Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Office wallpaper: Haile G

haileg This has been on my office comp for >6mths.........

First CBD run of the year

I was on leave the day after flying back home..... After spending the whole day cleaning up my house and nuaing.....i decided to head down to tanjong pagar for CBD run. I reached early and saw bala playing with his handheld game. He brought me to this nearby toilet to change as the one in the MRT was under renovation. So i keep on stretching until every came and we started the run at about 7pm. Someone finally came with a car and we threw our barang barang into the booth Not very big crowd like in the past...i can only follow the back and do the 6km route....with SV and meteor with 2 other newcomers.....we are going at comfortable pace....but still a torture for me after been layoff and sick for 2 legs are feeling weak and breathing is hard once i reached the U-turn at the jetty i struggled to push on and just follow the 3 gals in front...not able to speak a single word..... as we hit the upslope going under ECP exiting marina south, i started to walked up with one of the new comer...... the rest has disappeared in front......the 2nd slope along ECP was also a walk before jogging slowing to reach the end point....completing 6km in legs are aching as i stretch and cool down afrer the run.....while waiting for the rest to return.... we had dinner at maxwell market before we head home separately finally a good start.....and a difficult one

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First sin of the year: The PUMA jalan jalan performance trainer

I was out of blogging action for quite a fact, i left Singapore last friday for holiday and came back last nite......Last Thursday, i managed to take a half day afternoon off from work to do some last minute shopping at Suntec for the trip...... I was walking and walking and as usual, i will go into WHY PAY MORE for a peep....they have been having closing down or renovation sales for months or even year...but true is that they have shrunk in size. I was browsing thru aimlessly when something caught my eyes....PUMA running shoes in the sale section...PUMA was one of the new brands that RSH brought in recently and last year, they started to have running shoes on the shelf.... This pair of blue running shoes caught my eye...i went around and i was shocked!! knocked my head against the wall and pulled my hair to make sure it was not a dream...the price was too low to be true for this pair!!!! it is cheaper even than my teva sandals!!! This is called PUMA complete Prevail IV....i went around searching for sizes and they are limited. The largest they got is US11....i thought size for me again as i was using US12 for asics nimbus and adizero...i decided to try since is free.....and it fits!!! nice spacing and so the sizing is larger than other brands.... i walked around and saw another pair of puma called PHASIS IV selling at $20 more.....i decided also to try the largest US11 and it fits....but this shoes is much stiffer than Prevail supposed to be neutral cushioned...i decided to try again at Prevai IV and found it to be much more comfortable...the forefoot cushioning was great! responsive and soft! propelsion is comfortable and smooth..... After walking around and give it a second, third, fourth thought...i decided to commit the first sin (as I was still too sick to start running).... PUMA box is red and my favourite color...too bad the shoes are not red: puma01 the right side with a few RED paper on it...usually, i will read them for fun and laughter, peace and joy: puma07 And I found this to be very interesting!! Much more interesting than other brands': puma04 What you should do after owning this shoes: puma05 I love this one...especially the activity this shoes are suitable for: puma06 Even the sizing chart ont he box is interesting, describing your size below the chart puma03 You can read the following reviews on this shoes: Zappos review Running times Review Running network review My legs are itching for a run now!!! puma02 I went down to RSH downstairs for another peep....saw this pair again on the shelf but is a different colour (maybe u can say is a better looking combination) and it was still selling at original price which is $100 more than what I paid!!! and it was labelled as casual shoes (for jalan jalan) least i felt much satisfied and felt a great sense of achievement at the end of today BTW, this pair cost $39.90

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Virgin needles poke!

Seems like my nose and throat gave way again....might be the weather which changes so rapidly....felt damn terrible this morning....i decided to visit my TCM sinseh She said can use needle to poke for temporary relieve to my nose block...but to solve the root cause of my nose, operation is definitely needed and she had patient who has successfully cleared of sinus for years.... i decided to give it a try and also curious to see how it feels to being poked by the tiny needles...... i was poked by 7 needles....2 on each legs.....hands on my tummy, one go to each goes on each side of my nose and last one between my eyes..... dunnoe for what reason....the one that goes on my left legs gave a very bad feeling...she came by to give some pressure after every 5min....she said few pple willing to try the manual method for the first time(there is another methd by using electric current)...hey! she din tell me there is another method!!! anyway, after about 30min, my arms are totally numb and no feeling and no blood nose was numb (it supposed to be) and my nose is cleared..... she said...maybe is my arm position blocking the blood flow...sometimes also because a person is weak....i assumed should be unfit since i was down for >7 weeks and counting...... another round of medicine...hopefully this time i will clear without relapses again wasted one more day doing nothing.......

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Running for socks

Received email from Running labs saying that today is the last 2nd thurs that we can buy socks at half price....... leg itchy and pocket i decided to bring my running gear to work.... after lunch..rain started to set was getting heavier and someone even commented that it was DOOMs day in CBD...hmmmmm seems sky was claered at my side...i decided to call up RL and checked if the run is cancelled, whether i can still buy socks at was positive.... Boss called my colleague into his office at 6pm sharp.....i decided to head for the door and make my way down to was clear.... I was the first to reached and saw sebestian running on the threadmill trying out a Asics racer.....signed up and got hold of my injinji FINALLY at half price DSC00159_filtered runners started to pour in......tekko, IMD, cokiee, SV, swoop, eddie........we have quite a number today....but the speed monsters din come started at the usual place for warm-up.....i startd at the back with Tekko, his wife and Ms U, running towards esplanade.....I decided to just follow the distance they do.... there was a lot of diversions due to flooded underpass and construction....we reached the second Sheares bridge at about 21min...hmmm....we U-turned and make our way back....running at slow comfortable pace, we chatted all the way from start to end....reached back at the startpoint after 45min...estimated we should cover abt 6-6.5km...... After cool down, we went for makan at the usual stingray place before the rain came and went home....thanks tekko for sending me back to SK here is the marketing video for injinji: try it out straight away when i reached home.....feel like gong for another run....but my legs muscles are aching away.......

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SCM 2006 cert received!

finally got my SCM 2006 cert today....last year need to sent 3 emails over a month before i got them......lazy to scan..lazy to blog havent run...getting pui pui liao

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Soon soon....very soon

I have not been last was a whinning one a week ago....i guess no running cos some laziness things to blog also lazy to do it.... anyway, i should be wearing my running shoes soon...hopefully very soon....before they fall apart I have been window shopping online and also at shops....thinking what to buy for this year....have some target on mind....hopefully my pocket allows..... this year running might be different from the last...trying u something new will update....soon My fitness is real zero.....if i have a chance to measure my pulse, i will do it...when i was doing it months back in Oct....i can easily get 55-60 easily.....but now...everytime is > heart is working too hard everyday liao

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wasted trip

come all the way back to office and found the network is down...... cannot i going gai gai..... no mood to work....everything is working got mood to down and cannot work what a good first sat of 2007 i have.....8-P

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Visit to Singapore History Museum

This is not a running related post but since i have not been running and will not run in the near future, i might blog about other stuff to keep this blog alive..... It was on the second day of 2007 that I visited the newly open Singapore History Museum in the afternoon. Saw a lambo parked outside: musuem04 The roof: musuem07 The first thing as I stepped in is the 3D drawing created by some oversea painter: musuem14 First time step in, dunnoe what to expect and dunnoe what to see, headed straight to the visitor information counter..... There are 3 exhibits ongoing: The special exhibit on Maria Theresia and 2 permanent exhibits on Singapore history and living museum. So decided just to visit all 3 since i seldom come to this type of place. Paid $15 for all. Was told to go 2nd level and explored a bit and saw this female version of merlion: musuem15 went to the back and saw some very nice lights: musuem13 decided to head down to basement for the special exhibits on Maria Theresia photography allow so no photos...took an hour plus to finish browsing...very interesting stuff tired and hungry and decided to head for this small corner for viennese coffee and apple strudel: musuem09 decided to head back to second floor and go for the Singapore History Museum...very interesting way of browsing using a personal mobile device to do a audio presentation...unfortunately, due to huge amount of info and exhibits, we are unable to finish all the exhibits before closing time at 6pm...i guess next time we need to spare at least 3hrs in here to finish this part..... we back to second to see the living gallery and saw this: The renovation integrated the old museum structure with modern architecture design: musuem12 Left after visiting the living museum which consisted of fashion, food, photography and film sections. The museum is beautiful at night musuem21 musuem23 musuem22 A place worth visitng for students and those interested in Singapore history....ther are quite a number of stuff which we do not know and will never know unless we visit here....

2006 --> 2007

I know this is late....very late...everyone has pen their past and the future I am not someone so organised....i am messy and lost in this world But all I can said in 2006: 1. did not meet my objective of keeping my health well for the rest of the year --> screwed up very last month 2. did not complete my 8th round of MR on new yr fact...did not complete even one round 3. GREATEST regret is not running ultraMarathon on new year eve 4. GREATEST achievement is to run my marathon this year slower than others..... "It is tough to run faster than your ability PHYSICALLY but It is tough to run slower than your ability MENTALLY" 5. Got 4 new running shoes in this year which only 2 are usable 6. Got quite a number of socks this year which none has achieved what i want yet 7. Got to know more makan, blogging and running friends 8. shifted to the N-E from the beautiful Reservoir 9. achieved 10 months of illness free 10. ran marathon for charity NOW for 2007: 1. get well soon and dun get sick for rest of the year 2. do my 8th round at MR on the last sunday of the year 3. get an injinji socks 4. get a new trail shoes 5. buy only one more pair of new running shoes 6. run more at MR ......................................

Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year! A new Run!

Happy New year to All!! Went to ultramarathon yesterday and discovered this potential ultra dog!!! Ultramarathon dog Anyway, first thing i woke up this morning....i decided to hook up my running gear and kick off the year with a run.....still suffering from cough and phelgm, i did a slow 2km round buangkok mrt loop...after which i head to the fitness station to do some arm exercise before charging up 15 storeys of stairs home bk2kmloop Aplogise for not being updating my blog as I was really too busy with my work recently


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