Monday, May 20, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: Yung Kee Restaurant 香港 鏞記酒家

中環威靈頓街32-40號 2731 2883

MUST EAT in Hong Kong! Famous for Roast Goose. This restaurant owned the whole building by itself and is easily accessible by MTR. Dropped at Central MTR and exit D2, turn right then turn left you will see the main road QUEEN's Road and a big COACH store, cross the road beside COACH and walk uphill and turn right on the 2nd street on your right called Wellington Street and you will see the prominent restaurant on your left.

Do try other roast meat like Char Siew and Roast Pork and the waxed sausages. The fried rice is delicious. We ordered the vegetarian Lou Han Zai and it was very good. Pay a bit more for the Roast Goose Drum Stick and you will not regret it.

Be prepare to pay a bit more than the rest of the eating place but is worth the money. Not forgetting to try and go later than 2pm to avoid the lunch queue and also avoid the dinner queue which can be a very long wait...I went at around 2pm and waited 20min.

Will be back again when I visit Hong Kong Next try the Dim Sum

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eat in hong Kong: Tim Ho Wan 添好運


MUST EAT in Hong Kong!! Possibly the most searched Hong Kong Dim Sum shop on the internet. Because this is cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, expect long queue if going after the food during off office hours or weekends. The original outlet at MongKok is the one that everyone went for but the small shop simply cannot handle the demand. Recent news that the rental shot up and the boss decided to close that branch and move to a much better and bigger space at Olympian City.

My stay in Hong Kong does not allow much time to join the long queue so I decided to went for the branch at IFC just below the airport express Hong Kong station check-in. It was well planned as we came back from Lantau on the Tung Chung MTRand stopped at Hong Kong Station, took the elevator just one level up and we are right in front of the store at 5++pm...waiting time is just 15min.

Just googled Tim Ho Wan and you will get tonnes of reviews and information.....

Great Dim Sum and the service is good,,waitress are friendly although they do not look like so friendly.....

All the branches in Hong Kong. The original Store in Mong Kong is going to the closed and open in Olympian City.

Will be back for more Dim Sum next time......They just opened a branch in Singapore at Plaza Singapura and the queue is as expected to be very long....let the fever die off before I go and

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司

佐敦白加士街47號地下 2730 1356

One of the most popular searches and blogged cafe for Hong Kong breakfast on the web. Everyone says must come here for Breakfast especially the Scramble Egg. This is found at Jordan MTR station Exit C2. Walk straight and turn right on the first right turn and you can definitely spot it on your left.

The name does not mean it is from Australia....truly the typical local breakfast..Not a place if you want to have a peaceful quiet meal...Got to share table with strangers and the waiters are not the typical friendly ones..once you step in, you will be pointed to empty seats available and ordered come fast...turn over is also very fast because the environment is not one that is cosy for customer to seat for long....they have set of ala carte but typical customer will order the set. I like the scramble egg and the toast...and the milk tea is nice too

Milk pudding which is not in the set meal is nice and smooth with thick milk taste.

Set with Scrambled Egg:
Set with Sunny Up egg:

Milk puddings

Did not get to try the fresh local milk....maybe will do for next visit

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: 王家沙 Wang Jia Sha


Went out of the typical Kowloon and hong Kong area into the Industrial factory area in search for Sports Outlet and came across this Shopping Mall called the APM Millennium City. Kwun Tong MTR station exit A2. It was lunch time on a typical Monday so all the restaurant and cafes are filled with office workers. Managed to find eats at this place which served Shanghai cuisine.

Chicken Cutlet Noodles...nice


Sweet and sour

fresh vegs

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: Majesty Seafood Restaurant 金御海鮮酒家

Prudential Hotel, 222 Nathan Rd, KOWLOON, Hong Kong +852 2723 2399

We came across this when looking for a place for proper dinner near our hotel. This is just above Jordan MTR. Exit E to Prudential Hotel. Get out to the main road and it is on the right side towards the north.

We ordered a special sausage fried rice which is not in the menu and brocolli scallop,stream minced pork and cantonese style streamed fish. The dishes are fine and the price is reasonable. This restaurant reminded me of the old typical chinese restaurants we found in the old days.

They got 50% dim sum for certain time of the day but we did not get to try it this time...Maybe next visit to Hong Kong, I will come and try the Dim Sum during promotion time.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: Kirin Heen 麒麟軒

 佐敦彌敦道233-239號佐敦薈2樓 佐敦薈 +852 3421 1988

Another typical Hong Kong resturant serving traditional Cantonese cuisine in Kowloon, Jordan. We happened to bump into this early in the morning looking for dim sum and we are the 2nd table of customer. The interior is cosy and bright.Not sure if because we are too early and the waitresses are still not awake, we are not getting good service although they keep coming to us and ask us how is the food.

We only ordered Dim Sum and I would say they are just average. Probably the most as good as what we normally find in Singapore...Will not recommend for Dim Sum..better leave your stomach for other better Dim Sum places.


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