Sunday, June 25, 2006

Running Form: Why landing on forefoot is better than heel

runform01 A pic tells a thousands words....the above diagram is some illustration i did for discussion.....i mentioned to some regarding this forefoot landing advantages VS heel landing for your run.... Forefoot landing below you hips with landing behind you CG (body lean from ankles) will make use of body natural suspension system to cushion the impact of landing. Heel strikers landing in front of your CG will create a brake force to the body forward motion. Not only that, the impact of landing also propagate up to the knees and in long term, it will cause injuries to knees or even a result, this type of runners has to buy shoes with thick heel cushions. Cushioning of shoes also wear out faster due to the great force of compression. Buy more shoes to rotate.... If u disagree what I have put up...feel free to put a comment to this post for discussion. running technique that makes use of forefoot running: POSE METHOD CHI RUNNING NATURAL POSTURE Buy the shoes that suit your feet and not shoes that suit your taste

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Adri said...

yes, see for more information on running without a heel strike, and on how to train for this heelless running.


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