Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shoe Goo on my Slippery Sandals

I have these pair of sandals which I got cheap from clearance. It was comfortable but when walking in some shopping centre, these can be quite might be the I was thinking of trying shoe goo on it.....

I spread a thin layer on 2 critical part of the outsole:

And I cut a piece of the curtain fabric and press over it until it sip through the fabric:

I spread another layer of shoe goo on the fabric:

I left it to cure

So the next day I cut away the excess fabric and spread another layer to cover the edges as well

Leave it for at least 72hrs and let see if this will work......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 Shooting Mode: Panorama and Action Shot

I believe these 2 shooting mode also exist in Other Samsung Phones with cameras and possibility Samsung Cameras. But these are 2 shooting mode that many users does not know its existence. Of all shooting modes, these are the 2 most interesting and here I going to show you the results of these 2 Shooting mode below (click on them to zoom in).

Panorama - Exist in most if not all cameras nowadays. I got this mode in both my ICS Phone and tablet but the way to use it is different. Not sure if this is manufacturer feature or android stock feature.

Action Shot - First time I saw this and in my Samsung Galaxy S2. The description says to shoot sports panorama so I give it a try since I looking for a mode to shoot people running. The downside is the photo turned out to be of lower resolution. Just need to point at the moving object(runner) and follow it/he/her and the camera will snap itself.

Need to try a few time to get it better and this is the best of many times I tried:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vibram FiveFingers Repair using Shoe Goo - Enhancement

 After patching up as described in my last post and leave it over night, I continued to apply another layer before I leave it to cure for 72hrs and this is how it looked like....still not a pretty patch work:
Finally, I brought this old Vibram Fivefingers Classic that has slept in my shoe cabinet for the past one year for a spin again...still looking good:

I must say it feels as good as before and does not feel more worn out compared to my 2nd black pair which has clocked 200km less. However, I do feel the patch work can be thicker...this is how it looks like after post-run mesh of ugly sight:

I googled and found this interesting way of enhancing the shoe goo repair.So I decided to give it a try, I spread one thin layer of Shoe Goo(Now is easier since there is no hole on it now). I found this unless curtain fabric which is perfect for this so I cut a small piece and put over it and press to let the shoe goo to go thru it then I spread one more layer of shoe goo over the fabric and left it to cure:

After 1 day, I cut away the excess fabric:

And I spread one more layer of Shoe Goo over it and especially the side to cover the fabric edges. Now it look more pretty compared to the previous patch (The first photo of this post)

Now is to wait at least 72 hrs again for it to cure before I bring it for a spin.....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Live Wallpaper - Android powerful Feature

One powerful feature of Android is the "LIVE Wallpaper". The above shows one example of my windmill farm wallpaper from my Samsung Galaxy S2 screenshot. From 6am to 6pm, the wallpaper will show the day with white clouds moving and from 6pm to 6am, it will show the night with stars and every shooting stars. It the location service is turned on and the local weather is rainy, snowing, it will change accordingly.

Googled "Android Live wallpaper and you will find many other interesting Android LIVE wallpapers.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Vibram FiveFingers Repair using Shoe Goo

I got my first pair of Vibram Fivefingers Classic 2 years ago (blog post here). The milage for this pair has crossed 1000km and I stopped using them because of the hole on both side of my pinky toes:

The hole first appeared on my right pinky toes at about 400+km and it got bigger until I have to cut the outsole rubber of my old nike pegasus and use super glue to cover it. But it did not last...every piece of rubber dropped out after every run. I gave up and plastered my pinky toes for every run with it so that I will not get abrasion or blister from it. But soon after 600+km, the left pinky toes started to get holed also.....I got my 2nd pairs of black VFF classic after I ran this 1st pair at about 700+km and I try alternative between 2 pairs until this pair hit out crossing 1000km and holes got too large. Interestingly, there is still no hole on my 2nd black VFF Classic after 800+km

Just before I got my 2nd pair of black VFF classic, posted an article on repairing holes on VFF using SHOE GOO. I went all over Singapore and searched HOME-FIX, SELF-FIX and whatever DIY "FIX" shops and even when I overseas, I will go to DIY repair shoes to find this but I only found "OUT OF STOCKS" tags for shops that sell it.

After 1.5years of searching, I finally found it at Century Square SELFFIX DIY shop and grab a tube immediately.

So I dashed home and to give it a try:

Not a very pretty piece of patch work after 1st layer. I will try to apply 2-3 layers and try it on my next run.

There is a recent blog showing how Shoe Goo has fixed a badly torned VFF for KiteBoarding.

Finally, there is hope of second life on my old stinky VFF........8-P

Sunday, July 01, 2012

ASICS Running Watch (By Seiko)

I have been using Casio PHYS running watch for the past 7 years. The first black one below served me well until it died because I bring it for my weekly swim and water got into it.

Currently, I am using my second Casio PHYS watch below

Both has 60 laps memory which is more than enough for my use. However, Casio seems to stop producing this series of 60 laps memory watches for PHYS. So I started to find alternative just in case the current one kick the bucket.

And there I found in City Chain Shop that they got a ASICS Running watch which has 500 Laps memory!!! Although price is doubled or tripled compared to my Casios, I think is worth considered the design, function and weight.

Seiko actually announced the launch of this watch series sometime last year. Click News Release to read more about it. Click on the image above to go to the official site.


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