Saturday, March 29, 2008

Christmas Miracle and Wonderdog

I was reading the July 2007 issue of Runner's World when I came across the story of a dog saving his owner, Danelle Ballengee, an ultramarathoner who has won pike peaks 4 times, competed in 441 endurance event and finished top three in 390 of them.

Very amazing story of how she survived the fall and how her dog actually able to led the rescuers to her location in the remote canyon.

A couple of lessons to be learned in th story here: The stunning rescue of Danelle Ballengee

But I was more interested in the NAME of the

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The adventure continues....!!!

My childhood favourite....I used to walked 30min to Geylang East Library and watch the video tapes of the first 3 episodes in the media room

Finally is back...........

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Running in Men's Health


Saw this on the magazine rack and I thought, I should grab something to read while on the mrt and bus.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to cool yourself during a hot day run.......

If the day is hot and you see a nice pool of water, this is how you should cool yourself in it:

OK, steeplechase is not an easy even to run in because of the water obstacles...I tried before during school was fun and I always respect runners who do it.....I must say, I am impressed with the 2 runners who recovered so quickly after taking a cool dip into the water...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Virgin Run for my little RED shoes


I got this shoes last was only after 3 months collecting dust int eh cupboard that today, on good friday 2008 that I have a chance to arrange a last minute run for its virgin ride

As both of us got something on after the run, we aimed to start the run at 7am and leave the place by 9am......JC woke up when I sms we went off 10min late.

It has been 3 mths ever since my last visit to MR, I still remember one piece of my outsole came out from my adizero SN after I finished one round walked with The ultramarathon women during last year MR25 Ultramarathon....finally, I am back again

The new shoes is 1 size larger than my black fact, it is the correct size for long is always nice to be back to the trail in the morning, the air is fresh and cooling...although we did not run for a long time here, we do not feel so tired...although our legs did complaints with the it has been raining for past few days, the trail is still damp and slippery at some part

We reached ranger station in about 28min...a very nice pace....have a 2min drink and toilet break, we set off again...the closure landslide portion reopened...they have repaired the area after 2 years....planted grass and built more drains and cleared the trail for easier walking and running.....

I was still able to struggle to talk during the reached the jialat hill after the golf course in a good steady time...we whack it...ran thru it without stopping and we made it.....the last MR25 time trail route became easier...although the upslopes did push our heartrate up a bit....we managed to maintain a good pace.....

(The route on the map is an estimated plot so the distance is not very correct...that is the best I can do without the GPS)

we searched and found the npark 10km marking and end there in 1hr 7:20min....a good timing for a least I lasted the whole run without my water bottle this time.......have a quick cool down and washup, we headed back home

I will be back my favourite running ground

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning green grass run....

The weather got warmer ever since last friday somy bed not so cold to sleep like last 2 is earlier to wake up and go for a morning run.....put on my gear and head out

The sun is not out so I managed to complete 2 rounds on the grass beside the reduce boredom, I ran the first round clockwise and changed to anti-clockwise for the second.....take my time to cool down and have a cold shower before i head to work

Saturday, March 15, 2008

LDI - a difficult to motivate run

It has been raining long for the first half of the week. It is even a record low temperature of 21+ degree report for thurs a result, I only managed to squeeze in one morning run before the rain came during the weekday..not even a chance to dip in the pool....Finally, it was bright and sunny yesterday and we know that it will continue till the moment I am typing this post.....So this morning, I am determined to squeeze in another run

Went to a wedding dinner last nite and ate several big prawns cos the table people simply dun eat much....a few of them dun eat at all....slept a bit late...I set the alarm at 7am and only managed to wake up at 7:55am!! But, I still change and head out to the road.....

Dunnoe what t do...trying to find back the motivation to clock some I decided to head for punggol to enjoy the bright beautiful sun....running 6km is already very stressful, So I decided to do what I do best in the past, 8/2 run/walk....wanted to run slow but in the end, my gear spoilt and went out quite it became Long Distance Intervals.

The run ended well although I am totally exhausted....1hrs 4min for a 10km...not bad for someone who restart from ground old and dying adizero threatening to talk to me soon...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Green Magma - saving the stomach

My health for the whole of last year was ruin by my sensitive nose and throat....i have seen the doc many many times and in the end, it always boils down to the TCM physician at Bedok Reservoir...She mentioned that the root cause of my problem is not where the problem lies but is in my digestion system which is upside down...This is very true as I always has gases (OK i fart and Blurb)...especially during the time when I was sick....

SO everytime, my illness will only cure after the chinese physician give me detox pills to clear my food in my digestion system that I will get well...but the cycles repeat for the whole year...

It came to me one week that due to some circumstances that I have to "turn vegetarian" for a meat at all....that I felt light and more energetic....thereafter, I returned to my meat diet but cutting down on the red meat...but...still cannot resist the temptation of char kway tiao and fried carrot cakes...fried chicken and good MacD fries....


I happened to read about this food supplement called Green Magma from scott jurek and barefootted's site....reading in some forums and other users to find out that this is actually good for digestion, especially for people who eat meat....every for vegetarian like scott jurek, it is very useful. You can read it in interview with scott jurek that he mentioned

I do also drink things like wheat grass and barley grass juice—especially when I'm traveling and can't get fresh wheat grass juice, I drink this product called Green Magma. That's kind of been my whole foods/vitamin-in-a-glass type of thing. It's just a really potent source of vitamins and minerals. I don't really get into a lot of fancy supplementation. I just try to get [the necessary nutrients] through just real whole foods.

I decided to give it a try....I happened to find an advertisement on newspaper that it is available in I went around and happened to find it at Watson....however, looking at the price...hmmmm....the 5.3oz powdered bottle selling for about $70 and 250 tabs bottle selling for about $60......I saw it again at OG albert....they are selling the powdered bottle at same price but selling two bottles of 250 tabs for $100

So I decided to check out the price in the going to whole list is out having many different prices from different vendors......So I decided to give it a try....I ordered one 5.3oz bottle and one 250 tabs bottle and sent back using I only spent $84 including the $25 delivery from states back to Singapore and I saved > $40....

I decided to try taking the tablets 6 in the morning.....first day nothing happened...but on second day, after taking the 6 tabs.....I went toilet at least 6-7 times for the whole day....YES...detox took place...output was much softer than before...but after that, I continued until today, I do not feel any more gases in my stomach again!!!

I went China during CNY and faithfully took the tablets twice a day...6 in morning and 6 at nite...luckily, because of this, my stomach was able to tahan the oily food relatives who went with me suffered diarrhea because of the cold weather.....

I just finished my first bottle of 250 tabs...taking the powder now while I wait for my second order of 4 bottles from amazon again......this time, I going to save for more 50% of the selling price in Singapore


Hopefully, with my one major problem solve, I will have more motivation and continue running with good health again

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Training log busted..............

I did not log my run online recently as I did not run much.....when I got into was having trouble logging in.....and I saw this link on the main page and I clicked on it HERE on What Happened and saw this message inside it:

As many of you have no doubt noticed, has been having technical difficulties over the past week. I hope that this message will be able to address many of the questions that have been sent my way.

For the past seven years, I've offered this site as a free service. It started as a project in college so that I could learn various technologies and evolved into something bigger than I had ever expected. Though I haven't been running as much recently, I was for a long time the site's biggest fan and user.

When I became aware of the service outage, I contacted my web hosting provider. After some troubleshooting, I was informed that the database containing everyone's logs had been corrupted and no backups were available to restore the data. I've tried to follow up to get more details but the company has stopped responding to my online support ticket and will not answer their support phone line.

What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, I don't have any good news. With a corrupted database and an unresponsive web host, there's nothing I can do to retrieve the data. All of our logs are gone.


DAMN!! Which means my 3 years worth of running data are gone!!! but luckily, I have been using Nike Running log as secondary log as well so not all are lost...but my data for older shoes used 3-4 years back are first pair of Asics Cumulus 6 which logged over 1000+km.....

Anyway, Time to restart my running again......old stuff must go before new one will come....those log data are just memories....they are just lessons learnt and mistakes made which I have already nothing to be sad

One big lesson learned for those who are discipline to log their runs and other exercise regime online, is to have 2 logs.....just in case one go busted, the other one still a bit of troublesome but is worth the effort when things like what happened to my first running log...

So I went around scouting for a replacement as my 2nd log, I happened to chanced upon this one at (trust me, I have registered a few and tried their functions)

Here is a SAMPLE you can try...logging a run is simple and quick and some of the features which I like and useful for me

1. intervals logging with option to sum up the data for runs and rests

2. can plot the different courses easily on google map (I find this easier and faster than mapmyrun)

3. can export to my computer and open with excel (very good for local backup also)

4. can put summary on my u can see it on the column on the right

5. The graphing function is very impressive

OK...if you are looking for an online running log...I will recommend this one...

Hope that with the new online running log, I can have more motivation to pick up my run again.........


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