Saturday, March 21, 2009

Return to MR trail with my new trail shoes

Last year, I only ran MR trail twice....clocking 1hr13 min and 1hr07min for respective run and the later one was done in 5th April......i did not went near MR until today.....thanks to TL who got me motivated to go for this morning run

Another motivation is to try out my new trail shoes: Adidas Kanadia TR

It was a mental struggle for first 4.5km from start of trail to the ranger got better after a 1 min water break......hit the killer up and down slope at the golf course and have to walk thru this hill....but what surprised me today is that we completed it in a record time of 1hr01min!!!

I remember in my running history in MR, I never covered this route faster than 1hr 04min....not to say, my longest run this year is <7km and I have not been running fact just restarted 2-3 weeks back for my IPPT

Thanks TL for the good pacing.......I felt like I am back running again

and I saw rainbow this evening beside the Singapore flyer.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

French-Swiss-German D5: Zermatt, Interlaken

Photos for day 5 are up at "Day 5(part1): Zermatt" and "Day 5(part2): Zermatt, Interlaken" The start of magnificent photos of the Swiss Alps..............


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