Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spooky Shoes

Brooks GHOST....maybe next time got devil, spirit, werewolf....

For the fast and light feel....full review at Running Times

Singapore-Singtel F1 GP: The first Night Race detailed review!

I found this very detailed review for those who have missed the dramatic race last Sunday:


Monday, September 29, 2008

Haile Gebrselassie DID IT AGAIN! A new marathon record at 2hrs 3min 59sec!!!

The world greatest runner did it again! Breaking the world record in Berlin marathon for the 2nd consecutive year!!!

For the full detail report, see HERE: Haile Gebrselassie: 2:03:59 WORLD RECORD in Berlin

See video video for this preparation for this race in his homeland:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A dramatic First Formula One Night Race in Singapore

I am not a fan of formula one racing...and this is the first time I watched the whole F1 race.....and shiok lar...I really wonder if this race is like what the commentators said that is very dramatic and more dramatic than other races....

From Piquet's crash out and caused chaos to the whole race to Ferrari semi auto system screwed up that caused Massa to run away with the fuel hose to the Kimi Raikkonen crashing out during the last 5th lap....and the winner is the car that crashed out of the 2nd qualifying last nite due to fuel injection issue and was placed 14 on the grid.....Alonso won the first race of this season easily during the last few laps where he was basically cruising along...

Too bad...the rain din come along to add more excitement to the nite.....

OK.I am evil....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Migraine SAT... in the Formula One weekend

I decided to rest for my injuries...it has being a difficult week...no exercise and work load and pressure built up with no channel to release....running is my release channel.....lucky workdays lasted for 5 days......friday nite started to get migraine......sat morning woke up still not well...popped 2 panandol and slept the whole sat afternoon before I got better in the evening...

Since I got better...and I was in Bugis hearing all the zoom zoom sound....i decided to head towards the zoom zoom place and found a nice place for this:

YES! I watched F1 free.....i watched most of the 20 machines zoom past before I left the place with the experience of the zoom zoom of the engine and the speed of the machines....Formula One first night Race in Singapore.....is a dream of some Singaporean just like the Olympic dream for China

Sunday, September 21, 2008

another bad running year................

Not another good running year for me....last 2 years were illness year when my bronchitis strikes causing running period to last less than 3 months......this year is the year of injuries...started with lower back for start of the year to hip in th mid year and now it strike my neck...my hip is not done and it strike back....i am now hit with 2 injuries together....look like running has to stop for at least a week.....I may have to walk 42km this year....

Monday, September 15, 2008

The mini-fan from SwingKPE

Maybe I mountain tortoise...but this is a very interesting fan from the free event

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Overloaded Weekend - Run to ECP + SwingKPE 10km

Run to ECP half marathon

People usually take a break from weekday work in the weekend...but seems like, I am taking break from weekday work for weekend activities

This weekend is overloading and overstressing of the body.....it started out with 5:45am on sat morning

I hook up my gear, carried a set of dry clothes to change, a towel, 2x Gu Gels and a 800ml nike water bottle in my water carrier bag (lazy to bring bladder) and wore my Brooks Axiom 3..using my 8/2 run/walk..I slowly headed down from Sengkang to hougang ave 3 to kembangan to telok Kurau to East coast parkway.....As I was approaching closer and closer to ECP, dark clouds were moving from right to left....I might get hit by the storm...and i am prepared for that....but I was lucky....the rain never came throughout the run.

I hit the ECP beach at 12.8km for 1hrs 28min and turned right to run along the park all the way to the canal beside PA adventure centre and U-turned. Continued running until the Skate park at carpark C3 to end my run which is 21km long and I took a slow and comfortable 2hrs 27km

This is overloading....First time I ran beyond the 2hrs barrier and overloaded by 27min...and further overload by running with a bag of stuff on my back for first time of the year.....I end and met up with sgrunners LSD group and the pacer training group from Team Fatbird...quite a huge outing and the generous ultraman sponsored bottles of H2O and 100Plus and went around serving the runners.....After taking photos...Went to MacD drive-in to grep Breakfast in TLV and went home, changed and went down to sinseh for my post-run massage

I am proud of myself for being able to wake up before 6am for a LSD finally....I probably need to do so for coming weekends until the marathon day to simulate the actual early morning start race

SwingKPE 10km

Attended a Wedding dinner on sat nite and slept at 2am...after 4hrs of sleep, I brought my heavy body out to meet up with teelee at Kovan to go for the SwingKPE 10km...met TeamBird queuing for the shuttle bus....me and teelee decided to jog down to the start point...

We ran along Tampines Road and the TeamBird in the Shuttle bus waved to us and passed up.....we took about 15min to reached the event side......and saw Team FatBird just arrived about 5min after us.....jog even faster than take bus because they got to walk a distance in from the dropoff point.

The start point still far away:


First, we must cross the ERP


And the information panel:


It was nice organising having one extreme left lane to let the 10km runners to the front and you see the rest of the 5km walkers in the pens:


Saw the caterpillars when we reached the 10km holding area

Photobucket Photobucket

all eager to enter the tunnel and start running:


The race started and there is a stretch where they turned off the lights for the 5km lantern walk.....


I was helping the caterpillar to take photos and clear the path for first 5km and they took 33min...The tunnel is not well ventilated for holding such a running event....we are like running in Furnace along most of the distance...at 6km, I started to feel the strain from yesterday morning overloading and also the sinseh massage and also from the stuff air...I was sweating like shower head...but I supposed to rest today and I am running so fast with them...so I started to fade off and left them after 6.5km

The 10km hit the 5km U-turn and was squeezed as them walker crossed the cone markings and walk on the runners lane...it was a messy and most runners decided to walk as well including me...only at exit or entrances do we get some air flow:


It was getting more and more jam as the finishing line approaches:


before reaching finish line, the runners split


most runners stopped at the finish line to take photo and that is my finishing time


After crossing teh finishing line, I took another one fromt he other direction


After the finish line, it is still a long walk out.....along the way, goodies bag are handed out


We also see some entertainment before getting out of the tunnel


exhibits were up just at the exit to the tunnel


I looked out after I am out of the tunnel:


The MC are 2 radio DJs


See the lady on the left of photo, she was talking on the phone and people trying to take photo of the car front....one guy as her to move aside for the rest to take photo....she replied that Photo taking with the car is for charity and it cost $20....the crowd's face turned with amusement....so she still remained to stand there until someone pay:


There are food stalls and playground for the kids and also a milo truck with long queues...most people just head towards to catch the shuttle bus...a few of us choosed to take a stroll back to kovan central and have a good breakfast/lunch before dispersed

The front og the event tee which is XL in size given to me a week back


The back


The goodies bag....very impressed from a FREE run...even better than most if not all other paid events


My shoes for the event


Probably one and the last time we get to run in the tunnel for 10km......not well ventilated enough but the organising passed with flying colours.....saw an ambulance rushing along the tunnel and someone doing CPR in it....hopes nothing happen to the fellow lying in there and I heard, he is not even a runner but a volunteer

Overloading weekend....need a recharge over the weekdays for the next hectic weekend

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tired long run....................

First 2 days of the week already filled with long meetings of at least 2hrs....dun even have time to do actual work in office....meeting are queued till next wed....

I was so tired today that I dozed off once I got onto the bus...lucky I woke up in time....whole body was weak and tired and I decided to continue with my plan to do a 15km tonite

So I went on to the 15km I came up with couple of weeks back.....took me a while to wake up my sleepy body and let the blood flow.....legs got enough rest so not so tired...weather is good...slight breeze but I find the air a bit heavy...lots of construction along the way....but still good enough for running.....managed to finish in one piece within 100min...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Thanks U to all my blog Readers!

I must thanks all my friends and strangers who have visited my blog all these years.....as I pulled out the statistics from sitemeter, you can see a huge increased in visits especially in Aug (although I dunnoe why lar)..

If you have been visiting my blog...which I think very few will....you will see that I have been putting up nuffnang ads for past 11 months....and A big thank you to all of you for helping me to achieve cash payout from nuffnang ads....the criteria is to earn a minimum of $50 cash......

still deciding if I should cash it out now to try try the system or later....but I think is a miracle feat for such a lousy inconsistent blog...from an average readership of around 20 visits per day when I first joined nuffnang a year ago till currently hitting 50-80 visits....

I cannot garantee how long this blog can last..and cannot garantee how much rubbish and junks will continue to appear.....too bad...these junks are not good enough like some "famous" blogger to achieve readership of >10000 or more per day....if not, I probably will be working from home to blog everyday...

anyway, if you are someone who always come to my blog...please help to click on the ads when you see one....hahaaahheee....i buy u a drink next time

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend heat up..........

Crazy weather...nothing to say.....I was running in a heavy storm on wed and this sat, I was running in super morning heat....I was supposed to wake up at 7am for LSD but becos of the heavy downpour before day breaks, I slept thru to 8.30am.....The weather is cleared and so I went o put on my running gear

Due to time constraint, I decided to just go for another an hour of run....just after I started...stomachache...so I dashed to Sengkang CC to relieve....and ended up started my run from another point....I turn here and there but as I run....the cloud started to clear up and reveal the hot sun.......as I ran, the heat got worst......

After the slopes along Yio Chu Kang Road...I gave up as I felt dehydration coming my way....and took a bus back home.....so 9.8km done...about an hour....target achieved but no LSD this week....take it as a rest week....hopefully next week weather will be better....

Thanks for some friends....have a great late afternoon tea and short dinner before heading down to Mustafa centre for some nite shopping....surprisingly, they ahve wider range of tights compared to sport shops in queensway and the price is cheaper than retail....managed to get what I need and stepped out of the shoping centre.....rain pour again.....lucky we managed to head out to the MRT easily and ended the nite..

Thanks to those who contributed to the nice handy pouch

Late nite shopping and cool weather really made the bed very comfortable....woke up later than usual......and managed to catch a long due swim at Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

.....missed 2 weeks of swim due to Singaore Bay run and Nike Human Race.....but not that bad....did not really struggle and managed to finish 20 laps after warm up.....a good swim under hot afternoon sun......

Satisfied weekend of exercising

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Official! The Results from the Nike Human Race....


Came in at the personal best for 10km this year!


And I was surprised that I was actually ranked within top 10% of the runners

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I run because I am NUTZ

The weather for the past days and weeks were crazy.....it was in fact very comfortable for everyone to just stayed at home and watch TV or just take a cool nap on the bed...the "magnetism" of the bed is usually very strong during this type of weather and waking up early for work is a big task and barrier.

The original plan was to run last nite but just when I reached sengkang on the bus, it was pouring...so decided to go hougang for dinner...damn...the rain stopped by 8pm and it never rain again....I regretted

Today's weather was equally crazy....when I was going to work, the sun ws shining brightly and heat up the whole atmosphere.....clouds came in fast during noon and rain poured......stopped and poured like doing fartlek...

It was raining as I was taking a bus home....it turned into drizzle when I reached home...and I started to see people walkig around without umbrella....i hesitated..as I saw heavy dark clouds at hougang side but sengkang side was medium grey clouds..weather was cool and i thought situation will be like last nite...so I gambled and changed up

The rain stopped as I went along..I was praying that It can at least hold up for about an hour until I finish my run....I decided to cover about 10km so I went about the new 10km route I came up with:

After heavy downpour, the ground was wet and pool of water is every where.....i was so lazy to divert that I decided I just went into them....some ankle deep.....to checkout my $1.90 cotton toesocks and my Brooks Axiom 3 performance in the wet..

As I turned into Sengkang Sports Complex and it started to drizzle.....saw 2 other "insane" runners on the route along the road under the deserted LRT track......

As I turned back into Fernvale at 6km....it started to get heavier....I decided to go according to plan....I reached jalan Kayu and turned into Yio Chu Kang Road...the downpour came...it was like someone poured a pail of water from the sky...drivers and people at the busstop must be wondering how come got this nutz running in such heavy rain....it was so heavy that I think Merlion cannot se Sheares Bridge

Choices came into my head.....I can stopped and wait at the void deck of the flat.....but the rain doesn't look like it will stopped anytime and it was getting heavier.....or I can take a bus home...that will be inconsiderate to other passengers on the bus..and I might catch a cold from the aircon..worst is there is no direct bus at where I am....or I can stop running and walk home...this will cause my body to cool down and lost body heat catch a cold easily...so I decided I need to RUN home.....

My whole body was numb by the heavy rain...no feeling of pain but everything on my body was heavy even my shoes and I was struggling to look at the path ahead....as the last 3km was made up of slopes, was actually running into waterfalls and rapids....and even mud pools at some point.....i went on and on...trying not to push too hard as the numb was masking my heartbeat ahead.....I was not feeling cold as water hit me hard and flow down my body.....I struggled and managed to finished the 10.6km in 62min....keeping my average pace to be below 6min/km.....the rain got heavier after that....i think this time, the Merlion cannot see esplanade

people said human started running to chase something edible or getting away from danger

human run nowadays to win a medal or to beat their personal best or to chase after a bus or running away from chasing mad dogs

I ran tonite just to get home from the heavy rain......and because I am Nutz and Insane tonite.....


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