Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Riding my GO Green Vehicle Home

It was a great morning was wonderful for past few days...I was planning to wake up at 6am for a short run.... The alarm rang and woke up....sat on the bed for 5min and i went down on my pillow again...The next thing i know is i woke up at 7.30am...D^&$#%@$!! so pack up my stuff and went office...... Nothing much to do at work except to solve some stupid script issue...specs are not finalised yet so i was just waiting for things to happen. Waited till everyone left office before i pack up....i intend to travel home using my environment friendly petrol or diesel needed and zero pollutant emission....took abt 48min to reach home...hey! that's about the same time as taking public transport... normally, i will take 5-10min(wait for bus), 5min(walk to mrt), 5min(wait for mrt), 10min(travel on mrt), 15min(walk home from mrt)...which is about 40-45min Here is it: My Go Green Environment Friendly Vehicle My route: Office2sk8km Got to stop by about3-4 traffic lights for about 1min to wait for the i should take about 4-5min earlier to reach home..... maybe can do it more often next time....but need to plan logistic. Hmmmmm...with my injinji, my CB pro did felt closer to running barefoot.....

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