Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sgrunners' Run: East Coast Half Marathon

This morning, when everyone was still in bed, some of the Sgrunners made out way to the East Coast park for our 2nd gathering. This time, we targetted to run half Marathon (21km) end to end at east coast. The Route: 1. Starts at lifeguard house near MacD running towards Ford Road End (3km) 2. U-turn and run in the east direction until the entrance of the National Service Country Club and Resort (10.5km) 3. U-turn and back West towards out start point (7.5km) Before the Run: LonelyRunner was kindly enough this morning to pickup Carine, Balasing and myself at Bedok MRT and drive us down to East Coast. We arrived at about 7.10am. We waited and came penguin on his IRONHORSE and also BrokenRunner. Kay arrived last and we proceeded with a slow run towards Ford Road End. The Run:

<= The one who started except LonelyRunner who is taking this picture.

We started with a good slow comfortable chit-chat pace towards Ford Road, U-turn and back to where we started. Penguin decided do her transition to bike and left us after about 6km.

The weather was very good this morning as we continue Eastwards. Balasing decided to loop at the lagoon and U-turn back to MacD first. We were left with 5. Kay was doing well today although he did a 9.5km macritchie trail run the morning before. After Bedok jetty, he decided to left us.

We reached near carpark F2 before gentle greeted us and joind us towards the east end. We reached the sailing centre at a very comfortable pace and started to venture into new running path. The new running path is very scenery but a bit of hot at this time as the Sun finally came out of the clouds and the trees along the way could not shelter us from the Sun energy.

As we were running happily beside the golf course, we were surprised to see penguin waiting for us along the way:

<= penguin and her IRONHORSE waiting for us.

Penguin followed us behind (safety escort) from this point onwards. We reached our U-turn point comfortably but I started to feel a bit of strain (probably due to my last 2 days runs). Also started to feel the stress from the sun heat, I started to drink more frequently from here.

Before we reached lagoon food centre, gentle left the 4 of us running and penguin on her IRONHORSE.

<= left to right: Myself, gentle, Broken Runner and Carine. LonelyRunner shooting this photo and Penguin escorting behind.

After gentle left us, Kay was running just in front of us and we joined up again at the Lagoon and continued towards the end point at a steady pace.

4 of us finally finished up our half marathon after about 2hrs 12min. A very good timing considered we were chitchatting for the first 2/3 of the run. For the rest of the runners who joined and did not run the full distance with us, it is a great achievement as well. The most important is to enjoy the ourselves......Good job guys!! and also the 3 ladies!!

<= After the Run before we proceeded to MacD for our "evil" breakfast.

<= This one with our mobile photographer, TLR on the extreme right

After the Run:

We went to MacD again!! Yes, to replenish our energy loss before we headed home for the rest of the sunny Sunday.

Cheers............"The most difficult thing for a morning runner is to get our ass out of our bed. But once you step out of the door, your morning run is half done."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

In the past: Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon

I was searching for some old document and came across this certification of participation from the old days of Army Half Marathon in 1997: I decided to put up here as a record. Yes...I believe from my living memory that this should be the first Half Marathon I took part in my Half. 1997...Hmm I was still in the army and was forced to join because is organised by the Army for the Army. (At that time this is a separate event with Sheares Bridge Run) If I can remember, the route started from National Stadium West entrance and end at the same place. A terrible run for me...Never Run Half marathon before and don't know how to pace myself (I was quite fit at that time)...I hit the wall at about 16km along Nicoll Highway.....basically walked and jog till the end....Timing? cannot remember clearly...I think is > 2hr 30min.....from then on...I never like to run long distance....... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I decided to dig my certs.....and found this: It was year 2000 when I took part in the combined first Sheares Bridge Run Cum Army Half Marathon. Because of the bad experience for my first Half Marathon in 1997, I only took part in the 10km. If I am not wrong (correct me anyone) this run started at Marina South and ended in Padang. I still remember is a traffic nightmare at Suntec area where there is no road closure and everyone was running in between the vehicles...the poor drivers has to be stucked in the road for hours. Cannot remember my time...basically walked for the last 2 km due to the traffic jam along Nicoll Highway near Suntec. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2001, SBR & AHM 10th anniversary....I remembered I took part Half marathon fun run, basically run and walk all the way.....The run started at marina south and end at National Stadium West Entrance.....Cannot remember the time....can only remember I brought a reebok cotton singlet with the SBR&AHM 10th anniversary logo on it (still wearing it to sleep) because I did not bring extra clothing to change. Certification of participation LOST!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SBR&AHM 2004, On this day, I ran the longest distance ever without stopping or walking. Not in very good physical condition actually. Just recovered from 3 months bonchitis 2 months before the run. Went for IPPT 2 weeks after I recovered. Went for Nike REAL Run 2004 about a month before this run. The longest distance I ran before this half marathon is 10km. So I decided to follow a friend of my who is quite slow at the start (6:30min/km pace). After 3km, I feeling good and decided to pickup my pace. I did about 10km of 5:15-5:30 min/km pace and start to feel the strain after about 15km. BANG!! I hit the wall on my 19-20km. I clocked 9min/km till I recovered at about 20km and finished my first ever non-stop running half marathon in 2hrs 07min..... A wonderful achievement for me....and from there onwards...long distance running has become part of my life. Cheers.................Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome. ~ Arthur Ashe

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Running Logs

If you Run, Do you keep a record? Many people will think "just run lar, record for wat?". Whether you are running for fitness, for health or for personal achievement, logging your run can be one of your most important part of your running life. I run for fitness and enjoyment. Jeff Galloway has a good article on training log in Runner's World. The training log described in the article is very details which include even your feeling, morning heart rate, goals, details of terrain, weather condition........ So why log? Here are a couple of reasons why I log (may not apply to everyone): 1. To checkout my shoe mileage and see how long I took to retire one shoe. (check shoe durability) 2. Motivation - It is always motivated to look back and see improvement in your timings for the same route. 3. Defensive plan- To check my mileage or intensity constantly and plan to backoff if needed for the next run. 4. Check out mistakes - To check out any mistakes made during my runs that might be the cause of injuries or overtraining or fitness breakdown. Where I keep my logs? I keep them on the web at 2 free web-based running log. Why 2? Because I kiasu!! And also because these 2 running logs has different features which I will use. - This is my first running log I used on the web. This is UK based and named "The Best Site for Training Logs" by the UK version of Runner's World. (Jan. 2002, pg. 53). The Running log has a simple layout but full of useful features like graphing your mileage, statistics on your past and future mileage, pace and also allows detailed information of your run to be recorded. - Although I am not a fan of Nike Running Shoes NOW, but I like this more "high-tech" looking free running log. The layout and GUI is very pro and easy to use. It allows a whole of information for users to enter. The feature I like most is the graphing function which allows users to plot statistics like distance total vs time, pace vs distance. Users can also do filtering on the data for graphings like plot for certain routes, training runs or races only. This running log actually advised you to change your shoe when it exceeded the recommended mileage (should be for Nike Running Shoes). Too bad, My is an Asics, still in good running condition and has already exceed the recommended mileage for Nike shoes by about 196km today. Read the screen capture below for my last log:

Cheers............Run like Forrest Gump 8-)

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Balance REAL Run 2005 Preview

I have registered for New Balance REAL Run 2005. This is my second joining REAL Run. Few major changes from Last Year: 1. NIKE REAL Run -> New Balance REAL Run 2. ~3km sand -> 1.6km sand 3. more expensive +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yesterday morning, I decided to try out the route for this year. I went down with 2 friends and met up with the runners from Sgrunners. As per previous REAL Run, we get to try new shoes from the sponsor (New Balance). Lazy clean my sandy shoe as per last year, I decided to try out one of the new shoes which I have been exploring on the web: New Balance M754. This shoe is a editor's choice from Runner's world. So I dun expect to face any problem during my run. <= putting on the new trial shoe The Run started out on time at about 8am. I decided to pace my friend with a moderate pace as this is the first time my friend ran on this route especially the sand part. We hit 5km at about 30:39, which is a very good 6min/km pace. My friend did struggled with the sand for the start but was able to get better as we run along. Today's running condition is too perfect: cool weather, high clouds with no Sun, clear sand, low tide. Maybe we are running a bit faster than what we usually did at macritchie, my friend started to struggle mentally after the sand portion. However, we managed to complete the route in exactly an hour which is a very very good timing as we are able to stay consistent 6min/km for 10km.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The sand is too perfect for a run on the beach today. I came back with a very clean new shoes. Some thoughts on the shoes I tried:

  1. The knotty lace is very interesting. I think it helps to prevent knots from coming off.
  2. The upper mesh is very nice.
  3. The weight is OK.
  4. Surprisingly, I only need to run abt 1km to break-in.
  5. As I am not a heel-striker but a midfoot runner, The forefoot cushioning is more important to me than the heel cushioning. The forefoot cusioning is a bit too firm for me (mentioned in Runner's world review). Not so flexible in front compared to my ASICS CUMULUS VI.
  6. The transition from landing to toes off is not as smooth as my ASICS

I guess I will stick to my old ASICS for now +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After the run, we did a quick washup and meetup with the Sgrunners at Harbourfront MacD. The table we sitting are too long and we are sitting at on end of the table. We are able to only interact with the people at our side. However, we need to leave the gathering for queensway, we did not managed to mix around more with the rest, especially TLR, Fd, DO, penguin, brokenrunner, cyberkinetic, Renohtaram, balasing etc time perhaps Cheers.........Run forever

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Registered: Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 2005

I have registered for Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 2005 on 21 July 2005 at Toa Payoh SAFRA. Category: Men's Open 12km Competitive Last Year: Tag No : A502 Attire : Adidas Red 3 strips (Attire 2) Shoes : ASICS Cumulus VI Result: Official - 2 hrs 07 min ; Handtimed - 2 hrs 04 min Target this year: 1 hrs 50 min

Running Gear IV: My Hydration pack

Hydration during runs especially long runs more than 5km(for me) is very important. Singapore is a very hot and humid country so we tends to sweat a lot. Drinking during runs not only replace the water loss thru sweat, and also for the body to regular our temperature. Especially during hot days when the sun is over your head, water helps to cool down your engine and prevent over heat and dehydration. Here is an article from Runner's World on Hydration When I run except for races, I will always have my hydration pack with me......probably the only one on the road using another way to identify me: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I got this Urban Equipment water bottle carrier from Sports connection for <$10. Maybe the cheapest around for this size, there is another model which is smaller and cheaper. Compared to branded ones from NIKE, Adidas, fuelbelt.....I think is a a very good buy. This will also help to check on you running form whether you are bouncing or hopping like kangaroo (you will feel the water bottle jumping up and down) or running properly without bounce (you will feel this as part of your butt). Red Adidas 750ml water bottle which I got it free from 2004 Adidas warehouse sale for spending >$50. Fit into the water bottle carrier nicely. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cheers..........Run like that is no tomorrow

Friday, July 15, 2005

Running Gear III: My Running Attire

"I thought running shoes were the only equipment needed for running, but my more experienced running friends tell me I should invest in "technical apparel." What exactly is this stuff, and do I really need it?" by: Warren Greene, Runner's world article: Proper Attire I started wearing non-cotton attire for run not because some more experienced friends tell me so. In fact, during my competitive days, I was wearing cotton top for races just because that is my school's standard ace attire. However, the distance I ran are not long enough to feel the difference compare to wearing top made of non-cotton "technical" material. In fact, I only started wearing non-cotton "technical" top for running a year back when i decided to make long distance running part of my life and it is in Attire 1 below. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I stated a quote from Runner's world about in my previous posting on socks: "Let's face it, most of us don't put a lot of thought into the socks we wear. Yet nothing ruins a run faster than blisters, which are caused by moist feet and friction. " Can also be applied to running attire: "Let's face it, most of us don't put a lot of thought into the top and shorts we wear. Yet nothing ruins a run faster than abrasions, bleeding nipples which are caused by moist fabrics and friction. " Another main problem which may arise using improper attire especially in Singapore is dehydration and inability to control body temperature efficiently. Singapore weather is hot and very humid. Cotton made attire will absorb sweat, made our clothes heavy, reduced evaporation rate and reduced heat loss. For "technical" fabrics like ClimaCool, Coolmax, Dri FIT, lightening dry, technodry, these will not keep our sweat in like cotton, it helps to improve heat loss by wicking our sweat to the clothing surface for evaporation, which will help to regulate our body temperature. However, do not expect these special material to be so efficient that you will be dry and cool all the way in Singapore. With such high humidity up above 90%(reduce evaporation) and hot temperature (increase sweat rate), these material does not do wonders but at least make you feel better than cotton top during a long long run. Maybe if you tried running in other location with much lower humidity, these materials are really a miracles for runners. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have my fair share of bad experience due to improper running attire during NIKE REAL Run 2004. My running shorts (not any one of those stated below) caused abrasion on my tights which in the end affected my running form for the last part of my run. it was so red that i believe bleeding will result if I carry on running after the race end. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Anyone wanted to spot me running on the road or during running event can use these as a reference: ******** Attire 1: Dark Blue ******** Brooks sprint singlet : COLOUR: dark blue/white My oldest piece of running clothing here. Got it at sportslink sale in 2003. I like this top because is thin and light when still comfortable when wet. ASICS running shorts: COLOUR: Dark blue My newest piece of running cloth. Got it at PS ASICS clearance store. This is light and comfortable. I chose this colour to match the top. Races so far using Brooks top: NIKE Real Run 2004, Mizuno Wave Run 2004 ******** Attire 2: Red Adidas ******** Adidas 3 strips running suit: COLOUR: red Got these 2 pieces separately from 2 different sportslink outlet. You may ask why RED??? actually is both are the last piece which I can fit in. Seems to be american sizes, my top is size 'xs' and shorts is size 's'. The top feels heavy when is wet but the shorts is the lighest among the 3 i have. I ran 2004 army half marathon in this set with no problem. Races used so far: SBR & AHM 2004, MILK Run 2005 ******** Attire 3: White SBR & AHM ******** No brand SBR & AHM top: COLOUR: white Got this at 2004 SBR & AHM race expo. My favourite top as it is the most comfortable and feel the lightest when wet. I plan to wear this for future SBR & AHM until it retires. ASICS running shorts COLOUR: white This short has a matching top but I cannot find it so I got this to match the SBR & AHM top. comfortable but the heaviest when wet among the 3. Races used so far: NONE ****************************************** Point noted: Always train with your race attire to season them and also to check if there is any issue with chaffing or friction when wet. Do not let them spoilt your race.

Cheers...........Happy Running

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Running Gear II: My Running Socks

I was looking around for articles on running socks when I came across one in the runner's world: Sock Options. It started like this : "Let's face it, most of us don't put a lot of thought into the socks we wear. Yet nothing ruins a run faster than blisters, which are caused by moist feet and friction. " I agreed with this statement 100% simply because I am a victim of wet socks during last year Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 04. I came back with bleeding toes on both feet (my second toes which is a bit longer than my big toes) and blisters. You might wonder: Why bleedings on my second toes? I was wearing a reebok cotton socks (80% cotton 20% spandex) for the run. I made a terrible mistake also by pouring water over my head and body in a way which caused water to flow down to my socks. My socks absorbed the water and my feet was soaked. The base of the socks sticked to the sole of my shoe and when i run, my feet went forward in the shoe and the wet socks pulled my skin under and away from my toe nails. as a result the skin under my toes bleeded after 10km............ I went for long run with the same kind of socks after my SBR & AHM. My socks was wet and soaked my feet. I decided to get a more proper running socks. It was until Standchart Marathon 04 that I found the socks i wanted. I got myself 2 pairs of New Balance CoolMax socks and never look back. My feet were never wet ever since and I believe I can do better for this year SBR & AHM. ******************* Current Running Socks ************** Brand: New Balance Model: Elite running series CoolMax Composition: 75% Cool Max 25% Others (forgot liao) Date of purchase: 3 Dec 2004 (SC Marathon Expo) Comments: This is considered as cushioned running socks. It is thicker than other NB models. ******************* NEW Running Socks ************** Brand: New Balance Model: Elite running Reflective Night Vision CoolMax Composition: 75% Cool Max 22% nylon 3% lycra Spandex Date of purchase: 29 Jun 2005 (OSIM Asian triathlon 05 Expo) Comments: This is thinner than my current one. Will use this for this year SBR & AHM. **************************************************** Before I end, here are the guidelines suggested from the Runner's World article on Running Socks: "Don't buy 100 percent cotton socks. Choose those made from synthetics or a blend of synthetics and cotton. Synthetics such as acrylic and CoolMax® disperse blister-causing perspiration and keep your feet drier and cooler. Watch out for toe seams--they're one of the biggest cause of blisters. Consider socks that are padded in high-impact areas, like the heel and toe, especially if you have a heavy footstrike or are prone to blisters in these areas. Pick out socks that have a tighter weave in the middle of the foot. This provides support and helps prevent slippage. Make sure you buy the correct size. This prevents bunching and slipping and, thus, blisters." And my additional one: Never pour water over your head or body during a long run without learning how to do it correctly your training (correctly means without getting your socks wet). Happy running. Cheers....................

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Running Gear I: My Running Shoes

Sports equipments, shoes, apparels are necessities to provide comfort and prevent injuries for sports or any other exercises. Over the years, technology has improved tremendously and we are able to exercise more comfortably, perform better and enjoy our sports, games, exercise or activities. I decided to put and record my running gears in this and my upcoming posting. Starting from bottom to top, I will start with my running shoes which is the most important equipment/gear/item for a runner. ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** My Foot type: normal arch Running style: tends to underpronate/supinate ++++++++++++++ Training Shoe +++++++++++++++++ Brand: ASICS Model: CUMULUS VI Date of Purchase: 31 AUG 2004 Mileage so far: 617.2 km ++++++++++++++ Trail Shoe +++++++++++++++++ Brand: SALOMON Model: TECH Amphib Date of purchase: 19 MAR 2005 Mileage so far: 85.5 km Note: currently only used for my weekly macritchie run and also waiting for it to be use in the coming Ace Adventure Race III. ++++++++++++++ +++++ +++++++++++++++++ Next Shoes to be considered: 1. Asics Cumulus VII (waiting for it to arrive in Singapore) 2. Saucony Trigon 3 Ride (wonder if can find in Singapore) 3. Adidas Supernova Cushion 4. Adidas Adistar Cushion 5. Salomon XA Pro 3D 6. Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Cheers..........

Monday, July 04, 2005

MILK Run 2005 : Official timing

Just got my Official result from the event web. My tag number was 5534. It was 48 min 33 sec and I was ranked 80 out of 200.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

My First Race in 2005: MILK Run 2005

This is my first running race in 2005 and my 3rd Race of this year. My previous 2 races are X-physique (adventure race) and Legs and paddles (kayak 2.5km, Run 5km). Back to MILK Run: This is the first time i joined this charity run for the youth. Previous 3 years was called the streetwise run. I met up with Patrick Lim and his gf (first time he declared) and also Weishan (my usual race team mate and running kaki). The whole route was 10km starting and end at Zouk. The route run down along Singapore River going thru Clark quay, boat quay, queen elizabeth walk, esplanade, kallang river side park, U-turn and back along singapore river and back to Zouk. Today's weather was pretty hot and i arrived quite early to check out the place but i was sweaty badly even before the run while waiting for my friends. The run start on time at 330pm. For the start, I was as usual trying to squeeze thru crowd and get a good position for my pace....the route along singapore river is quite narrow and we were hit by the dragon boat race under the sheares bridge. The crowd was causing the path to get very narrow. I was feeling good for the first half even though i was running pretty fast. But after the U-turn, I started to feel the strain from my fast pace. I started to get stomach cramps...i slowed down a bit while the drizzle started...I was hoping the rain gets bigger to cool the heat. I endured all the way and completed in 48 min 39 sec. A personal record for 10km. Cheers.........

The journey begins........

This is my very very first post on this blog. The usual 2 questions people may asked Why i started this blog and why the title of this blog is "RUN TO LIVE".Here I explained........ Why I started this blog: 1. I used to be a competitive runner in School 2. I love running now 3. I am running regularly now 4. I never run a marathon before and I going to do it in SC Marathon this year 5. I need something to record my targeted running events and accomplishments And the reason for the title: Everyone in life has run for their live before (unless he is handicapped). We started to stand, walk and run when we are a small child. We run for our life to play. We run for our life when we are chase after by dogs. We play plank on others and we run for our life so that we are not caught by them. We run for our life to past our fitness test in school whether we pass or fail. We run for our life to cross the road when the traffice lights turn red. And the examples go on and on........... Let the journey begins............... But....dun expect long stories, daily updates and anything other than fitness and running....because: I am lazy to type after typing so much during work I am lazy to go online most of the time I am lazy to blog..............................................................


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