Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lousy swim doesnt mean slow swim......

The sky was glommy when I stepped out of office....then raindrops keep falling on my head as I walked to catch the bus....based on observation of the wind and the was just passing shower and I got it the time I reached the entrance, it stopped

As per last week, a big group of life saving course swimmers were sitting at the grandstand listening to some lecture...the tall one, the GP teacher and babu was in teh class occupying the 3 lanes......there was about 10 swimmers when I arrived but by 8pm, I am the only "public" swimmer around.....the life saving course din came down to the I have 5 lanes to myself

The pool was so clean that I almost can see from one end to the other......unfortunately, it was a bad swim day......I do not seems to be able to warm up my engine....I was swimming "without feeling the water" a result..cannot feel fatigue nerve system seems to go haywired.....I was struggling to fight against the water

I decided to went ahead with my laps.....first 10 laps, I finished in 13:16min.....that was fast considering the condition I am in.....still stuggling and I tried to swim slower......finished the second in faster somemore......i wanted to stop but something inside me ask to continue.....i went ahead with a struggling stroke......and I was surprised I finished the last 10 in 13:08min! even faster than my first 2...and probably my PR for finished 1.5km in I also clocked my fastest 1km swim so far at 26:31min

I took a rest and continued to do some slow swim.....normally, by now, I should warm up...but the same numbness feeling is there...nothing seems to be right.....

worst of hip dun feel good....

Because of my hip, I decided to rest 2 days after my last sunday swim and stop doing my tuesday run....i thought swimming supposed to be non-impact.....but after every swim, my hip seems to get worst...and after every run, it seems to recover.....maybe I should run more

The ForBidDen KingDom

OK....I admit, I dun watch a lot of movies.....maybe not more than 5 per year....some years...not even one.....supposed to run last nite but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I got dragged to Grand Cathay for the double J movie....$6 per head is very cheap nowadays at one of the newest cinema hall in Singapore

2 ageing kungfu master, 2 pretty faces and a young kiddy ang mo is indeed a wierd combination....what makes it more wierd is a "chinese kungfu" movie character speaking English!!!...and even more wierd sounding are the translation of chinese verse and words into english!!..... "One mountain cannot have two tigers".....

I must say....i totally enjoyed the shows because of the wierd things in it and the fighting scenes......not the kind of movies you get to see everytime.........something refreshing indeed

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Second run with the swoosh elite

After the first painful run with the elite, I decided to do another run of the same distance but this time, I got to change the way I lace up my right shoes to try and relieve the pain.....


I actually went out and walked half a day with the shoes to accustom my feet to break in into it....and with the change in lacing....The start of my run is more comfortable with this shoes.......seldom did I actually will run in the afternoon, due to tight schedule...i have to do it

Afternoon is the time for nap....and this time is my usual teabreak very lazy and tired....too quite some time to warm u my body....but still able to do a fast finish....

No pain....and started to feel better in this is to run longer distances in this......

Free my Feet Run

Due to Some reason and thanks to P and Swoosh again...I got in my hands a pair of shoes to free my feet! In fact, I got the one that enable my feet to be most free compared to other models.....Nike Free 3.0:


This shoes....meant for training and not running as warned....but...a curious me decided to use it for my run....I decided to run along my favourite tempo least the first 3.0km is if the first 2km is no good, I will just U-turn back...if OK, I will carry on with rest of the hilly 3.0km

I was actually given half a size bigger than my usual size: US12.5.....but when compared to my size US12 elite, it was almost the same...I guess this is meant to be snug fit to the toes....but space means I can use it for my longer runs

P commented that this shoes has really minimum fact, very very close to barefoot and able to feel the ground...but when I first slipped into is not true...In Fact, I actually find it quite cushioned....and it can never beat this of my:


The first few hundred metres did felt compared to the swoosh really 2 extreme ends of shoes I and running in....i expect to find my landing steps to be unstable but it is fact....comfortable I got smoother and the shoes is really light....i suspect, I can even run 10km or more in it......but I really doubt how long it will long before something falls apart....

Anyway, I like this shoes and it will be part of my future runs....the sole is WHITE!!


and this is qhat happened after just one run....actually quite clean lar


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Running with the swoosh ELITE

Due to some reason and thanks to Nike, I managed to get my hands on a pair of lightweight stability trainer called Air Zoom Elite+ 4:


I did my first run in them last week for 6.3km.....

Because it is a lightweight stability trainer, its weight is lighter than other trainers (only i talking rubbish here) has a medial support which helps in controlling pronation for running with mild over-pronation problem


The outer of the heels uses a softer cushioning to absorbed the imapact upon heel landing and as the feet rolled forward, the medial post which is grey as seen above will help to guide the feet forward and provide support to the arch....


This model is actually a bit narrower in terms of fit..I have a wider right feet so it felt snug.....even my thinner left feet felt snug....just after a few minutes into my run...i started to run into some issues.....the right outer side of my feet started to hurt...the hot spot is quite common for me even in my current cushioned trainers....the pain usually goes away after a while....


However, the pain dun get away as my run progress...but luckily it did not get worst....and still bearable.....and i managed to finished my run with it...

I will not make any conclusion on this shes yet...maybe my feet need sometimes to break into the shoes as I dun wear stability trainers in the past....

I probably try to loosen my laces for my right feet to see if the pain goes for other factors like cushioning and so on....i will cover it as I get more runs in them

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LDS: Long Distance Swim

About 2 months ago, I started to incorporate swimming into my exercise program....I managed to keep it consistent for past 8 weeks..I would go for at least one swim per week...last few weeks, I actually went for 2....

I tried going to Jalan Besar Swimming complex on sunday afternoon and the timing is perfect...not much swimmers and I am able to do laps was recent weeks that I started to swim after work during weekday nite that I tried to look for a suitable pool...

first with Geylang East which is quite ulu but was a disaster...hit with a water aerobic class that resulted in only 2 lanes that is able to swim full 50m laps....a lot of swimmers...too crowded to do proper swim...

Second, I went Jalan Besar....nice place to reach from my office....crowd is so so...still managable but 2 classes of children swim classes came and cause a lot of disruption....only after 8pm that the pool is good enough for laps

And this evening, I tried the one nearest to my office and the supposed to be very ulu........

I reached the pool very early at about 6:35pm.......saw the sign that 3 lanes will be closed for swimming lesson from 6:45pm and 8:45pm....then I met babu in the changing room then I found out that Alex's classes has shifted to here every tues and wed....

Saw a big group of people eating and chatting by the pool...the pool has only < 10 swimmers and I managed to do reasonable warm up swim...then saw Mr Sotong and Miss Lin as well who are joining Alex's class....then I realised the 3 lanes are reserved for them....that is good as I heard a big crowd is coming down for the class

I started my LONG DISTANCE Swim and managed to have proper clear path.....the first 10 laps are fien and I clocked I continue, I realised that less swimmers are in the pool....the big crowd has changed to their swim attire and a briefing was conducted for them....second 10 laps took 13:30min.....i thought of stopping but my body has warmed up and decided to go for another 10.....i went on and finished the last 10 in I took 40:12min for a bad one and I was able to maintained the consistent speed for last 20 laps

Then the large crowd was splitted into 3 groups with an instructor for each....and they occuppied 3 different sides of the pool...then i realised is a life-saving class.....the whole pool was occupied and luckily public swimmers left only 2!!! Me and another old man using lane 4....I was doing some easy laps until Alex's class ended and joined the Tall one and the Ang Mo very good one for a nice Yong Tou Hu at Jalan Besar

Considered I only started consistent swimming 8 weeks ago, it was a big improvement in my swim time.....My first timing for 1km was 2 weeks again and I took 28:47min...within 2 weeks, I managed to cut down 2min to 26:41min.....damn...I started to get addicted.....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Homeground scenery

This is the Buangkok field beside Buangkok MRT station that I often do my 2km loop around photo to see bigger picture:


Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sgrunners Shoe Review: The North Face Rucky Chucky

Product Introduction:

The North Face® recognised the two trends evident in the running world. First, more athletes are venturing off road. Second, runners are increasingly gravitating towards long-distance races.

Rucky Chucky was designed to meet both running trends and specifically to help runners go farther, off road. The Rucky Chucky applies The North Face® Terrain HarnessTM and brings together some of the most cutting-edge innovations from The North Face® Footwear.

The North Face® Rucky Chucky will be available from April 2008 at The North Face concept shop (Suntec), Running Labs(Funan/Novena Square) and Outdoor Life(Novena Square).


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Catching up with technology: 0G to 3.5G

Finally, after using a 2 colours screen 0G mobile phone for more than 3/4 of a year, I catch up with technology and got myself a 3.5G at a good discount from singtel


Still trying to get use to the "high tech" functions.....and must be careful with the feels and looks fragile......

Hopefully, I will not discard this after 3 months and got myself a 1G phone which I target for months

Monday, April 07, 2008

Trail Shoe Comparo - the unfinished RUN - TNFA50BOA review

As mentioned HERE, The 4 Ts(Taz, Teelee, Tekko, Trencen) and Ayin went for a sat morning run at MR...but unfortunately, a small accident happened...Since, a brief account is already mentioned HERE, HERE and THERE...I will not go into more details but to do a brief review of the first version for TNFA50BOA (The North Face Arnuva 50 BOA)....


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

HERE I did a short writeup on this shoes when it is first released here a year I make it very brief

Pros: This shoes is light and well cushioned for hard ground as we ran thru the golf course...I do not see any issue using this shoes for the road....the BOA lacing is simple and convenient..The shoes is actually quite flexible

Cons: One major issue with this shoes is the fit...the upper is actually bigger and wider than normal shoes of the same size...and because it is using the BOA lacing system, there is actually a limit on the adjustment for the fit(BOA does not means it is good). Because of this, the plastic cage is unable to hold my feet well...My feet was "swimming" in not to say became very unstable actually...The traction as someone has commented is not fantastic compared to my Salomon XA Pro 3D.....One important thing that it lacks for trail running is a good toe cap toes got rammed into the trunk once and luckily, no harm done....

Recommended for: Neutral runners who clocked high mileage on the road and light trails which is free from big rocks and big trunks...and maybe fire also runners with wider feet that need a 4E on normal running shoes

Not Recommended for: Technical Trail and those feet that does not even requires a 2E for normal running shoes

Post note: The first release actually made a big hoohaa because of the fantastic marketing effort by TNF using Dean Karnazes' 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days 2 years back...It is actually a good pairs of shoes with many good technology, unfortunately, the cons are just unforgiven for most runners (I did hear a lot of complaints about this shoes actually)....However, after digesting all the feedbacks from runners, TNF made major changes to the original design in this year release which are out on the shelf this week at Suntec TNF shop, Running Labs and Outdoors...lets hope they really make improvement to all the cons from the first pair

Friday, April 04, 2008

Attention: Asia Runner Subscribers!

All Asia Runner subscribers get a Special Edition Asia Runner Events Guide in April.

Because of the recent technical dramas all current Asia Runner subscribers get:

- A Free Asia Runner Events Guide

- Your Asia Runner subscription extended by one issue.

Please CONFIRM your postal address by 13 April.

Read more information about Asia Runner (including the technical dramas), join the mailing list, and subscribe here and bookmark the new website (which is currently being set up with launch details to follow very soon).

Please pass this message on to others.

Thanks so much, Steph p.s. See you at Ironman China?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Meet the marathon experts


1) Pat Connelly:

2) Dan Finanger:

3) Patti and Warren Finke:

4) Jeff Galloway:

5) Hal Higdon:

6) Greg McMillan:

7) Susan Paul:

8) Bill Pierce:

9) April Power:

10) Steve Sisson:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Restarting my run again..........

Last week, I only did one 4km at buangkok field....My lower back felt more painful after the run...I decided, injury must have I went down to my usual TCM shop to do Ba Guan....and managed to recover within 2 days.

So once there is no pain by thurs, I went for a swim on friday to test pain or odd feeling...and i did another swim last sunday in the rain....because the pool will be quite empty...hahaaaa

I actually wanted to restart my run yesterday morning...but I woke up and just lazy to changed up and went back to my I thought, I will run last nite after work.....unfortunately, rain came...and stopped after I finished my dinner (i usually dun take dinner if I going run first) this morning, I determined to move my feet again

ran the first round of 2km quite fast.....11min flat....then I changed direction and started to pickup speed.....push a bit faster when I hit the 1km mark and finished in the time of 9min 35sec.....not bad for a re-start....last week low mileage injuried week is a good break as well


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