Sunday, June 28, 2009

Discover Better Running Form with Newton Running????

The video looks convincing but here is a big question on this video:

The gentleman keep emphasizing on forefoot/midfoot running but are forefoot and midfoot running the same? NO!!! there is no midfoot strike until Chi Running came along....midfoot running lands the foot with the forefoot and heels landing at the same time on the ground where as forefoot running is to land on the Ball of the is a good explanation by ChiRunning founder Danny....obviously, the gentleman in the video cannot differentiate what is fore and what is this newton is for fore or for mid? New Balance has a series for MidFootStrike...looking at the video....they are only landing on forefoot and not midfoot

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Green Silence - by the eco-friendly Brooks

Make an eco-statement with the Green Silence racing flat. Each and every part in this fast, groundbreaking shoe has a sustainable element, including soy-based inks and recycled materials. And in this case, "green" goes hand-in-hand with the great performance you expect from Brooks. The Green Silence helps you take responsibility, and first place—with good karma to spare.

Available 2/1/2010

More details at Brooks Running eco-innovation

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sengkang to Pasir Ris

This week is venture out running week....2nd out of Sengkang run....this time to Pasir Ris using the long route.......quite a nice route to run...especially from Kaki Bukit to Ikea

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sengkang to Potong Pasir

Bored of all the usual routes, I decided to venture out of the my free....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd LSD with the blue Spooky

First time in many many months that I actually got up to do a early morning run....I actually managed to wake up at 5.20 AM...after a short 5 hours sleep

Did a slow pace 16km around Buangkok, Sengkang and Punggol...and took 2hrs 8min.after adding in all the toilet/water breaks and trafffic light wait

time to go to bed to recuperate my sleep.......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spooky virgin LSD.....Ghost review

I know is a risk to take a new shoes out for virgin run for LSD....

After getting the shoes for 2 hrs....I decided to take it for a ride straight away....the weather was was raining earlier on and the sky is cleared but certain part fot he sky still cloudy and threatening

I missed the morning run because of heavy rain.....happened to have nothing plan in the evening before dinner, I decided to do a long first long run beyond 12km (since last passion run)

I ran along Bedok Reservoir and decided to head out to bedok park connector as I dun want to run loops around the reservoir....the weather got better....cooling breeze blew and the new shoes is happening.....i decided to try and reach ECP using the park connector and loop back thru Kembangan Park connector.....

With measuring the distance before hand....i managed to finished the whole 19km alive with my new baby.....

Back to my new baby....Trying so many cushioned shoes for the past 4 years..either I owned them or trying out at the store....This shoes is different....very different....the first pounding of the shoes got stranged because this is first time I wear shoes with cushioning emphasing more on the forefoot...

when standing with it....the heels is not higher than the forefoot...but landing with it felt that the forefoot cushioning is thicker than the heels......there is a big pad of cushioning under the forefoot area where it started to curl up...

As a result, every landing is more comfortable for me as I landed more on the forefoot especially the ball of the foot...I do not need like other shoes to keep thinking of landing on my forefoot...wearing this shoes will naturally cause my landing to be right on the right spot without thinking

I must same...I will give high points for this shoes for being the best fit for my running gait than any other shoes I tried before....

On point about this shoes which will be found from other runners' comments ont eh web is that the forefoot is actually narrow and the last is a straight last...for runners who has wider feet will find this very snug and a bit tight....good news is...GHOST 2 has arrived and according to comments, brooks has widen the forefoot and also increased the forefoot cushioning (look like newton has a challenger)

I will recommend this shoes for runners who has a neutral gait and running on fore/mid-foot

Ghosts 2 on the web: Brooks latest range of shoes including the ghost 2 Feedback on Ghost 2

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ghost 2 is OUT!!!

Just as I was looking for more review and I saw GHOST 2 being released in road Runners Sports: BROOKS GHOST 2 @ ROAD RUNNERS SPORTS

According to what is described, Brooks actually increased the cushioning under the forefoot...look like brooks is trying to invade the new market created by Newton Running Shoes.......that's very good news....because it cost half of that we need to pay for the newtons

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sinned! I paid for my first shoes this year......

I have been eyeing this shoes for past 1 year...This new model came out together with Axiom 3...but that time, I wanted to buy Axiom 2 and unexpectly saw Axiom 3 on the shelf and brought it without any thinking...Ghost at that time was a stranger to was recently that I switch my short runs to Nike Free that Axiom 3 does no fit into my running style....

After trying for a few times and monitoring forums and feedback ont he web...I thought is time to get the Ghost for my upcoming longer runs to prepare for my Half marathon in Aug......The price of Brooks Ghost has been high and without much discount even in queensway that stop my from getting it earlier until...The Great Singapore Sale.....The price 25% of the retail price that I decided to commit to it.....especially for this beautiful colour

a big GHOST on the side and the tongue of the shoes

Compared with the Nike Air Elite+ 4, the forefoot curved up which allows the feet to be off the ground faster and smoother..

A unique Outsole pattern that are not found in most running shoes...normal outole pattern are catered for forward motion of the feet...patterns usually are placed facing forward....but not this....which placed emphasis on the forefoot area....

First feel.....why I am in love for this shoes on first feet is the heels....the heels are narrow and low to the ground...very unlike of brooks which you will see thick and wider cushioning at the heels (which is the reason why Axiom 3 is causing problems to me) fact, there is a big hydroflow pad at the forefoot which makes the forefoot seems to tbe higher and "heavier" than the heel (sound like NEWTON running shoes) every steps will naturally cause the forefoot to land on the ground wonder I saw a forum discussion that the runners are using Ghost to replace Newtons because it cost half the price, having the same feel that cause forefoot landing and the quality of shoes is much fact, shoes reviewers have commented that Brooks has put in better stuff in shoes that are only found in their higher range shoes

The first time I got the shoes and I went for a 19km run (pushing beyond my last longest run is 12km)....and I will review and give more details about this beautiful shoes in my next entry

Go Green....go Brooks biodegradable MoGo...and Run Happy!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rolex Teaspoons....................

The 4 Rolex Spoons I got free from Bucherer Zermatt, Interlaken, Geneva, Lucerne....

Monday, June 01, 2009

Methode Naturelle in 1930s....The result of the previous training in nature

Methode Naturelle is a concept from long time....the previous video is actually training concept of this Method....and below is the result of a 1930s gimmick...


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