Monday, July 05, 2010

First half marathon with VFF classic - KL Marathon

This post is more than a week late.............

Special event for me...becos of th following reasons:
  • 1st time fly to KL 
  • 1st oversea race
  • 1st oversea half marathon
  • 1st half marathon under 2 hours
  • 1st half marathon in Vibram FiveFinger Classic

Look at the route map below...i dun care..becos I dunnoe where all these palces are...i just need to keep my two feet moving till finish

We reached KL and went for race pack collection. Took LRT to titiwangsa station and hopped onto the shuttle....a chervolet SUV to the stadium

Entrance to titiwangsa stadium:

The racepack collection:

The race pack

After which we went to check into our hotel and went to our favourite restuarant for carbo loading:

Root Beer Float and waffle ice-cream:

Also coney dog and onion rings:

We went to the start line to survey the ground:

The route was good for me...lots of small slopes and smooth and rough surfaces....I managed to keep my feet on the move all the way in my Vibram Fivefingers Classic:

finished in 1hr 52min 55sec...which is a 10min improvement for my half marathon PB........


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