Sunday, May 27, 2007

My deepest condolences to an old friend

Recently, saw the news of a local drummer, Wayne Seah who died in his sleep at this Punggol home. According to his friend, he was a health freak!...that prove that a health freak dun live long also....when is time to time to need falling tree after the rain and no need drunk drivers. his tribute page: Saw this news and treated it as normal news and just brush it off my attention..i dun actually take note of the name... But the images of this long haired rocker keep appearing in front of me and even an email was received from a yahoo group of my sec sch that this guy is my schoolmate (i dunnoe the guy who emailed this).... Until this morning, Wayne, WAyne, waYne, WayNe Seah......YES! Damn it! I knew him!! I knew him in Sec Sch...if I not wrong, he was from NPCC and was a very good runner even though he is petite...we ran together before....we are quite good friend then but never in contact after we left school.. i will need to go and dig out my school year book...... but for deepest condolences to him and hope his family can cope with the loss of a great guy....

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