Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

6 more sunrises : Singapore marathon SCSM REPC

When down to Floating Platform Seating Gallery bottom for the "Special" 8th anniversary SCSM Race Entry Pack Collection

I thought there might be a "special" event for this "special" collection.....saw the big entrance

Split the queue into different race category

I went winding around the place and end up seeing all the counters....with no queue at all

And got my race pack in less than 3min.....and the race pack....shrinked! compared to 2005 , 2006, 2007 and 2008

I certainly missed the big pack of pasta given in the pack in the past years

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Full day adventure with Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

It was a great sunday morning where the sun is high and bright. I decided to bring my five fingers sprint out for an adventure.....

First is to slip it on and went for a light jog in the grass trail....My feet love the "raw" feel of the ground...the soft and comfortable soil to step on..

The good weather has prompted me and my wife to go cycling from Changi Beach to East Coast Park...The only way to do that is to rent a bike from PITSTOP, the only bike rental service that allows rented Bike to be returned at a different station

Is kind of weird feeling at first that my sole is feeling the pedal holes and grooves....I was able to pedal better with the good grip on the pedals

As you can VFF did draw some curious eyes along the way.....The whole rides took about 2hrs and we went to the beach side and relax....and let my VFF to enjoy the nice weather and scenery

Next stop is a new shopping mall is Singapore Shopping street called Orchard Central....Hidden inside this new shopping mall is the world tallest indoor VIA FERRATA at 30m high operated by Border Crossing.

After safety and equipment briefing, we went on our way....I was the lead climber wit my VFF..........

And we reached the end point in about VFF has provided superb grip on the and steel rigs and also on the wall for certain part of the gives me more confidence when challenged at difficult path on the wall....

And just one climb on the VIA FERRATA is not enough.....I went for another round of Rock Climbing....VFF grip on the rocks are great...VFF will be good for adventure racing where multi-discipline challenges including running, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, rope ascent where good grip and feel by the feet helps a lot...

Great day out with my VFF Sprint

Friday, November 20, 2009

ToesShoes...alternative to Nike Free 1.0

Nike Free concepts is that we should but Nike Free 7.0 to train...followed by 5.0 and then down to 3.0 where the smaller the number, the closer our free are to barefoot running....unfortunately, the marketing did not kick off as it supposed to be and Nike went back to create the Nike Free Everyday by inserting a Zoom Air at the heel of the free which actually I can consider this as Free 9.0 which is close to normal running shoes
As my biggest worry is that My Nike Free 3.0 which clocked > 400++km cannot last until end of this marathon, I also worried that I cannot find another pair once this pair is beyond wearing condition....seems that 3.0 will not be in store for the next season.....Where can I find another pairs of shoes to run with? Is there any alternative?
The big question is do I revert back to run with my other shoes like my new low mileage of Brooks Ghost?
The truth is....after running with Nike Free 3.0, no knee pain, my ITB flare up and no Hip pain which I experienced before with my previous running Free is here to stay on my feet but for how long?

On fine day, I found out that I have a $30 Taka voucher that for past 6 mths...many visits to Taka and cannot find anything to buy....and I found out from a website that Taka going to start a new counter selling something which may be a good replacement for my Nike Free 3.0
I reached Taka and found the counter beside the escalator where phiten used to have a phiten was a big seller and upgraded to selling inside one of the sports section....I was walking around the counter looking for the sales person and same an old couple hanging around...the old man was wearing a pair and was happily walking around the counter....Saw this boy in black back to the counter and the old man paid for his pair
The sales boy came to serve me....after measuring my feet on the measuring template....he went in to get 2-3 pairs of my size.....a middle aged man came along with his 2 daughters and found this interesting...he sat down and wait until the sales boy came back with a few boxes for me...the man asked for a few pair to try and without any other question...brought a pair after consulting his daugthers on the colour to get.......2nd pair sold
As for me.....I saw this (Vibram five fingers classic) and try but somehow the shape of my left feet does not fit well into matter how I tighten, it will still feels very loose...the heels seems like slipping out of it all the time

So I went on to try this(vibram five fingers sprint), with the strap on helps to hold the feet in place and solved my loose left foot issue....

an I saw this (vibram five fingers KSO) but the price is out of my budget and also....I prefer to start as minimum as possible...maybe next time run trail will need this then get it

So...I became the sales boy 3rd customer and got the red sprint....I chit chat wit the boy and found out that he was just a few hours into this job.....and commission only comes in after the 3rd pair sold......I was amazed by his luck and wish him good luck....and I am glad to hit his 3 pairs quota....which means the next pair onwards, he will get commission for them.......
So I got this in the box...the rest of the photos speaks for themselves:

Note: The first run went well for 6km...I was able to maintain the same running style as my Nike Free 3.0..calves got ache after that..this shows that 3.0 is still a distance away from 1.0.......conversion will be done after the coming marathon
At least, I found my replacement for Nike Free 3.0 and I am advancing to Free 1.0....or should I said moving backward to times before shoes are born
Time to ditch my Nikes', Adidas' and Brooks'..................

Thursday, November 19, 2009

16 more sunset to D-Day

16 more sunset and is the time of the year where runners will gather to run the annual marathon in the city...After doing 2 marathons in 2005 and 2006 and missed 2007 and 2008, I should be back at the start line for my 3rd...

This year is a very good year for my running...the very first is to control my health and injuries...past 2 years of bronchitis has taken a lot of my running away....on top of that, I am constantly hit by injuries on my right legs....ITB, Knee pain, hip pain.......and this year...I kept my bronchitis away...hopefully for good...and found the solution for my weak right legs

Running this year started out in last Feb after my Europe trip...It was in mid-April that I started my regular swimming least once a week to later most of the time twice a week.....from 10 laps to 20 laps and recently 50 laps...August to OCt, I also paid myself into the company building Gym to do stationary bike to strength my Quads...with cycling and swimming in place, I actually cut down my running to twice a week for most of the time

Graph below shows per run distances and we can see the progress to 3 long runs at about 30 for past 3 weekend

My graph

Graph below shows weekly mileage...only 2 weeks hit past 50km....

My graph

Compared to the mileage in 2005, this year mileage is very very low:

There will be people asking if this is sufficient for a full marathon...the anwser is yes for a finish comfortably without aiming for time....

Hope my shoes can last the distance before tearing up........

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Special REPC for SCSM

Got this today

Congratulations! Your ballot to collect your Race Pack at the 8th Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Anniversary Special REPC has been successful.

Collection details are as follows:

* Date : 28 & 29 November 2009

* Venue : The Float @ Marina Bay

* Time : 10am to 7pm

Things to note:

1. Please bring along your Identity Card/Photo ID for collection. If you are unable to collect your Race Pack personally, you may appoint a representative on your behalf.

The authorised representative must present the following for collection:

* Letter of Authorisation signed by runner

* Representative’s Identity Card/Photo ID

* Photocopy of runner’s Identity Card/Photo ID

2. No parking is allowed at the Floating Platform. The nearest carparks are at Marina Square, Esplanade and Suntec City. Participants are strongly advised to take public transport.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sengkang to Changi Exhibition Centre.....

My Nike Free 3.0 mileage passed the 400km mark afetr today's Long Run....

Looking at the condition...I am praying that It can last for 4 more weeks before any part start to tear up....

My search for another Free 3.0 or alternative never stop....Dropped by Wisma Nike shop and saw a pair of Mens lying on the rack...I was told that this is the last pair and size is US8.5.....The Sales found out that I going to run this for the next marathon and he said I better go see doctor for checkup often....and I replied...I did see doc often..that is because of my knee pains...before I switched to Nike Free 3.0.....just sore feet after a long run and no other "injury" pains

I reached home and flip my shoes over and found that 2 useless rubber sticked at the heels of my left shoes has came off....and the outsole looked trashed.....but it is still very comfy for runs.....

My legs ..especially my right hamstrings and Quads are still sore from friday nite 2hrs 40min walk at MR.......and the lack of sleep yesterday tempted me to stay on my bed when the alarm took quite a while for my body to wake a result...I started 15min later than planned....legs started moving at 5.45am..with a plan of 10min run with 2 min walk

My digestion suffered for the whole week and I suspect I may hit with nutrition problem during the run..and I may need to run toilets along the way....I have planned the route such that there are several possible "bombing" location

My sore quads are handling well even after an hour run........the sun came out by a light cool breeze made the run of the toilet is at bedok Reservoir but the toilet was having upgrading and the temporary toilet stinks badly...i decided to skip this.....

Along Tampines Ave 10, an Uncle in running attire kept following me after Old Tampines Road until we almost hit the entrance to TPE at IKEA....He asked me how to run from Pasir Ris to Punggol..He mentioned that He ran from Punggol and run thru Old Tampines Road before reaching here..and he thought there is a way to go about it....I told him....the only nearest way is for him to run back where he came from....

Have a short toilet break at Paris Ris West an expensive H2O from 7-11 and went ahead towards Loyang along Pasir Ris Ave 3

Very soon, I hit the Blue Mosque....Int he past...when ever I reached this part, my knees will pain until I have to limp home....but not for today....passed Loyang Point and turned left towards Changi...a lot of cyclist activity here.....mountain bikes and road bikes where charging down the slopes........Second wind came...I overshoot my 10min twice...running became light and easy

Hit Changi Beach and the sun came scorching water ran out...and Changi Beach toilets also going thru upgrading

I pressed on and ration my water.....hit the point where the REAL Run U-turned for runners to hit the beach.....When I reached the road going into Changi Jetty...I ran with the REAL Run runners.......saw the 13km mark just outside the Changi Aviation Road and I decidded to stop my clock at 30km..met AC who is jogging very slowly so I told him to walk fast and stop trashing his ankles...and I walked with him for the next 2 km from the main road to the end point.....

My legs are trashed after 30km of run/walk and 2km of walk in the hot sun.......went for breakfast and the first time I reached home to dig out all the ice I have in my fridge

And have a nice ICE COLD bath for my sore feet........

One more week of 30km and I can relac for 2 more weeks before D-day.......

Time to nap


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