Sunday, October 29, 2006

Struggled run to Pierce loop

I have been out of the civilized world for the past 4 days…life was quite peaceful but useless…everyday just wait and eat and wait and sleep…gained a few kilos….the only time to exercise is Friday fitness test..which it was the first time I use the automatic computerized system and it sucks…I almost failed in most static tests….just scrapped thru and did not even managed to get a single dollar….helped to pace a friend for his 2.4km so that he got his $200…. Last long run was on Monday with TL at MR for 3 rounds….receovered fast after that…but the fitness test has caused damages after 2 days…my whole body from my neck down still ache and pain…I dunnoe if I can run this morning as it is my only chance this week….tonite, I will be back to another world until 6 days later and I will not have a chance to train throughout the week. Pulled my self out of the bed and look like the haze has really cleared since wed….only managed to start my run at 7.30am….quite late..which I thought is good so that I can run in the sun……as my body is aching…I had great difficulty to start my run…it seems like my body has loss the memory to run…..every steps was painful….struggle and still in daze….i managed to cover 6km before my body got a bit warmed up….i was still wondering what I should do….. The original plan was a 30km….but I guess….to cover 10km is also a problem liao… the end…decided to do a 24km with my usual 8min run, 2 min walk……running from SK along YCK road to casuarinas prata and Upper pierce reservoir and make a loop back to casuarinas prata and back to SK….the route has several traffic stops skuprlprsk24km Today was quiet at upper pierce…I guess most pple went down at CBD for GE 10K women run……I was still able to conquer the slopes at UPR…stopped at the toilt for my energy gel break…..but I decided to skip the aircon road part……reaching the MR part of SICC…met a big group of pple walking towards treetop walk….squeezed past them and struggle towards the slope…in no time…I came to the main road and ran towards LPR…went to the rest room for refill…by this time….the sun is up and started to heat up the air…..i struggled to run along YCK back home as my legs are soft and difficult to control….my mind is in auto mode…..finish the run at 10am sharp…. It was a tough run for me after so many days of LSD break…the body completed malfunction at first….seems like matrix has wipe out my muscle memory for running….but I pulled thru this time shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 24.7km total time: 2hrs 36min 34sec average pace: 6:20min/km lap: 2.9km - 17:00min@5:52min/km 3.1km - 19:43min@6:22min/km 2.0km - 13:19min@6:40min/km 3.0km - 18:38min@6:13min/km 3.7km - 26:02min@7:02min/km 4.0km - 23:54min@5:59min/km 3.1km - 19:39min@6:20min/km 2.9km - 18:17min@6:18min/km

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hazy 3rounds MR Run

an idea came by last nite to try doing LSD in MR to escape the i went ahead and took the gamble....managed to jio teelee to accompany me for this run....we started late so that there is light in the trail. Today's target is 3 rounds of the standard 10.5km route....estimated lap should be around 1hr 15min. TLV pick me up at 6:40am and we head down to MR in the Hazy was as bad as sat morning where visibility is maybe abt 1km to 1.5km. We reached MR and the carpark was empty..i guess today is still an official working day for most. brought 2 power gels and intend to take at the end of every round. Round 1: Teelee was kind enough to follow my pace doing my 8min run with 2min walk break throughout the run....the start of the run was really very hazy...we cannot even see the end of the was hazy even in the trail as we We went slowly to warm up our tight still ache with every steps from last sat wedding run where i went chionging up the slopes at upper pierce road. we reached the ranger station at about 32min flat and took a quick break before we carry on the run....met only handful of runners along the way....the haze seems to be very bad still as we push towards the second half of the lap...we finished in 76min....not a bad timing for me (defintiely too slow fo speedy teelee)...after a quik powergel break, we moved onto the second round. Round 2: muscles warmed up and engine was runnign smoothly....i love the we entered the northern route, we can see the significant changes in the was more cooling and the haze was gone...wlthough outside it was still quite bad...we pushed up the first siong slope with no problem...we hit the ranger station in 31min, 2 min faster than the first..took another water break and head onto the rocky trail.....this time....we saw more runners on the road....the haze seems to be worst at this part of the trail maybe becos there are less trees and vegetations. As we hit the siong siong slope after the golf was exactly the right time to walk...oh man..we took 2min just to walk up the peak of this small we are half way thru the MR25 time trial route...we were hit by woodgrove sec students......and teelee saw his former coach who led him into running in sec sch....finished this round in 72min..took my second and last powergel and onto our 3rd and last round. Round 3: Legs start feeling tired as we entered the woods...same as last lap...the air outside the trail was bad but the northern route air was fresh....just feeling a bit strain...we managed to push on consistently with the 8min/2min run/walk.....we managed to reach the ranger station in was one and a half minute faster then previous......we push on after the toilet break...and it was exactly 3hrs...push on and i was feeling better than my last 2 LSDs after 3hrs....i guess i was more conditioned and slower here...the haze din go away as we hit the golf course....exactly the same time as previous lap, we hit the sing siong hill on the dot to do our walk break....last 3.5km was a mental thing....but as i went thru...i was feeling better and comfortable..but as i push up one of the last few pheglm started to i tried to maintain the consistent slow pace to ease away pheglm.....we are pushing with a feeling of almost the same as last lap...we hit back tot he finishing line in 3hrs 38min 45sec. that's 70min for th last round. ..surprisingly, it was faster than longest duration run so far and one that i managed to maintain the 8/2 run/walk frm start to end..had our replenishment at sembawang hill food centre...we had a plate of chwee kuay and fried carrot cake and also...2 glasses of sugar juice each... great run all thanks to Teelee whom patiently follow my snail pace right from the start to the end Shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D total distance: 31.5km total time: 3hrs 38min 45s average paze: 6:57min/km lap 10.5km - 1hr 16min 25s@7:17min/km 10.5km - 1hr 12min 17s@6:53min/km 10.5km - 1hr 10min 02s@6:40min/km

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hazy Wedding Run

This morning, sgrunners going to celebrate our sgrunners couple alvo and meteor wedding by doing a wedding run. JT decided to join me to run from punggol to lower pierce to meet the celebrations.....i miscalculated the distance and we took longer than expect to reach...lucky the party not started yet. The haze was terrible this morning...i think visibility is <2km...cannot even see fernvale flats from buangkok mrt.... he wedding run startd with alvo dragging a guni cans with a nylon strings and meteor wearing a tiara and veil to run along...we went along OUTR to upper pierce reservoir park and have fun along the way...we also had drinks , rock melon and watermelon to go along with the celebrations and also videographer(tktan) and photographers(brokie, sotong, Mr Lim TH)....unfortunately, the scenic reservoir became completely white becos of the heavy haze...we even have problem seeing the golf course...possiblity visibility is abt 1km A great crowd and a happy event.....we ended off the day with a bunch of us munching at sembawang hill food centre..... The haze seems to be better......

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chop Chop morning run

Did a short 8km run with gentle...who kindly ran down from his place..and ran back after the run....we decided to do a short 8km he would have done abt 14km this morning....quite a nice pace.....just below 6min/km...we finished 8km in about 47min It was a mixed of mist and haze....i can smell and feel body was itching for a run so i just agreed to go ahead and try.....although is not enough to generate enough endorphines....but at least a little sweat out for the week.... I guess..this year marathon effort will be hinder by the haze issue and my 2 week break from civilization next week onwards.......... must really run marathon this year with spirit liao

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hazy lazy

I have been busy on and off time to blog and updates.... Went to ECP to do LSD with JT, KJ, Divey and TL....all of us did our own stuff....KJ having stomach and leg problem din run much...divey did a bit more...JT did a half marathon...TL ran to ford road then ran to changi ferry terminal and for me....i did the planned 32km The route start at nike board near to kit runners...ran towards ford road and U-turn back to start point is 7km...continue to NSRCC entrance is 14km continue to the road to tanah merah ferry teminal is 16km and U-turn and retrace the same route back as before which is 32km..... i did a 8min run and 2 min walk pace....went a bit fast at first but managed to stablize my pace after 7km.....when i hit 25km...i was dying and luckily, the 3 SJJ saved me...and gave me some 100++ to about 26km, hit with left leg 2nd toe pain...might be the socks....walk also to stop and repair it before i carry on....momentum was broke and restart was difficult.....i struggle the last and some 2min, walk 4min....and managed to complete the whole run in 3hrs 25min....not bad consider the haze which came heavy during my last hr of the run and the toe issue shoes: ASics Nimbus VII total distance: 32km total time: 3hrs 26min avg pace:6:26min/km lap: 3.5km -20:51min@5:57min/km 3.5km -21:12min@6:03min/km 7.0km -44:18min@6:20min/km 2.0km -13:14min@6:37min/km 2.0km -12:33min@6:17min/km 7.0km -44:15min@6:20min/km 7.0km -50:00min@7:09min/km

Thank you for Your support for the Angel project

A Big Thank you for your support for the fund raising project. The team has stop the sale of the crystal angels. They will fulfil the pending orders. Those who have not receive the angels from me, I will arrange a time to pass them to you.

Friday, October 13, 2006

icekimo Run

skyckbishansf15 Slack and lazy week so far for me...the haze is bad for the past 4 days and it is making me a preventive measure due to my weak respiratory system, i better keep away from my runs....tuesday had a treat by my big boss at banana leaf apolo. We ordered 2 curry fishhead which none of them know how to i had 2 fish heads down my stomach + other goodies like prawns, chicken liver, crabs.....these took me 2 days to digest...i was walking with 2 fish heads for past 2 had hot pepper chicken mushroom soup for lunch...another protein loading....i guess if i still dun go for my run....not only my depression will waistline will go bigger also... finally after 4 days of no running, he haze is gone due to change in wnid direction....when i reached buangkok mrt, i only saw heavy passing clouds blown across the sky by strong winds..quickly reached home and change to my running gear, i dash out of the door like a child dashing out to play.... i decided to try out my fren's ice-cream shop at sin ming ave...however, if i run straight there, it will take me only about i decided to went down YCK road to casuarina, turned left to bishan park and make a loop there before going down marymount to shun fu and take a walk to the shop.... my start to tough due to 4 days of no exercise....heavy legs and i have not break into my new brooks maximus, it is difficult to run took me about 4km to loosen up and run smoothly...i was trying to aware of my running style as pointd out by Dr Jo, my upper body always uptight and i was keeping my arms too i keep reminding myself to drop my arms to my waist as i run....after a while, it does felt better and more relax....i guess, i was able to allow my chi to flow uptight style and resisted my chi to my chest and i felt tense quite early in the run actually....must keep reminding myself. I was stopped by several traffic lights which allows me to take a short breaks along the i reached bishan park..i got to keep splitting my phelgm out...i guess my pace was faster than usual with improvement to my chi flow and also the hazy days also caused my throat to be more sensitive....but i managed to push on and finished my run at the junction of marymount and shunfu road...took a warm down walk along shun fu road and finally reached my destination....ICEKIMO...a short report can be found here.... a good run to keep my depression away...and i have recovered some mood to blog shoes: Brooks Maximus total distance: 14.6km total time: 1hr 24min 36s average pace: 5:43min/km lap: 2.9km - 15:50min@5:28min/km 3.1km - 18:35min@6:00min/km 2.0km - 11:31min@5:46min/km 3.9km - 22:08min@5:41min/km 2.7km - 16:30min@6:07min/km

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hazeless BG Run

The haze on sat hit 150...even until abt 11pm, it was still 140++.... Wonder if there will be a BG run...... I was starving the whole sat....even have to eat a cup noodle at 1am before i sleep.. The gang decided to log onto msn at 6am on sun morning before deciding whether to carry on BG run or do changi run it was cleared to run on sun morning.....i decided to give up my 30km run to BG and join them so i got teelee to pick me up instead... No energy to run....must be not enough carbo the day before..... only did 24km instead o the planned 30km....... kena virus.........the Lazy-to-blog virus Must be the monday blues again....... U can find some descriptions on BG run HERE, hERE, HeRE.......... I will blog once i recover

Saturday, October 07, 2006

MidAutumnChangiLoyangFullMoon Run

A hasty arrangement seen 6 blessed runners on this wonderful Mid-Autumn fesival nite having their hazeless Full moon run in the east. changiloyang16 After a long day of work, i was quite beaten and tired....but the day is still young...due to BG run on sunday, a few of us decided to accompany Shut for his break fast run and we finalised the run at Changi loyang area. The nite before, the haze situation was very bad and that has stopped me from doing my run...everyone was having before finish work on firday nite, we keep checking the PSI index of Singapore....the most if the haze was heavy, we probably be having out PIG out session at changi village. Checking the online PSI monitoring web before i left office gave me a surprise, the PSI reading of east is about 55 whereas the rest oft eh area can be as high as 80...that gives be a bit of hope.....i was the first to dash out of office and take a train to pasir ris to meet lokun whom will pick some of us up to the start point. i reached adjunied mrt and it was really bad as last heart sank....the MRT went eastwards and to my surprise, the sky got clearer and clearer. the time i reached tanah merah, there is no haze at all...quickly msg everyone, i reached white sand damn early and changed into my new SAF Brooks Maximus and new SAF running shorts..walk walk around...stomach hungry and grab a cup of 6 sausage cheeseballs from Cavana and wait patiently for the rest to arrived..... Lokun came a bit late as he was trapped by his boss just before he left office...he picked Divey, JT and myself and met up Teelee and Shut at changi village... Only managed to start our run at abt 8.10pm..all of us agreed to do 8min run, 2 min walk pattern for the 16km route....we went by changi village hotel and went pass all the chalets and commando camp before we head towards loyang industrial park. the air was clear of haze and it was windy under the bright full moon nite...we maintained a comfortable pace as we entered loyang industrial area which none of us ventured before....went by the famous loyang chinese temple and made a loop before we came back to the main road and head back to changi village....As we came out..i suggested that we take turns to lead for every run since we are all running in pairs. JT and Shut lead first before Teelee and lokun takes over and finally me and Divey before the whole cycle repeat again....we did a reasonable 1hr 8min for about 10km when we hit back to changi village....the nite was cooling and weather was great and everyone was in great spirit...we headed towards the beach and saw families and friends playing with sparkers and latterns....children happily playing with fire and adults eating mooncakes.. We passed the crowded area and SAF ferry terminal and came into this eerie stretch where there is not a single soul around...dark and spookie on a fullmoon nite...we increased our pace and as we reached our U-tun point, we met a group of wild dogs. ..about 6-8 of them...lucky we are not threatening enough for them......our run carried us towards changi ferry terminal carpark where we stopped for a short toilet break before we U-turn back...we increased our pace further as we are on the returned leg of the eerie part and reach back to the crowded area in no time.... Then we found the distance marker on the floor is every 50m so we startd to count down and finally reached our endpoint in about 1hr 57min...well done everyone!!! We had our cooldown walk back to the vehicles before we had our PIG session at changi village..(to be continue)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daily Inspiration: Why I run?

Now when I'm ask why I run, the answer comes quickly. I run because through running, I find answers to many of the other questions in my life - John Bingham, runner

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

windy Run to Chomp Chomp

skpgbkamkcc2 Today's work was about writing reports and instructions file for DUMMIES...not able to rush down for CBD run...decided to do a run myself...happened that JT also cannot amke it for CBD i have company to run for the nite.... Do report until last one left in office...and managed to reached home at 8pm...only managed to start my run at 8:20pm....i have arranged to meet JT at her place so that i can cover more ground and gave her some advantage..hahaa we decided to do a run to Chomp Chomp by the long we did a loop at punggol before heading down sengkang then to punggol park and cut across to buangkok and down to AMK and back to Serangoon and enter the estate by the "back door" to reach Chomp Chomp....Other than the several traffic lights fro Buangkok to AMK, the rest of the route are quite smooth as we do a run/walk of 8min run, 2 min's wind was damn strong and we have some tough time going against nature's forces....but is a cool and nice weather for the haze has went away today(hopefully for good) I was feeling a bit tired from the long day of work and my knees began to hurt a bit..wonder if it is due to last sat siong run or last nite chionging on the threadmill for 3min... After the run, we had a good dinner at Chomp Chomp.....going update in the food blog shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 17.5km total time: 2hrs 05min average pace: 7:09min/km lap 2.7km - 15:39min@5:48min/km 5.3km - 36:45min@6:45min/km 6.6km - 51:11min@7:45min/km 2.9km - 21:35min@7:27min/km


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