Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Official timing for New Balance REAL Run 2005

The Official Results are out and here is my: Plts => 1741 Bib => MO0516 StartTime => 8:47:25 5km CheckPt => 0:30:23 NetTime => 1:04:59 GunTime => 1:10:47 I would say very good!! complete and not compete!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Balance REAL Run 2005

I know I am a bit late to blog about this as I was quite busy for the past few days. This is my 2nd Running event of this year. Not a fruitful one in terms of performance which I do not care. Maybe next time I should call this Taz's run for bonchitis!! The reason is last year I ran REAL Run 3 weeks after I recovered from Bonchitis and this year I ran when I have not fully recovered from Bonchitis! Hopefully, I can run with no illness next year. As I have not recovered, I decided to see how much I can tahan without stopping, I decided to run with my RED Adidas Water bottle as I know I will need water anything along the way. I tumpang The LonelyRunner's car that morning to Sentosa and we arrived at about 7.15am. Lucky to managed and find a parking space at the visitor centre. But to my Surprised, My friend even more Kiasu cos she was there at abt 7am! RESPECT! Anyway, we waited until about 8.30am before we moved over to the startpoint as one of our friend arrived late. We walked over to the start point and blur blur look look, there goes the starting horn....we were lost what is it as we just follow the crowd towards the starting line and started our run....i expect to pace this run easy on me compared to the last due to my condition...I hope to follow my friend to the end so we paced each other along the way. The first 5km was on the road and was easy on us. The only thing was the crowd as per normal running events, we overtook a lot of people who are just jogging or strolling. We hit 5km at about 30min which is very good and comfortable. Started on the first stretch on the sand. I was feeling great...I guess because we conserved our energy during the first half of the run. My friend felt leg jelly after the end of the first sand stretch so we slowed down for recovery. The second stretch of sand came and I was still feeling OK with the sand... This year seems to be much easier than last year. Anyway, the sand was cut by half compared to last year so the rest of the route are quite simple and direct. However, once we started to get into the jungle after RASA Sentosa, I began to feel my legs weakening, may be due to the upslope.....after crossing 9km, I really really cannot take it as I cannot purge out my phelgm....I let go of my friend and I stopped to clear my throat before carry on the rest of the 1km finish.

I sprinted to the finish and vomitted after the finishing line......but i felt great after vomitting.

I went over to collect my goodie bag and to my surprised! No crowd or long queue, this year organisation has improved so much...GOt a L size which is actually a bit big for me...but due to my large frame...i still look OK with it except a bit baggy....

After that went over to Harbourfront food court with 7 other friends and have a good chat.....and for the rest of the week for my IPPT this sat and Mizuno Wave Run this Sunday..

Want to see some photos? Look Here

Cheers........Run with your hearts and not your legs

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A new era in StandChart Marathon?

Saw this news from the Standard Chartered Marathon website : "ADIDAS ANNOUNCED AS CO-SPONSOR OF STANDARD CHARTERED SINGAPORE MARATHON 2005 Event organisers, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and SAAA (SAAA) today announced that they have reached an agreement with adidas to be the co-sponsor for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2005. The three year deal, the biggest financial commitment by adidas to a local sporting event, firmly demonstrates adidas’long-term commitment to the development of running as a key sport in Singapore. " Important extracts for participants from this news: "adidas’ co-sponsorship of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2005 also offers all participants the possibility to access the footscanTM service which enables runners to analyze their feet and running style to choose the best footwear to facilitate a performance enhancing training. adidas will be offering its foot scan at selected Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon roadshows, all running clinics and the adidas store at Suntec City. " "In addition, as part of the co-sponsorship deal, adidas will also offer a one-time 20% discount on all adidas running products for the estimated 18,000 participants who successfully register for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2005. This can be redeemed at any time between now and 4 December. All participants who successfully complete the full 42km will also receive an official finishers T-Shirt from adidas." It is a good news for all Adidas fan who took part in this year marathon....... I guess I will have to wear my Full Red Adidas Running Attire for this Marathon!!! Cheers...............

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Balance REAL Run Prelude

Went to collect the Race Pack for New Balance REAL Run yesterday morning. Before that, I also met up with 5 more friends and 3 of them used my credit card to get the 15% discount for StandChart Marathon registration. After that, we went over to WOS and 3 of them went to sign up for Mizuno Wave Run. Quite impressed by the DryScience Material we are getting from this year Wave Run. After the REAL Run Prelude, we went to Safra for one of my friend to sign up the Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon. We saw this year event Tee for AHM and I was SHOCKED!! They actually used last year Logo again? Few months back, they send an email saying that they are having a competition for us to design this year Event Tee. So where are all the designs? Anyway, what the heck! $12 for a Dri-fit Tee...Damn cheap already! Back to the Race Pack Collection, My number this year is M0516 As usual, the race pack only consists of the number tag and also the race chip. Quite a good Prelude, New Balance setup a big booth to promote their shoes M754. They are also offering 50% on their products. At scheduled time, they also offered free podiatry consultation for participants. I got the a pair of New Balance Coolmax Socks. It came with a pack of 2 selling at $10 so I got 1 pair and my friend got the other. This looks similar to the mini-quarter one I having currently but it is actually thinner, and this time, it is a quarter. Another interesting popular booth is POLAR. They are promoting their multi-function high-tech watches. They also launching their new model there. They also offer fitness, lactose treshold and VO2 MAX level analysis. Very good Prelude I would said........Hope the coming SHR&AHM race expo will be better... Cheers......................

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Runner's World Feb 05 issue

Also managed to get from Bedok national Library this time is also the Feb 05 issue of Runner's World. Some articles will be really attractive to runners who are keen to improve their timings. Yes, they are the above 3 articles on Training using stairs climbing, Hill Running and also building core muscles for Running. There is also a special story on New York Marathon: That's all for the brief coverage from me. You can try your luck in other national library branches or wait for me to return it to bedok in 3 weeks time. Cheers.................I read to get inspired, I run to be happy

Runner's World Sept 05 issue

Yes Baby!!! This latest issue of Runner's World is in my hand now! So you might wonder what so special about this. The special thing is I did not buy it, I got it borrowed from Bedok National Library!!! I must say our national libraries are not bad. They actual got updated magazines from the store. Anyway, I was feeling bored after about 3 weeks of no running. Virus and bacteria are still fighting in my body.To get back some inspiration, I decided to visit the library to try my luck and see if i can get any interesting magazines or books...and to my surprise, I got THIS!!! Anyway, back to the magazine in my hands, just had a flip thru and saw some interesting stuff...... How to get Easy energy from our daily food The New Training Model And also Running Shoes reviews which can be found at Runner's World online HERE. Anyway, I am not going to elaborate more details....If you are interested, either you buy it or wait for me to return to the library in 3 weeks time. I also managed to borrow the Feb 05 issue of Runner's World at the same time. Refer to next blog entry. Cheers.................Run Happy

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Running a marathon? Read This


  1. Keep to you normal balanced meals the days prior to the race. Protein, carbo-hydrate & fat are all necessary for a balanced metabolism in the marathon race.
  2. Eat up to 8oz. of honey supplementary to your normal meals the two days prior to the race.
  3. Finish eating about three hours before the start.
  4. Eat a light breakfast preferably of cereals, honey and toast with tea or coffee.
  5. Have good fitting clothes and shoes that will not chafe and are suitable for the conditions on the day.
  6. Use lubricant (olive oil, lanolin) under arms and crotch.
  7. When putting on your shoes, force your heels hard into the backs of the shoes before lacing firmly, but not to tight. To stop foot movement inside the shoes that leads to blistering.
  8. Do not run much before the start. Save your energy.
  9. Stretch and loosen a little.
  10. Start well within your capabilities and warm up to the run as you go. Hold yourself in check. It will pay off later.
  11. Do not exaggerate your knee lift. From the start, try to relax and not lift the knees higher than necessary to save the muscles lift the legs.
  12. Ignore the other runners. Run at efforts that suit you.
  13. Prepare electrolyte drinks for a hot day. Make the mixture weaker than directed. Add some honey.
  14. Do not take salt tablets.
  15. Drink water and electrolyte drinks throughout the race on a hot day. A glass just prior to the start can help.
  16. Keep your body wet. Sponging is the best insurance against dehydration and high body temperatures.
  17. Do not surge in the race and waste energy.
  18. Do not use anti-perspirants.

Extracted from This article is from Arthur Lydiard's Athletic Training by Arthur Lydiard, A Guide to the Brooks / American Track & Field, Lydiard Running Lecture Tour in 1999

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Digital Camera is back!!!

My Digital Camera also gave up on me when I sicked. Sent for repair and just got it back this afternoon. Paid $63 for a change of the faulty CCD sensor. I have added 2 photos in my previous entries: Mizuno Wave Run History of my running shoe Cheers...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

No Running

I have not been running for the past 2 weeks. TO friends in Sgrunners, you might be wondering why I have been quite quiet in topics regarding training runs, practise runs....... The reason is I fighting a terrorist war with the virus and bacteria..... This is an old war....the 3th time for the past one year..... 1st war - may-Aug 04 2nd war - Dec 04 - jan 05 3rd war - Aug 05-............ I need to win soon..... Not because I will be going for New Balance Real Run on 28 Aug Not because I will be going for Mizuno Run on 4 Sept Not because I will be going for Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon on 11 Sept Not becasue I will be going for Terry Fox Run on 18 Sept Because I need to clear my IPPT by 5 Sept!!! I first fixed it on 6 Aug......the war started...I postponed it to 20 Aug...the war is going on now and I got only 6 more days.......... The plan is to finish the war by end of this week Postpone IPPT to 27 Aug....if I can only managed a passed....I will take again on 3 sept to try and get some more $$$. Cheers...............I am down but not out!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Running Gear V: My Running Watch

A running watch is one of the more important equipment to a runner. It helps a runner to know how long they ran. The most basic functions used is the stopwatch for time recording. Currently in the market, they range from simple electronic watch with just stopwatch function to pacer, high tech Heart Rate Monitors, Distance measurement, GPS, calories calculator,...etc etc etc. #################################### When i first started running a year ago, I only use a very simple casio watch that costs $15, the F-91W shown on the left. It was until I started to reach the distance of more than 10km, running more than an hour that i realised this watch is not enough. For a simple reason, it can only measure time up to 59min 59sec. I went NIKE REAL Run last year running more than an hour and also Army Half Marathon running more than 2hrs. This watch is simply not enough!! ##################################### I decided to look around for a more decent watch for running with the only criteria that the stopwatch can measure for at least 10hrs. Some target was found, example like Timex ironman series but I found the price too high for my budget, basic cheapest is around $100 with 30 lap memory. Searched around for a few weeks until I finally found this PHY series from Casio, which is specially for sports. Looking at the Specs from the Casio website. It was simply incredible for a price of $45. Furthermore, this is a low power 10 year battery life watch!! The stopwatch can measure up to 99hrs 59min 59sec!! It has a 60 lap memory with training log of maximun 61 records (depends on number of lap memories used per run. Other functions which i do not use include pacer signal, distance measurement using stride length, dual time, auto light, 5 alarms. A good buy indeed!! Cheers...........................Timing is a secondary factor in my running. I only keep time for my training log and to monitor the time for me to stop and go to work during my morning run.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

History of my Running Shoes

Someone posted an interesting post in Sgrunner's forum : "What was your first pair of running shoes?" This triggered me to think back all the running shoes I have wore. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NIKE Air Huarache I think remember my very first proper running shoes was NIKE Air Huarrache. At that time, this was considered one of the most advanced hi-tech shoe. It was also one of the first in the market with mono-tougue, which enable user to slipped-on like a socks (actually best for triathlon transition). My first buy was of the wrong size. UnFortunately or rather fortunately, I lost it within a month and I emptied my piggy bank and got myself a 2nd pair with the right size. This shoe lasted me 3 years of running and 2 more years of kayaking, camping and other misc activities. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NIKE Air Max Triax This is the most disappointed running shoe that I brought. The exposed air for my left feet went flat after 3-4mth of usage. My right went flat also few months later. My mileage at that time was not as much as now as I was then a middle distance runner. From then on, I never take a second look at Nike shoe with exposed Air cushion. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ASICS Gel 123 This was one of my all time favourite. The cushioning is superb. I have it with me for about 4-5 years. Its a pity I cannot get a picture of this shoe But something unique is that the nunber "123" is printed on the midsole at the outer heel side. If I am not wrong, this was one of the Runner's World shoe of the year at that era. The one you see in the photo here is not the actual colour I have, this is the closest I can find from the web. My Shoe was Navy Blue in colour. If anyone got the photo of it, please inform me. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ASICS GEl ?? (mono-tougue) Cannot remember and din bother at time to check what model is this. But my friend told me that this is ASICS one and only model with the mono-tougue. When I saw this, It reminded me of my mono-tougued NIKE Air Huarache. Plus this is ASICS so I got it without much thinking. Lasted me for 2-3 years before I retired it for water sports and got my next shoe. If anyone can remember this ASICS model with mono-tougue, please inform me. I cannot find any old ASICS shoes data on the web. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NIKE Air Huarache

Yes, the first question you would ask when You see this Photo is "Isn't this the same as your first shoe?" Indeed, This is exactly the same model as the first Nike Air Huarache. I got this exactly 10 years After I got my first one.

I was looking for a running shoe at Jurong Point Sportslink one day when I was shocked to see this on the shelf selling for $40!!! More than 50% less than my first pair (though this colour really sucks). Without thinking, I pickup my size and went for the cashier. The feeling is exactly the same but the make is definitely worse off than old model. It got wore out faster, I used it for about 1-2 years and stopped for some reason. After 6 mths of no wearing, the rubber/silicon support for the heel just dried up and broke. I used this for water sports after that.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fila Racer Plus Mesh

Got this shoe out of desperation for Adventure Quest 2003. I got no proper shoe for the race and decided to get a cheap light running shoe. Could not find a proper one and end up choosing this very light racer with very firm or no cushion.

Used this to run NIKE Real Run at Sentosa and kana leg pain for a week.

This shoe is still around and I wonder when I will bring it out for a run again.


Cheers......"A small investment in a proper shoe will keep your feet happy"

Friday, August 05, 2005

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2005

I have my first step to run my 1st Full Marathon this year. I have registered today!!! Cheers.............the limit to complete a marathon is not your body, its your brain, your mind.

Mizuno Wave Run 2005


Today is the first day of registration and I am the Kiasu one. I have registered at Toa Payoh World of Sports during lunch. My tag no is 1401.

I guess i am the first one to register there. 10km competitive for Men is $15. This year route is the same as last year. Got 3 water points compared to last year 1. This year event Tee is Mizuno DryScience tee which costed $39.90. (Wah! don't run also can. Take it as buying the t-shirt at 60% discount) ****************************************************** Last year: Terrible race. Quite badly organised. Can see that they are first timer in organising this events. No restroom available and we got to squeeze at the small hawker centre toilets. Water points are poorly manned as not enough manpower to open the bottles, we runners have to do it ourselves. Worst of all, there is no control of the traffic. I pity the 2 traffic policemen trying to calm the traffic down at junctions. Anyway, hopefully all these can improve this year. Terrible run also, I did quite badly last year mainly because I was quite busy with my job. Din train properly, started too fast and kana stitches at half way point so i was jogging and walking after 5km...but was quite surprised i can still come in below an hour......i think is about 58min. Hopefully, this year will do better....... Cheers................Run Forest Run.......


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