Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Toy in the House: Raidlight Ultra Olmo 12L Race Pack

I got this race pack from Lantau Base Camp during one of the weekend getaway to hike sunset and lantau peak. There are a few major brands of race vest in the market like Ultimate Direction and Salomon being the most popular. However, the prices are steep for their 12L pack and the I do not fancy the designs.

This pack from a small french company called raidlight caught my attention while doing my search for a race pack with water bottles in front. The Ultra Olmo series is designed with a french legend ultra runner called Marco Olmo. There is a 5l, 12l and 20l options. The 12L fit my needs so I decided to get it after trying the fit. The pack comes with 4 major conponents: The main pack, 2 water bottles, Trailquiver for trekking poles and a race belt.

The pack has lots of storage and pockets and a generous 12L is more than enough for an ultra event. The water bottle holder are designed such that it will keep the bottle upright all the time and the special water bottle with a bite value allows hydration without taking the bottles out. The weight is balanced in front and back which allow good running posture and less stress on the back.



2 Water Bottles with special designed bite values:

The water bottle can be broken up into pieces for easy maintanence:

The pack in front consisted of many easily accessible pockets for gels, food, sticks, maps and small gadgets:

The expandable mesh pocket allow easy access;

One side has a zipped pocket which is goood for mobile phone and money:

The top flap has a small pocket for keys and small items:

OPening up the main compartment will have a mesh zipped pockets on the cover and mesh pocket for bladder at the back:

The trailquiver has a zipped mesh end and an open end with elastic cord and stopped. The two ends of buckets are for attachment to main pack:

My trekking poles:

My poles are too long so i put the poles thru and zipped up as much to hold the poles:

The useless rae belt given which can be attached to the waist band. The 2 holders for bib are too closed and the elastic bands are too tight for gels t hold:

Overall is light weight and very efficient pack. It rides high on the back and can pack lots of stuff for ultra running or even hiking.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year with new sandals

I got these 2 pairs of cheap vietnam sandals from Carrefour in 1st April 2012. 
Old things don't go, new things don't come.

After about 20 months, I decided to give up the 1st pair and change to the new pair for the New Year:

The 1st pair breaking down:

New pair for the new year:


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