Monday, May 28, 2007

Leg itchy run: SK BK AMK HG

Leg itchy since late afternoon...a run is inevitable this evening......waether is good...but i only left office at 6.30pm....journey home was i was takng out my water bottle pouch and pull the zip open......damn it! the zip came off!!! Look like it is time to retire it after 2 years of usage... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Still remember I blogged about it HERE 2 years back Got no choice but to go for a run without waterbottle....hopefully i am OK with that...need to run with controlled pace...i decided to head towards AMK and have my water break at AMK MRT It took me quite a while to warmed up...abt 3km into the run before i felt smoother...but this route sucks...too many long wait at traffic lights...many big junctions...i took about 1hrs 21min for the 12.6km..and i believe more than 10-15mins are spent waiting at the junctions...some are as long as was like doing, stop and break, run...but overall, it was a well paced speed regulator is working well today.


The Dream Runner said...

nice looking!
hope they do not take too much time to churn out..will try out MayMyRun when I have some time...

ST said...

I tried MapMyRun...Thumbs up.So much better than streetdirectory!


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