Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Rubber on the road!!!

Finally, 1 month after the actual purchase, an old fren of my arrived back home and delivered my new set of rubbers...... It was by luck that we managed to get this was country wide out of stocks for common sizes in the States....All we found are sizes for shoes size US14 and above.....just happened that one day, my size M43 appeared on the website and my fren grab it for me was stated out of stock after that....and at that time, the online shop is having 20% off retail price and the retail price in States is 66% the retail price here back home so I managed to saved a great deal on this pair....

Just out of the box which includes some instruction:

the most minimal for the fivefingers called the classic 
Comparing with the red Sprint which clocked 450km both on road and trail

Cannot see much difference, maybe becos of the colour 

The perfect Fit 

Went for a virgin run of 6.3km....some adjustment is needed and the fear of the heel slip out must be overcome....

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