Sunday, March 27, 2011

After 800km.....

After 800km of running with this pair of rubbers...only on small hole that is circled in green (This hole actually appeared at about 600km). Cut a tiny piece of rubber outsole from my retired Nike shoes and used cheap superglue from Daiso(3 tiny tubes for $2) to stick the rubber over that hole...I was surprised this tiny rubber still intact after 40km of running last night....Daiso Cheap superglue is good!!

I guessing this pair of rubber is still good to go for at least another 100-200km......

Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Running Ground - Lorong Halus Wetland

The Lorong Halus Wetland opens officially on 5 -March 2011....I catched this piece of news on TV and can read the news report here

and video here:

What I cannot understand is, since this is officially opened? How come I cannot find a single map that described the location about this place on the internet? Unless you are staying in Sengkang or Punggol, I guess It can be quite challenging to find this Lorong Halus Wetland location....

I decided to explore my way to find this place and I drew a map below for those interested. There are 2 ways for drivers....first is to get to the western end of Punggol and find the entrance beside this big chinese temple tot eh visitor centre and walk your way along the punggol promenade towards the north along Serangoon River to cross a bridge across..or the second is to drive in from pasir ris farmway...see my handdrawn map below (click to se bigger picture):

I started my way at the bridge across Serangoon river at junction of Buangkok Drive and Sengkang East Drive, can see from photo below this part is actually not officially open..there is no lights at night:
The contractor board is still up near the entrance:
Entered the Park Connector and is quiet..there are some cyclist and runners:
One of the shelter along the park:
Fitness Station...still under wrapped:
Direction board and lightning warning:
Going Under TPE, Once across to the other side of TPE will be Punggol area:
The starting of Punggol side of Promenade and started to see more runners and strollers:
One of the few resting & lookout point:
But some people preferred to be closer to water:
The 2nd resting point and the started of wooden pavement:
The pavement are split into 2: The tarmac for cyclist and the wooden side for pedestrian:
There is a futsal court for rental:
Started to see cafe and resturants:
So I went up to take a queue:

found a nice alfesco dining place:
The carpark is full:
Back to the river side and it was crowded with families:

Toilet...the only one along the riverside:

crossing a small bridge:
and here comes the big bridge to cross the river to Lorong Halus Wetland:

Interesting map and intro on the bridge:

reachingt eh other end which is the entrance to the Lorong Halus Wetland:

There are the 2 important plants there that helps in the filtration process:

Some part look like padi field:

And my feet love the pebbles trails:
Photos of other part of the wetland:

This trail leads to paris ris along the water banks:
This is the other entrance to the wetland from paris Ris Farmway:
Wonder how to open this switch box:
Back to the beach as the sky turns dark:

This is found at the carpark at punggol side of the river:
Look for this temple If you are coming in from Punggol:

Hope this helps for those who are interesting in visiting or running to the wetland and along Serangoon River. Now is to wait for the punggol river park of the park connector to finish which will link all the way along the water banks to here....


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