Wednesday, May 23, 2007

unexpected journey to the east: Pasir Ris

Nothing to do after i thought a run will be good to occupy the time to wait for my laundry to be done in the machine...since last nite run did not cause any aches, pains or tiredness hooked on my gear and din know where to go.....i thought long time never head to east...and anyway, want to explore this tampines industrial ave 5 that i saw on bus recently so i decided to head east. skpr11km Started at usual place, i head towards punggol park....before turning into hougang ave 7 towards defu lane. reached 5km at about 29min...good comfortable pace at Tampines road junction, i turned left and run along the long demoralising road...past defu industrial area on my left an came to the newly built "highway" that across and over tampines road...after which i was running by the airbase fence all the way till i reached old tampines road. that is end of pavement, i turned into old tampines road and run along the side of the road against the traffic....vehicles went past with drivers giving me a weird look...must be wondering why this insane guy run this ulu place in the middle of the nite. just a while, i reached this new junction of tampines industrial ave me..u still cannot find this on the map. i turned left and finally there is a wide pavement for me to run on....there was construction on the new samsung-siltronic wafer plant on the left and just grassland on the right.... the road is straight and i guess is a shortcut thru old tmpines road as i saw IKEA, COURTS and GIANT straight ahead.....reaching the main road at tampines ave 10 very soon.... I turned left and head towards Pasir Ris....went under TPE and i decided to stop after i passed UMC... went for a walk, dinner and shopping at Psir Ris West Mall before i head home i measured the distance and is only 11.3km which i did it for 1hr 07min...a nice 6min/km pace

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