SCSM 08 registration starts 21 July 2008

From the Singapore marathon website:

"Organisers of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) urge all SCSM 2007 participants to update their particulars in preparation for the registration launch on 21 July 2008."

6 months....enough to train up from ground zero?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

free my feet.......

Not a very good run with air zoom elite last week....2km and I am half dead...went for a swim last sunday...only can continuously do 2 laps.....and body aching for 2 days

So tonite went for another run.....this time I wore my Nike Free...and went for 2km loop at buangkok field again.....This time, my feet felt much better....light and FREE!...went first run 2km in 11:40min....not as tiring as last week....then I went another run for 10:55min....long time never felt so good after a run....

Monday, July 07, 2008

Project Love Sneakers


time to say good-bye to my s.......

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sengkang Sports Complex

Last Nite, I dropped by The new Sengkang Sports Complex to take a was situated at a ulu corner of anchorvale beside punggol river....The complex is not fully opened....only saw the badminton hall and Community Centre open for operation

I Was very impressed by the swimming complex with has a Indoor Olympic Size pool and another Outdoor Olympic size pool with a Jacuzzi pool, a "Playground pool" and a slide pool with 3 enclosed and 3 open slides!! Wow!!..

The sports complex also has a Dance Studio and a SSC GYM....

I went to a corner and found a half done Stadium!!!

I believe the Swimming pool will be opening soon and I really looing forward to that

Problem is, there is only one bus going to the busstop with is 400m away and a LRT station 200m away.....It is very far to walk from my home but nearer to run so near yet so far...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

System Rebooooot!!!

First run after 2 months of no exercise...body forgot what is running liao...took 11:17min for 2km...effort like 10km in the past...maybe I should not run slope first

restart is always the toughest part of running

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nike Human Race 2008

I did signed up for this....will I run in it?



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