Sunday, July 30, 2006

HSP Adventure Run: Kovan to Paris Ris

kovan2pp The original planned LSD between just a few pple from HSP has suddenly exploded into a in prompt to group run. The unknown route may be the adventure part which some are willing to explore. The original meeting time was at 7pm Kovan Mrt..the tiring but fruitful weekend has caused some of us to be late....5 ladies and 6 gentlemen actually turned up...TL was kind enough to wakeup earlier with lokun to arranged for TLV to be parked at the end point.... The run only managed to start the run at abt 7.45am....we headed down the same route as the last HSP LSD to bedok reservoir. The sun was up radiating her energy to the land as we pound the road. Quite a few traffic light stops before we reached The first rest point at bedok reservoir after about 55min. Most of us brought isotonic drinks and have a little visit to the restroom before we walked slowly to the reservoir park. I brought the group up the small hill overlooking the whole reservoir and we took a few photos with the scenic background. at BR We rested for a long 20min before we proceed back to the reservoir trail and completed about 3km along the resevoir bank. Headed towards the main road, we turned to the start of Tampines park connector.It was about 2km more to the next checkpoint at Tampines MRT. The 2km km was a slow stretch as we got to endure the waiting time of a few traffic lights. Everyone looks fine and warmed up so we only took a short 8min break before we proceed towards Paris Ris. After crossing sun plaza park, we followed the canal all the way to pasir ris town. The whole stretch of canal was not sheltered from the sun. About 2km along the canal....Angie started to walked....looking a bit strained by the distance and the heat. Half of the group also started a slow walked with her as the rest went ahead to clear the road ahead. After about 2hrs 45min from Kovan, we finally reached our destination at pasir Ris Beach beside Downtown east. at PP ppp 100plus cheersshoes united We did a group warmdown stretches and took quite a number of pictures before we took a walk to TLV. TLVTL TLV was fully packed and we were drove to Changi Village for breakfast/Lunch. We met the runners from Brokie's demoralising run and had a small chat with them before they went off first. Most of us were quite hungry and drained that we had 2 rounds of delicious food and drinks....finally after filing our stomach, TLV sent everyone back to Kovan to carry on the day Special thanks to TL and lokun for providing and arranging for today's transportationa nd storage for the runners. And to the runners who came for the Run....Well Done and thanks for enduring the heat and discomfort along the way. Shoes: ASICS NIMBUS VII total distance: 16.5 Kilometers total run time: 2hrs 18min average pace: 8:22 min/km lap: 7.1km for 55:19min@7:47min/km 20min rest 5.2km for 43:11min@8:18min/km 8min rest 4.2km for 39:18min@9:21min/km timing include traffic light stops

NDP 2006 Preview

Somehow....i managed to get tickets to see the NDP preview this year at National Stadium...i felt honoured as this is the last time it will be held here....this is only the 2nd time i watch NDP live(preview). No much to say but The use of technology has indeed changed the way the performance and effects of the whole event compared to 10 years back. Here are some pictures and low quality movie clip I took for your pleasure viewing DSC00113 National Stadium... The last time NDP going to be hold here DSC00118 pre-parade performance....ballet in the air DSC00123 parade form up DSC00124 Trail left by the 5 fighter planes DSC00125 End of The grand finale

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The runner and the path...the morning run after party nite

I just finished this book called...The Runner and The Path This is a very meaning book as the author writes not about how to run, where to run and wat to wear for a run.....but rather....something he stated in his book below: "Life somtimes gets a little unruly. This book is a lot like life. I sat down, intending to write a celebration of the running experience. I wanted to capture the feelings of unfettered jog that came with creating a mountain, using your own power. I wanted to describe the sensation of liberation and relief that comes with the first few downhill strides that follow. I wanted to write about how running transforms lives, and provide an organising influence that helps and heals. And I wanted to talk about running as an art -- running not to get faster, but to slow down, running not to live longer, but to live more fully, running not to get away, but to come home. I wanted to capture the wit and wisdom of the people whom it's been my pleasure to run with. This book is about all of that, but it's something more......." Maybe someday down the road...i can also write a book for my own "running path" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After a small party last nite at the highest pub in Singapore (i think so.....), i still managed to wake up after only 4 hrs to sleep to meet R and J at MacRitchie for a short run. R wanted to try out his new NB907 trail shoes and I missed MR so much that i agreed to go his new shoes virgin run. And J was down with stomach flu days before...but agreed to run since she missed MR as much...hahaaa....we used to have a run at MR every sat without failed with several other running kakis last year....but due to injuries and illness and personal commitment, this did not last...... we arrived on early and found a school was having their X-country run....a big crowd at the lower carpark we decided to do only the trail part of 9.5km to avoid the cloud... J and I had a short chat while R was on his ipod....his music seems to go faster as he surge ahead of us for the first 4km...The air was fresh after the midnite rain and the trail before hitting SRCC clubhouse was very cooling.....we reached the ranger station and have a quite 2min water/toilet break and we zoom off again.... This time, it was J who has already warmup...going faster and faster while R stayed with my pace....his new trail shoes are holding up well so far....and we never see J again until the end point. After reached the MR25 TT route, the school students came walking along the trail...we got to slow down and keep shouting at them to give way....going at a comfortable pace, R and I ended the 9.5km at 1hr 4min including the 2min rest......took a quick changeup, we have a light round of snacks and 100plus at the hilltop cafeteria before we parted our ways....... hopefully, i will come down and cleans my lungs more often and get closer to mother nature.

Friday, July 28, 2006

A short Nite run

It was already 10.15pm when i finished getting ready for my nite run. I have failed once again to wake up early for a morning run before work.....unlike last year, i was able to wake up 2-3 times a week before work to do 2 rounds at bedok reservoir...but this reservoir, no beautiful sunrise to see, no motivation. I decided to do a short 6.5km loop round fernvale and buangkok area....not to go too fast throughout and try to maintain a comfortable pace....but recently..i find my running form dropping much and haywired throughout....running not as smooth as before...i was running like an elephant storming the road... skfvbk65km I was feeling some strain on certain part of lower legs muscles...maybe becos i walked too much at raffles city shopping arcade for 2 hrs after work just now. Did not ready pulled all out for the last 2km like what i normally did for this route....ended off feeling strong and healthy again... shoes: Adidas adizero SN total distance: 6.5km total time: 34:37min average pace: 5:20min/km lap: 2.9km for 16:13min@5:36min/km 1.6km for 08:29min@5:18min/km 2.0km for 09:54min@4:57min/km

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Discovering your heart

i was reading this book which i came across this paragraph which i thought is very meaning and was the author answering a question by his junior staff on how to pay attention to his heart, understand and discover oneself... His answer to the question is "Well, you like to run. A very practical place to start would be to go for a run all by yourself every day, with no company, no headphones, and no distractions. When youa re out there, ask yourself this question: What's most important to me, and why? When you get home, write down what came to you. Do this repeatly. try not tosuccumb to early deadline pressure to get your application in, and don't fall too much in love with your first answer. Keep asking the question. See wat you learn in the process. You might be very surprised by what you find. Things are never quite as they seem at first, at least not for me." i how wish..i have the discipline to run everyday all by myself everyday and ponder about this..... How about you?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lonely Run in BSP

Supposed to meet up some friends for was cancelled last min and i did not bring my running gear for CBD run. Actually thinking of running down to meet them again but i came out of office i decided to did my own lonely LSD around the area I decided to try out this loop around buangkok, sengkang and punggol.bsp17km My lower legs (side of calves) are still sore from last sunday mizuno run...i guess is due to the fact that when i run faster, my running technique in terms of foot pull and landing changes.....and i seldom do fast run a result, those muscles that i seldom use for my "new" running are straining quite badly.... but still, i am a mad and crazy runner....still head out for a long run in my Asics Nimbus VII.....the weather was good and cooling...this run was quite a good run in the sense, i was abt to control my pace well and managed to do a progressive pace to the the end of the run, i was still feeling fresh and not breathless...just my legs feeling heavy...... Overall...this is a much better route to run in the area because majority of the routes have light traffic or no traffic at all.....might use this route more often in future.....meanwhile...need to plan for this sunday LSD shoes:ASICS NIMBUS VII total distance: 16.6 Kilometers total time: 1hr 37min 25sec Average pace: 5:52 min / Kilometer lap time 3.6km for 21:33min@5:59min/km 4.0km for 23:42min@5:56min/km 4.5km for 26:07min@5:48min/km 2.3km for 13:20min@5:48min/km 2.2km for 12:41min@5:46min/km

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

Finally the day has first proper running event to take part in..woke up at 5.30am after only 4 hrs of sleep....fully geared in my Adi-red running attire...i jog down to IHM to meet up with KJ for a warm-up, wakeup jog to hougang mrt along hougang ave 4. Our timing was very right as we both reached the meeting point at the same time.....i ran a total of 26min for 3.1km from my house to the MRT. We reached Kovan mrt and started to meet some familiar faces.....walked towards kovan hub, my bowel started to move...something very irritating abt this run is there is no mobile toilet for use...runners have to searched high and low, queue and wait for toilet....and is the first time i see the gents having longer qeue than ladies. I parted with KJ and went up to the hawker toilet....there are abt 6 guys in front of me...i decided to go and register and get the goodie coupon before in search for the next.... after collecting, I went further down to kopitiam (i did cleared my bowel there last year)...and finally got into the restroom for was abt 7.20am and i rushed down to the starting line to meet up wioth the rest of the guys...this year seems to be well organised as there is a refreshment point just behind the start/end point with bananas, watermelons and water.... It was not long when the run was flagged off.....supposed to be for compeitive only, but most of the fun runners like me tagged along.....i was with a group of guys like balasing, tiwazz, alvo, yankee, Death??? lane of the road was closed but is still not wide enough for the was closed to walk pace at least for 0.5-1km.......after entering old tampines road, there are more spaces...myself, death???, alvo and yankee started the darting game....we overtook slower runners and squeezed between runners the 2.5km mark to seen pretty early....a waterpoint was setup there...but the one lane route was quite packed with runners...... Way before reaching the U-turn point, the returned runners are back...i was wearing shades and trying to make my way forward so i did not able to spot who were at the other side of the road. i lost alvo and death?? but yankee was by my side all these while... we reached the U-turned point . watch indicated about 26min....i took a sip at the half way waterpoint and rushed ahead....increased my speed a bit as the lane was clearer to run....saw charmane and cFred running together.....i past them and also saw superboy...i went ahead as cosmic-wind zoomed past me like a wind...tried to catch up with him but decided to maintain the current steady pace....i also met tekko who was nursing a knee injury and brokie..... death?? was with me as we came towards hougang ave 3...the traffic police stopped us suddenly and both of us pulled our emergency brake....i stopped but my phelgm started to rushed up my less than 10sec, the police rushed us to continue....i re-started fast and in last than 300m, i vomitted as the phelgm was choking my air passage.....momentum as lost, energy was "chi" went haywired as I regain my steps and pushed on with my willpower.....the final climb became a struggle....about 100m from the finishing line, i stopped and vomitted the pheglm again....regained my weaken body, i crossed the finishing line with my watch stopped at 52min exactly.... Not a comfortable run towards the end due to the emergancy stop...but i would said the organisation of this run has improved terms of logistic and water.....and the weather was superb....the cloud helped to shade us from the strong sun.....definitely a good run for speedsters for speeding..... luckily i signed up for fun run only...the goodie collection booth was cleared when i was back.....but the competitive was very very long... The goodie usual, we dun expect much but the very impressive mizuno event tee...the sportmag from last year sept issue and the rest are just 2 vouchers, WOS membership application form, VRP Bio-enregy test flyer and Mizuno coming season product informations. as usual...sgrunners gathered....this time....we have sotong car and TLV as storage vehicles....everyone was impressed with TLV capacity.....and it was a happy moment when everyone including old-timers and first-timer to the forum gathered and made new friends....managed to take a photo with the legendary i got to go find the photo and keep for souvenir....the group photo was bigger and better from last year...we gathered and went to this muslim coffeeshop for prata and drinks.....chit-chatting for quite a while majority of the runners part ways but a handful of us continued our little gathering at KFC for lunch and some other sharings.. well done everyone....!! now...lets look forward for the next big one...NBRR

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Adi-race set

My adidas race set for this year adiracesuit

HSP run to Bedok Reservoir

It is not easy to find running kaki to run...especially to run at nite...for a long distance of > 10km...but i was lucky and fortunate enough to have 7 other like-minded runners to accompany me back to my old running ground: Bedok Reservoir. kovanbr2107 I fixed at 8pm to meet at kovan MRT.....came out of office on time..but it was friday and the road was super jam...bus came very slow as it was stuck in the vehicle crowd.....a normal 30min journey home became an hour.....i was lucky to be home on time for the run reached kovan mrt at exactly 8pm...saw superboy....and slowly, the rest appeared...we ahve 8 runners:myself, teelee, superboy, kickjazz, junie, shutehelup and fatty bom bom from HSP...and cosmic_wind came all the way down from tanah merah. we started the run along the killer ending slopes of Mizuno wave run...i guess we are stil fresh so the slopes does not look threatening.....ran to lor ah soo before we turned to hougang ave 3......going southwards towards kaki bukit....tonite's weather was colling and windy ...which makes the run more comfortable.....i was leading the run and set a very slow pace...abt 8min/km......along the road...some construction site have made the run more challenging....but managable...... I led the group into kaki bukit industrial estate before we reached bedok reservoir road......we reached out destination in 59min....we took at 13min break...some went restroom, some went to get a drink from NTUC...we walked to the reservoir after that before we started our journey back The re-start after break feels good...when all our body, muscles and joints have loosen up...superboy and KJ was in front pushing up their speed..i amanged to stop their acceleration... taking almost the same road back to hougang ave 3.....becos of teh workers dormitory alogn teh way, we encountered quite a number of foreign workers cyclist along the pavement..... We reached hougang ave 3 and decided to tell the rest to continue to the old tamines road junction instead of going back the same way.....FBB started to walked due to his tired body...and superboy was kind enough to leave behind and walked with him back.......KJ started to accelerate...i guess she encountered a surge of endorphines....she started to kick faster and faster...not to let her running alone in front, i also pickup and follow her close by....teelee push up and keep telling up...speeding liao!!!....junie and shutehelup was having difficulty following teh pace........ we sped all the way until the old tampines road junction and stopped for the traffic lights.....told KJ...that's enough....we should slowed down and the rest except FBB and superboy caught up and we took a slower recovery run back to the start point.....we took about an hour for the 7.7km journry from BR. after FBB and superboy are back, we took TLV to hougang interchange for a fulfilling dinner ...joined by nemo who came with his yellow scorpion king cycling jersey and his "wife"...we parted way after a short usual..teelee was kind enough to send all of us back again......... that's guys and gers for the great run and company.....u have gave more life to my run below is my details...timing include traffic light waiting time shoes: NIKE air pegasus 2005 distance: 14.8km total run time:1hr 59min lap 7.1km for 59:25min@8:22min/km 13:18min rest 7.7km for 60:14min@7:49min/km

Friday, July 21, 2006

The calling of Mother of all local Running race the time of the year again when the mother of all local running event has called for the sons......this year registration has only 3 means: 1) Online 2) In person at the following locations: Singapore Athletics Association (Head Office)15 Stadium Road, Room1,National Stadium, South Entrance,Singapore 397718Operating Hours: 10:00 to 17:30Monday to Friday OR Singapore Athletics Association’s Centre of ExcellenceBukit Gombak Stadium800 Bukit Batok West Ave 5Singapore 659081Operating Hours: 10:00 to 17:30 Lunch Hour: 13:00 to 14:00 Monday to Friday 3) At the launch event today at raffles mrt park from 8am to 7pm I guess, I will do it online later (first day usually may have system problem) so unlike previous years, we can also register in person at standard chartered bank....which I thought this will relieve some load off the bank personels......remembered that to register last year, it took about 10-15min for the bank executives to process the application ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Look like...i got to start planning my runs again....looking back at my last year virgin marathon was all in a proper planning....just run mileage is so low..and i did thought i might have problem finishing it.....if not for the support of my running kakis and sgrunners.......last year was a terrible year for me...hit by bronchitis twice....once at the start of the year....the second for 2 months right before AHM.....which left me only 8-10 weeks of desperate training...... below is the calendar of my runs last year leading to my virgin marathon last year....u can see that i did a very slow AHM becos i have not recovered....can say that i only 100% healthy in only 2 months of marathon training....... click on it to see a larger version sepptember when i was still recovering: sep05 marathon training 05 Oct when I started running properly: oct05 marathon training 05 Nov when I was struggling for the 30km before tapering: nov05 marathon training 05 My weekly mileage chart for the 3 months weekly05 marathon training 05 allt he best to all friends who are running

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Running to the North

Have not been running and exercising for past 5 days…whole body feeling uneasy…received quite a number of sms last nite asking if I will be running….but I am nto free…why do this happened all the time? skys11km Anyway, decided to go for a run tonite….and suddenly decided to hit the north…try out the route again from jalan kayu to yishun stadium. Last year, my running gang did a yishun stadium to jalan kayu and back…..the stretch between seletar camp entrance and seletar reservoir dam was horrible…the street lights are not working and we are running in total darkness…. Reached home before 7pm…so try my luck and see if I can hit the dark part before sunset……so many days of no running left me run uncomfortably …everything of my form was not feeling right…..hit jalan kayu and the heavy vehicle fumes was unbearable……looking at the sun…I do not stand a chance to hit seletar before sunset… my surprise, the supposed to be dark stretch was brightly lighted…the street lamps are working!!!… I went and concentrate on my run…feeling weird, uneasy and my running was not smooth at all… on and reached seletar dam finally after fighting my life on the road with the cars….the route from seletar reservoir dam to end point is also not a smooth one…the pavement is quite dark as the trees has blocked the streetlamp ….fallen branches and leaves..i got to be careful not to trip over any….. Finally finished my run at the junction of yishun stadium….took a small walked over to seletar reservoir jetty for warmed down….the breeze was cooling and wonderful…I think it will be wonderful to be here in the morning…maybe one day, can organize one for HSP in the morning and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the reservoir and golf course. With my sweaty and smelly body, managed to catched a bus back to sengkang in front of the stadium…..…. Shoes: ASICS NIMBUS VII Total distance: 11.7km Total time:1hr 7min Average pace: 5:44min/km Lap details: 3.6km for 20:51min@5:48min/km 3.6km for 20:50min@5:47min/km 4.5km for 25:22min@5:38min/km

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Running with Haile Gebrselassie

Saw this hilarious clip on running with Ethiopian legend runner, Haile Gebrselassie.

This belongs to a series of clips which is supposed to be produced by one joker which got this another joker called Lee Evans to "train" with Olympics like Ian Thorpe and Haile Gebrselassie.

I thought this one is interested to share with everyone

Running in our modern world

Took quite a long break from running......time to reflect and re-organise i was reading this words from the book called "The Runner and the Path" which I find it very meaning to my running. Look around, We have all of these time-saving devices, yet nobody ever has enough time....
Running gives us solitude........
It takes a pointless activity, such as running in big circles for no other reason than running in big circles, to give usbackt he time to be with ourselves and fre our minds and spirits to do what they were made for. That's why a "meaningless" activities like running can hold more meaning than entire days spent at the office, negotiating "important" contracts and managing "important" sum of money. This has made me look back at my last i left my "big money" 10hrs/day job to find back my life......and i found my running life back Losing our way to "life" in this money spinning world

Saturday, July 15, 2006

SC Singapore Marathon mailer ARRIVED!!!

Just received my mailer from standard 20% off due to last year participation. heard that those who ran for past 3 years got 25% off....this is good as it will encourage more runners to do marathons...last year was 15%, which is the same as StandChart credit card discount.... Will register the first thing on 21st July for my 2nd attempt something is wrong i discovered....on the cover, it said "You finished 1409th"...but i finished 1200th place with 3609 finishers behind..... saw others also having this 1409 number for this weekend 4D? maybe someone can enlighten me how they got this magic number

IPPT gold attempt FAILED!!!

Richard Gere was kind enough to sign up for this morning IPPT with me...he want to check his improve due to recent interval training.... managed to wake up by 6am in the morning...trying to clear my bowels but failed.....i decided to take a train down to potong pasir and swtch to a bus down to i was walking to the busstop...shit...and shit is coming out...i dashed to the nearest petrol station (lucky there is one around) and bomb they came.....i missed my bus as a result of that...... got to reach camp at 7.30am....but Ric said he will be late due to his bus...lucky...i will also be late due to my bowels.....managed to reached the busstop at 7.04am...bus came and it took me only 25min to reach my destination....Ric was just a bus ahead of me we are actually quite late and was squeezed into the 2nd wave....the PTI was very lor soh lor...tok and tok and tok for 30min as the others are getting the station ready....The 1st wave was despatched off he called the 2nd wave in and did not repeat what he said...but i was shocked that he started to draw diagrams of footprints for flat-feet, neutral and high arch!!!...started to tok some concepts of shoes and started to ask us to change shoes every year....and he actually ask neutral foot to get the New Balance 380 and high arch for Brooks maximus....wrong suggestions....who cares...hahaa we got to wait quite a while for the 1st wave to finish before we start our static staions..we started with standing board first tried was 230cm..cannot believe shortest jump ever since sec one....i have aged...tried again but still the same....Ric got 225cm...same as 2nd try next came chin-up...i struggled and manged 11 which is full 5 points...ric tried his best and managed a 5....anyway, he already cleared his ippt...he just want to do the run shuttle run next...i ran with ric...he did 10.6s and i did great deprovement...i clocked 9.3s when i was sick last year....but heck..already 5 points for this last static station was situp.....once i started doing...shit..started to feel a bit cramp...i knew something is wrong....i push on and only managed a 33!!!! there goes my golden chance!!! missed by 3...must be stomach havent recovered from monday one island has failed me!!! we took a rest adn went for 2.4km..i already no mood to run already....Ric was still enthusiatic abt it...he startd behind me...i ask him to run faster and pass me so that i can pass his later...his last best timing was last clocked on the track on monday was 10:12min....looking at the route...seems like a bit short of 2.4km... i was the first batch to start in the wave....started very light and easy onmy legs..they just went rolling and burning the road....reached the 400m...1:26min..too fast....tried to slow down a bit and finished first 800m at 3:04min (target is <3:20min)....second round started to feel a bit strain but maintained my pace....suddenly came 2 guys sweeping my side....they are going fast and furious.....3rd 400m done in 1:36min ...still on i just pressed on...finish 2nd 800m at lots of i maintain and struggle with the same pace...never lost sight of he 1st and 2nd guys......charged thru the finished and done with 9:43min...last 800m at 3:20min...good run for the day...saw the front guys timing of 8:50min and 9:26min...... Ric came in later at 10:29min...a shaving of abt 10sec.....good run our recepit and i brought Ric to macpherson road for fmaous sinful Nam Ho big prawn mee before we went home to rest for tennis later....... too stomach spoilt the day

Friday, July 14, 2006

BR easy Run

tired, weak and lethagic for the whole day.....sleepy and reatless.....just fell like heading for the bed went back to Bedok Reservoir and decided to do an easy round for the evening....body still ache from mon and tues run..... a big crowd of pple jogging there every evening....saw some paratrooper jumping off C130 a the far the sun fell at the end of the hills....the sky got darker....finished my run at a time of abt 24min....tired and hungry...i headed home had a simple dinner and headed for the bed by 10pm it's friday.......and on Sat....i only think of my Babolat...hope there is no mold on it

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ultramarathon Man Runs 300 Miles

I was browsing the video for some running resources when i came across this: Dean Karnazes, author of ULTRAMARATHON MAN, astonishes James Michael Tyler as he describes his runs of 200+ miles to the South Pole (naked!), in Death Valley, and in the grueling Western States race.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sengkang > tanjong pagar: 16km adventure run

supposed to have something on after work...but appointment cancelled last minute.....i was lost of what to do and where to go....just like most pple who followed world cup...lost and confused. there is an early badminton session so everyone left too...managed to reached home by 7pm...i was measuring how to run to tanjong pagar in the shortest possible way the day i think and decide that, why not i give it a try tonite and meet up with the Sgrunners CBD run? i hook up my running attire and took out my nimbus....without much further thinking, i was out of the door by 7pm and started my run at 7:10pm sk2tjpg16km I ran down buangkok green and hit YCK road....the timing for first 2km was a bit fast.....waited for quite a while for traffic lights...i took a slower pace for the next thing is also the slopes along the way....the traffic was heavy...i reached serangoon central and turn right into upper serangoon road....along the way...stopped by a few traffic lights and have quite a good rest.... the road after the adjunied road junction was cleared of traffic....and the headwind was cooling to run in......reached the major confusing junction under PIE...i was struck at the traffic light for quite a while. reached kallang riverside park connector and finally....clear of vehicle fumes.....i decided to turn into another shorter way to lavander side thru the industrial area.....finally reach kallang riverside park...strain began to be felt when i hit Kallang sea sports club..i guess, the earlier pace was a bit too fast to last.....i struggled on and reach esplanade panting hard...... running along teh crowded shenton way was a torture....finally reach chinese conference hall as the end point and i vomitted some pleghm...i guess, i was pushing too hard for the last stretch... managed to meet up with the sgrunners at tanjong pagar mrt after a torturing 16km run....managed to hit an average of 6min/ was celebration of angelica birthday and i heard there are 3 birthday next birthday got 4??? i only managed to eat one choc cake for carbo replenishment....we headed for dinner before teelee..the "official driver" of HSP drove everyone of us home as usual.... shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII distance: 16.0km time taken: 1hr 36min average pace: 6min/km lap time 2.0km for 10:51min@5:26min/km 3.4km for 20:44min@6:06min/km 3.0km for 20:47min@6:56min/km 3.0km for 18:25min@6:08min/km 4.6km for 25:50min@5:37min/km

Monday, July 10, 2006

2.4km trial run

teelee and richard gere planned doing interval training at hougang stadium tonite...i decided to join them and do a 2.4km trial run formy upcoming ippt.......i arrived early and cleared my bowel before i changed to my running attire...teelee came aftr a warm up run from his house.... we decided to start first cos mr richard gere will be late...teelee started his 800m interval while i went for my 2 rounds warm up.......ric came after i finished my awrmup and i pulled him with me to help me to hold my legs for my situps...managed a decent 39 within a min.....then i went to struggle 8 chinups beofre i went for another toilet break before my run I have ben doing quite a bit of long distance and no speedwork...i knew i will have problem with my speed endurance for 2.4km...heck...i jsut want to clear the 10min do it, i need to clock faster than 1:40min for every of the 6 rounds.... i started with a conservative pace and manged to hit close to target....i tried to maintained but for after 3 rounds, i startd to feel the strain....i push on but just cannot go below the the end, managed to finish in 10:12min.....hopefully, i can just shave off the few seconds off during the actual test which will be held in the morning and in better run route (I hate tracks!!) before i finish my session, i chiong with ric for his last 800m interval lap....after a 10min rest, my legs felt light and i flew....finished the lap in 78sec...... distance: 2.4km time taken: 10:12min lap time 400m for 1:42min 400m for 1:45min 400m for 1:41min 400m for 1:40min 400m for 1:43min 400m for 1:39min

Saturday, July 08, 2006

HSP walk

i joined the HSP run at 7.30am meeting at punggol park. But started my run 90min before that. Woke up at 5:50min, i managed to pulled my lazy and sleeping body out of the door by 6.10am and start my morning run. hsprun090706 I started from ranjong LRT and ran along the LRT track for 5km until i reached Sengkang east way before i turned left towards Punggol Way. The morning was cooling and comfortable...i reached the junction after punggol MRT at about 6.50am and waited a while to meet up with gentle, who is going to make a special appearance for this morning HSP run. The route is shown in BLUE on the map. We ran down 3.8km towards punggol park along punggol road and reached just before the meeting time.....Junie Ah jie was the first to arrived and waiting to do warm up.....slowly, more and more runners started to come in and we have a record number of HSP runners this morning..we ahve 2 new comers staying at my areas and even have a few from other areas joining us.... The orignal plan was to run the mizuno wave run route but due to concerns by some runners, the route has changed...So the organiser decided to do a big loop round punggol as shown in RED on the the map. eventually, the big group was split into 2 group running fast in front and the 2nd group falling far behind....after abt 2-3km of jog, the back group started their long walk...FBB was still not fit and KJ was feeling bad abt her shin..i was also feeling a bit strain by the morning sun and teelee has exceeded his limit mileage this week. We did a long 2hrs walk along the 11km route and finished back at punggol park..This was more siong than a 10km run man.....some early runners have left and the rest of us proceed to kopitiam for a hearty breakfast...we parted ways and i escort 3 of them along the wayhome.......after a nice bath....i headed for my bed for 2hrs recuperation nap before i carry on my days..... cheers to the runners and walkers....another great HSP run this morning

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

PSH 15km

Decided to do a LSD although i have done a run with the CBD gang last nite....reached home earlier than before and i decided to do a PSH 15km. The route started in Sengkang going towards punggol from the west, run towards the east and exit back to sengkang running towards hougang before turning north along hougang ave 2 towards yio Chu kang road. left right and run towards buangkok green and run back to sengkang, ending at renjong LRT...this is what i called "PSH 15km" psh15k I had a difficult start. My legs felt heavy and i was landing like a big elephant...stomping the road. it took me longer and longer to get warmed up..maybe is due to the long hours sitting in front of the computer and my recent inconsistent running schedule. Running form has deteriorated and luckily my stamina is still able to last the whole run. After punggol MRT station, the legs began to get lighter...i decided to try turning into punggol road and follow the LRT line at the next junction. The road here is much better than my usual run at the other streeet which is full of traffic lights and vehicle fumes...the air is fresh due to the field and open land beside it....managed to maintain a almost 6min pace for first i enter sengkang, the body still feeling weak and restless...i tried my best keep my pace in i reached the 10km mark, the body more of less got lighter and warmed up. However, the last 5km route got more and more terrible as i was running beside heavy traffic roads.however, the route got more challenging as it consisted of slopes unlike the flat first 10km I dun really like this route as there are quite a number of traffic lights to cross. my 10th to 13rd km was disrupted by 3min wait time at 2 traffic lights.....about one and a half min was lost at my last 2km...The pedestrian path along this stretch of YCK road was dark as the road side lamp was sheltered by the large road side trees....some part of the path was quite abt 12.5km, i almost tripped over a tree trunk hidden in the dark, my right toes got a big knock against it...lucky i have changed my running style of lifting my ankles instead of bringing my feet forward, if not, the damages will be worst. reached buangkok green and decided to maintain the pace instead of the usual chionging up lopes...managed to finish in a time of about 1hrs 30min (minus away 4:30min of traffic light waiting time). Will take a 2 day break before joining the HSP for the Mizuno wave run route recce on sat morning shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance: 15.4 Kilometers total time: 1hr 34min 25sec average pace : 6:08 min/Kilometer lap 2.5km for 14:45min@5:54min/km 2.7km for 15:58min@5:55min/km 5.0km for 29:48min@5:58min/km 3.2km for 21:08min@6:36min/km 2.0km for 12:44min@6:22min/km

CBD run for the 3rd time

i joined CBD run for the 3rd time tonite....i was really impatience when the server was down for the 3rd time i left office without waiting for it to recover... cbd040706 i reached tanjong pagar mrt a bit earlier than before...met superboy, Tiwazz and DR at the was a small crowd when i arrived while we waited for others to come....i decided to do a light 6km with divery and maybe junie since i just recovered from over-heatiness...body still feel weak after no run for 8 days.... we expected >50 runners but the turnout did not reached that figure...but is still quite big to create a scene and make heads turn when we are crossing the traffic junctions Shul was following junie at a faster pace so i followed divery all the way to the pier....went for a short toilet break and we set off back to tanjong pagar....she was doing well and we went at a comfy pace till the chinese conference hall before i turned back to find the rest....i will meet up with the last man and follow them out... as i ran in....i saw the fast runners coming in....andy, rayner, nemo, charmane, about 1.6km, i met the main groups and the last i U-turned and follow them back for 1.6km... completed a nice run of about 9.2km with a total run tim of 59min 30sec.. another birthday celebration for our handsome andy....he had 2 cakes and we really finish both of them.....after chitchat, we went for makan at maxwell market before we parted...with teelee driving the HSP runners home.....

Monday, July 03, 2006

MILK Run 2006

I registered, I came, I run 1km, I walk 3km, I had 2 bananas and a connetto and I went home

Saturday, July 01, 2006

MILK Run goodie bag

Collected the MILK Run goodie pack and number tag...something for charity...the first run event for the year..... I have switched from competitive to Fun run..... time to buy 4D the problem i well to run this year?


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