Friday, May 25, 2007

Measuring distances on online maps

I have been using Street Directory Jogging Calculator and to measure my running routes for the past 2 years.... Until last year when Street directory started charging for it...althought they have revert to free service after that, their jogging calculator isscrewed up on my both IE and firefox used to be a very good alternating choice althought with its limitation but the measuring distance future can only appear on IE...but it also screwed up recently and i cannot use it at keeps hanging my browser somemore and is very slow in loading i got so frustrated and decided to search hopelessly online till i found these 2 alternating choices with easier to use interface and also much faster operation... I found Gmaps Pedometer making use of google map....previously, only can use unless u downloaded the software of google earth...look like now it can be done online liao....the thing is default location is point to US..just need to move around and zoom into the little red dot island of ours and Hocus Pocus!!!! You can even save the routes or export to external file!!! Best, you can change the measuring metric between miles and km! I found another alternative in which actually used Google map also!! dunoe is it licenced from google map or is it "stealing the code"..but this has more features like putting markers e.g. shower, stretching, aids, water points on the map...and i can even use a view map!! can also import routes from gmap pedometer and also export to external files and even blog!! Best of all, Registration as member is free!!! Look like there is more motivation for me to run longer now...........


Jodan said...

I was about to recommend GMap Pedometer to you. Cos that is the only one I know.

Thanks for the link to MapMyRun.
Looks good.

Dun think they steal the code. Probably got approval from Google.

Runometer is using GMap as well.

weishan said...

haha!! men and their fancy "gadgets".


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