Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My 2nd CBD run

I had a 1hr 30min meeting and ended right after 6pm...Oh shit...i gotta to be late for CBD run...the company was great and the group is getting bigger and better...i decided to head down whenever i can before my new project starts. i rushed out of office at 6.30pm and managed to reach tanjong pagar at 6.50pm...took 10min to change up before i join the group....some regulars are unable to join today but the group just getting bigger with new faces.... i decided to take the back and accompany Kay who have been out for running for a long time....cannot remember when we last had a run together....we have a nice chat and he was taking the pace nicely as we cover the back....some runners did not want to joint he long route turned back earlier while we take our time and enjoy the slow run in marina park...the main group decided to do the route up the sheares bridge and down the otehr end and run past esplanade before going into shenton way and back to the start point.... At the sheares bridge, we were walking and enjoying the scenery when xuanjing came to meet up with us and inform us that run3 had some stomach problem and cannot carry on....and she decided to turn back alone..... The marina park was dark and dangerous for a lone runner so SV and myself decided to U-turn and trace back to see if we are able to catch run3 along the way....luckily, run3 managed to find herself back after she lost her way.....hope run3 will be fine tomolo... Suddenly, the attention was turned to roonz who is having her birthday today....our good friend brought a big choc banana cake for her as we sing birthday song with a candle for her to blow...walaus..every week also birthday celbration with sinful cakes....everyone getting fat soon man.... anyway, happy birthday roonz...and SGRUNNERS din measure or time my run tonite..but based on the pedometer, i should covered abt 9km with a time of 64min

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sgruners 1st Year Anniversary

This post came late..very late in fact as I have so much to blog for the weekend....
Our delicious 1st Anniversary cake!

We have a BBQ celebration for Sgrunners 1st year anniversary last sat on the 24th Jun 06 at East Coast park i will update this now or never...hahaa I am not a man with good words....i have a bad command of english so pardon me if i wrote something wrong...i hope to keep it short and sweet but i can loh so a lot.... I met up with ripley kelly and ah bee at bedok interchange to take a ride from sotong....the weather was super hot...we reached carpark F2 and saw the tri clinic is having a briefing by Eugene... met up with the rest as we walk around..the rain came suddenly and lasted quite a while...we took shelter nearby waiting for other mod to arrived....participant of the amazing race also came late..and we got to start the race the end, 4 teams of 2 took part and evelynwee with imd came in first..... I finished by station and went back to the pit...found balasing starting fire.....i love to start fire so i snatched the stuff from him and startd to build the fire....later on...realrunner came by to help with Kay.... As time goes by....sgrunners came in and intro and join in the crowd....very fast...we got a very crowd....mixing around and eat the food.....we had 2 birthday cakes and the celebrations ended with a simple lucky draw which i sponsored a brand new nike waist pouch and nike socks from my ultramarathon prize last year. Tok abt my feeling with sgrunners...i would said..sgrunners has became part of my life a year ago....I started running regularly 8 months back before sgrunners started...i was stocking The Lonely Runner, DO and DreamRunners inspiration blog for quite a while before TLR announced that he is starting Singapore Runner's Bloggin community...i was hesitated to join at first because i am not a social person..i admired their blog and started a small lousy blog on my own....then one day....mis-nomer actually found my blog and asked my to join me...first time thick thick skin and emailed TLR....he replied promptly and here i am.....I am fortunate to b the pioneer batch of the members who still survived till now..... i have since SRBC grown and changed to the current a miracle....all the good work done by our webmistress and founder has touches pple's life...changed pple's life and inspired many..and i am one of them...i cannot believe till now i did my first marathon last year...cannot even dream before that i did a ultramarathon...and i did 73.5km in 10hrs 15min last year...all because of SGRUNNERS....i must log on the forum everyday....i will try to read all posting ......until recently that my work has increased that i reduced my participation tremedously.... I would said SGRUNNERS has give me a lot of new friends and a new life....and is part of my life.... thanks everyone in SGRUNNERS for keeping it alive and growing.... I LUV SGRUNNERS

LSD 22km to UPR

Very rarely that i have a chance to do a LSD on weekday morning. woke up late and decided to get a bit of tanning....i left my water pouch somewhere so today I have to take a bit of risk without running with one for running longer than 10km...maybe i can force myself to go slower with this....The only waterpoint i have is 11km away at the U-turn point in Upper pierce reservoir park. I targeted my pace to be able 6-6:15min/km. skupr22km Started out at 7.30am....the sky was cloudy but very very good weather....i put on my adidas shades as i am expecting strong sun later.....started quite fast for a LSD, i tried to slow down but my havent warmed up legs just cannot be controlled....the fumes along YCK road was terrible and i have to endured 8km of that before i hit the nature route.....once I hit OUTR, the air changes and it was fresh and cooling....the monkeys were out finding food and the road was extremely deserted unlike the morning during weekends. I hit the U-turn point at a pretty fast time of 62min....headed to the restroom for sip of water and walked around to loosen up my legs and enjoy the scenery...after 6min of rest, i took off and went back the rotue i came from.... I saw some cars and some aunties and uncle jogging around carefree...when will i enjoy this type of life?....can i do this when i retired? will i able to retire one day? uprpana The route back was more comfortable as the body has warmed up...muscles and joints has loosen...this time..i was able to push my pace down....hit the YCK road junction and started to take in the unhealthy condition was still OK...but the sun started to shine strongly.....luckily, the shades along YCK road has made the run cooling with a little breeze coming along... The route back along YCK road was easier as there are more downslope than upslopes....i was lucky to be able to run thru all traffic junctions and i hit jalan kayu junction comfortably.....after this, the strain started to set in...maybe becos there is no more shade and i was exposed 100% to the strong water with me to hydrate but i have not hit the dehydration line....i pushed on taking low but fast steps....the rest of the routes are flat and i managed to endured back to the end point with a reasonable total run time of 2hrs 8min..... i guess i will need a few more 20km runs before i can push my LSD distance beyond this...and also to slow down my pace further Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 22km total run time: 2hrs 8min average pace: 5:50min/km laps 6km for 33:39min@5:37min/km 5km for 28:38min@5:44min/km rest for 6min 5km for 29:03min@5:49min/km 6km for 36:59min@6:10min/km

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Running Form: Why landing on forefoot is better than heel

runform01 A pic tells a thousands words....the above diagram is some illustration i did for discussion.....i mentioned to some regarding this forefoot landing advantages VS heel landing for your run.... Forefoot landing below you hips with landing behind you CG (body lean from ankles) will make use of body natural suspension system to cushion the impact of landing. Heel strikers landing in front of your CG will create a brake force to the body forward motion. Not only that, the impact of landing also propagate up to the knees and in long term, it will cause injuries to knees or even a result, this type of runners has to buy shoes with thick heel cushions. Cushioning of shoes also wear out faster due to the great force of compression. Buy more shoes to rotate.... If u disagree what I have put up...feel free to put a comment to this post for discussion. running technique that makes use of forefoot running: POSE METHOD CHI RUNNING NATURAL POSTURE Buy the shoes that suit your feet and not shoes that suit your taste

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

mizunowaverun06 I have registerd the 4th event for this year running season. That is the Mizuno Wave Run 2006 on 23rd July 06, organised by VGO(Worl oo Sports). Went down to Toa Payoh WOS to register for this event during lunch. The salesgirl just replied to me said " nope..registeration only starts 23th next month"...i gave a shocked look at her and requested her to checked again...after looking at the flyers then she realised her big mistake....i managed to got "01" again at this branch...last year got 1401 for competitive...apparently, i was the first fun runner registered at this branch this year...
This year registration entitled the runner a dryscience event tee together with a 30% on regular priced apparels within the next 3 days of registration...i was tempted to get the mizuno running tights...but i think i will not get it as i will be gettingt he cw-x conditioning pro tights from US later in the year. This year route is the same as last previous 2 years..however, this year on the route map, there is no indication of water points like last year...u mean no water points this year???!!!??? hopefully, the organizer had listened to the feedback and improve on this year organization.

Sunrise run at BR

Planned to wake up at 6am and do a 20km LSD. However, the heavy rain in the wee hours of the night has make the condition too comfy to the end, i woke up at 7.30am...decided to just go for 2 easy rounds at bedok reservoir.....the sun is already half way up the sky and the temperature started soaring.... it was a long time ever since my last run i just ran slow and steady to enjoy the fresh clean air....did a slow 24min before i got my body warm up to increase the pace slightly.....finish the 2nd round at a reasonable 22:50min.... Shoes: Nike Air pegasus 2005 total distance:8.6km total time: 46:54min average pace: 5:27min/km

Thursday, June 22, 2006

IMH exploration

I did anti-clockwise of my usual 6.5km loop round fernvale, bunagkok green and IMH took quite a while to get warmed up...i felt that my running technique have actually getting worst...maybe body still very stiff and not warmed up yet......On the way back to buangkok, i decided to explore IMH...there was a sign saying buankok medical park jogging track so i went in the direction and found a tamac trail with distance marking 1600m....for the first 1000m, the route is quite bad as it was slanted to one side...causing uneven landing on my legs.......the track actually ran the circumference of the whole medical park and i came to the main road feeling wrmed up finally...i took a quicker pace to finish the rest ofthe 1.2km. shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance:8.2km total time:43:59min ace pace: 5:22min/km lap: 2.9km for 15:58min@5:30min/km 1.6km for 08:32min@5:20min/km 2.5km for 14:16min@5:42min/km 1.2km for 05:11min@4:19min/km

Races i going to run in 2006

So far, I ahve registered for 3 races this year: 1. MILK Run 8.6km - 2nd July 2. New Balance REAL Run 10km - 20th Aug 3. SBR & AHM 21km - 27th Aug still waiting to register for the followings: 1. Mizuno Wave Run 10km - registeration expected to start on 23 jun 2. StandChart Singapore Marathon 42.195km - 3rd Dec 3. MR25 Ultramarathon 12hrs - 31st Dec and any other interesting local runs that comes up.........

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My virgin CBD run

It was my virgin CBD run….tempted to join in after I joined them for dinner last week. It was an incredibly big turnout of about 30 pple mainly becos there are 2 birthday hunks running tonite. Due to the number of new runners, we decided to stcik back the usual route. I started with the very last group together with james, reotegen, IMD, ai chai,…. We managed to caught up with the bluk of runners when they rested and have a toilet break at the pier 3.1km away from the start. A group of 4 girls wanted to continue and I decided not to stop for break and followed them back. 3 of them are doing well and went at quite fast pace but one of them fell back…unable to follow their pace…I decided to cheer her up and happened to be, she is now studying in NTU staying in hostel…so we started discussing about how hostel life have changed from my time to the present. Due to our conversation, she managed to finish the 9km run comfortably…but for me, becos I did not exercise for 4 days and last week was super low mileage, I decided to go for another 6km…to the pier and U-turn back again…..met some of the 9km runners along the way…I speed up my pace and keep close to 5min/km….the weather is cooling and I was without my water bottle but I was able to manage my composure for 30mins…..i reached back at the start point and celebration was half way thru…surprised to see TLR, FD and also balasing to come all the way down and join in the crowd…..after finishing all the cakes and pastries, we headed towards Maxwell market for dinner …have a fun dinner with 5 tables of sgrunners before we wnt separate ways…as usual, the generous teelee drove everyone of us back to our doorsteps before he head off to airport to fetch someone back to home………..A very satisfied run of 15km in about 1 and a half hrs

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nite desperate run

I was desperate to run after 2 days of no exercise this week. Super ow mileage this week as I only have time for the most 2 runs...did a 6.5km on monday....i was desperate for a run tonite...i tried out the route to AMK ave 6 and come back by YCK road of about 10km...a nice rout with couples of slopes at th start and at the second half of the run.....Will try to do this route again started with not very good condition after a long day work, i tried to maintain a constant pace thruout and up the tempo for the last 2km to end off the run. total distance: 104km total time: 58:05min ave pace: 5:35min/km lap 2.0km for 10:55min@5:28min/km 6.4km for 36:44min@5:44min/km 2.0km for 09:40min@4:50min/km

Monday, June 12, 2006

No time to run

Recently surged in workload towards the end of project is leaving me breathless....
it was monday nite that i felt lost in this world.....decided to go for a short run due to time constraint....took up the 6.5km round....started pretty fast....dunnoe y..just cannot stop the pace and my legs just went and went...leaving my lungs trying to catch more air.....ended up...doing much faster than what i time to got to run faster crap....right leg ITB feeling tight and feel pain when i press on it..should be due to lack of warm up jog and started too fast rest for 2 days..and it should be fine Shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII Distance: 6.5km Pace: 4:59min/km Time Taken: 32:23min laps: 2.9km for 15:13min@5:15min/km 1.6km for 07:51min@4:54min/km 2.0km for 09:16min@4:38min/km

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A crazy me in HSP run

There is a last minute organized HSP run this morning at 7am. They plan to do a 5km +3km (for KJ who just recovered from injury). I was undecided wgether to do a run on Friday nite or join them in the morning as I wanted to do a LSD on Sunday morning. Something just crop up last minute on Friday and I have to stayed in the office till 9++pm…so I decided to wake up early to run about 10km before joining the gang. I managed to pulled myself up at 5.50am and start my run at 6.05am…I ran down to buangkok green, hitYCK Road and I turned left towards serangoon. This part of YCK road is no good for running…becos the pavement is not in proper condition. There are a number of slopes and one of the upsloes of 200m, the pavement is slanted to the right. I continue until I hit serangoon central and I turned left along Upper serangoon road…doing an estimate, if I carry on until punggol park, I will too early…so I decided to turn to Lor Ah Soo and run along hougang ave 3 before I am back to Upper serangoon road and hit down the meeting point…I managed to finish the 10.4km run just below 1 hr and I was the first to arrived at the startpoint for HSP run. Met FBB and SV in the kopitiam toilet as we head out to the busstop, nemo just arrived. Andy was sick so he did not join and teelee decided to join KJ for the 2nd half for his rest day. I decided to bring the guys to the “secret” route which bring us along sungei serangoon to the 2.2km park connector…reached the end at old tampines road, we U-turned and back to florida and punggol park. Teelee and KJ was waiting and we started shortly after some rubbish tok……we ran along Sengkang east way and reached the busstop near TPE flyover. Rested for 5min and ran back to punggol park… WE went over to Kopitiam and had our sinful carbo replenishment before we part our ways A good 3 parts LSD for me today and I will try to do a 18km run from MR back home. Thanks for the company HSP …u guys are doing well with ur run 3 runs for me today using my new Adizero SN: Overall Total Distance ran: 20.2km Overall Run time: 2hrs 12min SOLO run: Distance: 10.4km Time: 59:36min pace: 5:37min/km HSP run 1 with Nemo, Shutehelup, FBB Distance: 5.5km Time: 41:44min pace: 7:35min/km HSP run 2 with additional teelee and KJ Distance: 4.3km Time: 30:52min pace: 7:11min/km

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Early birdie run for day 2

It is difficult to wake up in the morning to run, let alone waking early in 2 consecutive days with less than 6hrs of sleep unless your body is adapted to it........ This morning I managed to wake up early for a run before sunrise on 2nd consecutive days.....and even much earlier than yesterday morning....the reason being...if i dun wake up by 6am to run, gentle PY will come and knock my door down.......but he was late....very commited to training for his OSIM tri, PY gentle woke up at 5.30am to do a 30min bike before dropping by my house to do the run part. He only took 5min to placed his bike into my house and change his SPD to his beautiful Saucony Triump 3...maybe can try this shoe one of these days... We were out of the door and managed to start our run at about 6.15am....we went for the LRT route before turning into fernvale then YCK road and back by buangkok as shown..... early in the morning, i got to combat my sleepy body and slow PY took my about 4km before my body woke up and got warmed this is the first time PY gentle taking this route, i decided to slow him down to let him familiarise the slopes along the next time no excuse for him to go slow.... The first 4km was a slow 6.40min/km pace before we increase gradually to a 5:15min/km pace for the last 2km and managed to finish the 8.2km for 49min..which is an average of 6min/km Good and enjoyable run with good company this morning...hope i can have at least a session of this every week..... thanks PY

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Early bird in SK

Finally managed to wake up at 6:20am in tired and sleepy body hanged over the bedside for 10min before i actually got up and wore my running gear..... I took a short 6.5km run in the opposite direction as shown in the map....started near Renjong LRT, I ran towards fernvale/Jalan Kayu....i really wonder if my body will wake up when i reached back to the same spot later.....immediately spotted quite a few morning runners jogging along the way..... I reached Jalan Kayu and turned into YCK road and went on the rolling 2 slopes for about 1.5km before reaching Buangkok... This is the first time i ran this route in the day and certainly felt different from the this time, my body did woke up and warmed up after 4.5km of legs just went on and on and finally reached the final slopes and back to my start point....managed to finish the run in 35:11min....maintaining at <5:30min/km pace.....may have another morning run if i can make it tomolo "once u r out of your door in the morning, you r half done with your run"

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Under conditioned run - MR 26.4km

Originally uploaded by ywtay.
Took a ride on teelee's van to MR to meet up with some sgrunners for a run at MR25 25km run route...everyone was surprised at the hude turnout...probably bigger than the NUS run this morning happening at the same time........

Alvo was leading the run and we all have the options of doing the full or just the 20km route and or even less..we have a few ledies who will be doing shorter distance....runners who came today are all fast marathoners....majority are more than 1hrs ahead of me for 42.195km.....

We also have a guest runner, Craig from Australia joining us...who is preparing for his Gold Coast marathon...he has joined the MF runners earlier in the week....

I was planning to do 20-22km due to insufficient run and my under conditioned body

The whole route is the same as 20km route except to turn into rifle range trail at the SICC slopes after completing the Upper Pierce part for 2.5km before turning back and carry on the 20km route.

The whole group started out intact with the faster and strong runners in front....we reached SICC clubhouse at about was actually quite a fast pace for me to last 20km.....along the way to Upper pierce, i managed to keep in pace with Craig and we started chatting....reached Upper pierce reservoir park, we took a water break at the toilet before we went to the aircon road and main gate and took a second break at the same toilet.....

Cokiee, craig and myself reached the 2nd toilet break and the forerunners went off without us...3 of us went on after the break...cokieee was struggling on the slopes as craig and myself still taking easy...

We reached the road at SICC and turned into rifle range front runners in front...those guys are surging fast ahead....we decided to take it slowly.....Cokiee apparently missed the entrance and went back doing the 20km route.....

we went on and struggled..and started walking upslopes and run on flats.....finally reached rifle range road before we finally meet the front runners charging back....and was told to U-turn at the flyover at BKE...that was further than 2.5km we thought.....Criag and myself struggled thru after the U-turn as we reached back SICC road, the Sun was out in full heat...he was having problem with the heat and humidity and I was not conditioned enough to go that far...we decided to run with walk breaks to ease the strain....

We managed to came in as the last runners with a time of about 3hrs 13min...we were told the distance is 26.4km...the rest have already finished their wash up.....Bug was having problem with his knee and walked the last i was using my techamphib which was in the shelf for 6 months. (last used for my ultramarathon last christmas)...i actually got a big blister at the end of my run.....maybe is the way i run, maybe is the terrain or maybe my feet has grown in size....

I guess, will need a few more 20km run before i proceed further...and to keep the 3 times a week schedule more consistent...

hopefully no major aches or injury this time

Friday, June 02, 2006

Burning new rubber

skyckamk Originally uploaded by ywtay.
Some problem at work has caused my project to delay again.....i have to rush and a result..i have been leaving office late.....3 days of no running left me going crazy..... on wed, took a slow 4km run with my new adizero rubber..very slow pace for 30min....feeling good..light and responsive... happened to be able to leave office a bit earlier, i decided to take a road again...doing longer run with it to see any issue..... i decided to run to YCK MRT and make a good loop back...a distance of abt 12.8km......the shoes seems to fit well...nice forefoot cushioning....light and also not too tight....unlike my other 2 new shoes: Nimbus VI and pegasus2005, i dun feel strain on my archilles tendon at all!!! i got a US12 so the toes area is very roomy...good enough to last the marathon (hopefully can last till then) 3 days of no running has made a strain on this run...but actually, i was running quite fast for this long dstance....maybe because too much stored energy to be disipated or becos the new shoes are really suitable for my style of running......... Burn rubber burn........ Shoes: Adidas adizero SN Distance: 12.8km Pace: 5:29min/km Time Taken: 1hr 10min 08sec Lap time: 2.9km for 16:14min@5:36min/km 3.7km for 19:54min@5:23min/km 2.1km for 11:48min@5:37min/km 2.1km for 11:34min@5:30min/km 2.0km for 10:37min@5:19min/km


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