Friday, December 27, 2013

AsiaTrail Magazine (Hong Kong)

New Magazine catered for trail and ultra trail runners. Good articles and useful tips.
Can consider subscribing.
They are the main sponsor for Translantau 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The North Face 100 Hong Kong 2014

100km and 50km Hong Kong Route Descriptions

Both the 50 km and 100 km races start at 8 AM on Saturday, December 14th inside the Tai Mei Tuk car park in the Northern New Territories of Hong Kong SAR. Baggage check will take place at the barbecue site inside the barrier gate near Bradbury Camp. Race assembly will take place on the bicycle path near Bradbury Camp.

100km and 50km Section 1: Tai Mei Tuk/Pat Sing Leng Nature Trail/Wu Kau Tang
Approximate distance ~ 6.6 km
Total elevation gain ~ 400 meters
Total elevation loss ~ 315 meters

100km and 50km Section 2: Wu Kau Tang/Plover Cove Reservoir/Ha Miu Tin/Wu Kau Tang

Approximate distance ~ 8.1 km
Elevation gain ~ 505 meters
Elevation loss ~ 505 meters

100km and 50km Section 3: Wu Kau Tang/Lai Chi Wo/So Lo Pun/Yung Shue Au/Kuk Po/Luk Keng.

Approximate distance ~ 13.5 km
Elevation gain ~ 650 meters
Elevation loss ~ 735 meters

100km and 50km Section 4: Luk Keng/Nam Chung Country Trail/Tan Chuk Hang/Hok Tau.

Approximate distance ~ 9.5 km
Elevation gain ~ 590 meters
Elevation loss ~ 550 meters

50km Section 5: Hok Tau/ Hok Tau Reservoir/ Ping Fung Shan, Pat Sin Leng/Tai Mei Tuk.

Approximate distance ~ 12.1 km
Elevation gain ~ 930 meters
Elevation loss ~ 970 meters

100km Section 5: Hok Tau/Lau Shui Heung Country Trail/Kat Tsai Shan Au/Lung Shan/Fan Ling.

Approximate distance ~ 9.25 km
Elevation gain ~ 580 meters
Elevation loss ~ 615 meters

100km Section 6: Fan Ling/Kei Lak Tsai/Pak Tai To Yan/Tai To Yan/Lam Kam Road. ~8.7 km

Approximate distance ~ 8.7 km
Elevation gain ~ 750 meters
Elevation loss ~ 650 meters

100km Section 7: Lam Kam Road/Ng Tung Chai Village/Tai Mo Shan Forest Track/Tai Mo Shan Barrier Gate.

Approximate distance ~ 8.75 km
Elevation gain ~ 915 meters
Elevation loss ~ 350 meters

100km Section 8: Tai Mo Shan Road/Lung Mun Trail/Lead Mine Pass/Yuen Tun Ha

Approximate distance ~ 14.1 km
Elevation gain ~440 meters
Elevation loss ~1030 meters

100km Section 9: Yuen Tun/Pan Chun Yuen, Taipo/Cloudy Hill/Sha Lo Tung.

Approximate distance ~ 10.3 km
Elevation gain ~690 meters
Elevation loss ~610 meters

100km Section 10: Sha Lo Tung/Hok Tau/Ping Fung Shan/Pat Sin Leng/Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail.

Approximate distance ~ 11.6 km
Elevation gain ~ 810 meters
Elevation loss ~ 940 meters


Final tally of results
100km: Total = 613
Finished: 261
DNF: 213
DNS: 42
switched to 50km and finished: 97

50km: Total = 440
Finished: 345
DNF: 33
DNS: 62


I only took part in the 50km. Stopped at CP4 after crawling and climbing for about 10hrs.
Section 2 downslope is tough!

Try again next time.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Orangemud: A new unique Hydration System

Orangemud A new company that is not heard off in this part of the world. They have a new unique hydration system introduced to the market.

Love the double Barrel...
Maybe is what I have been looking for but is not available here in Singapore.
Worth to try the fit if this is available in local shop.

Here are some reviews:
Old single barrel model:

With the New 2014 Single barrel model:

Old Double Barrel:

New Double Barrel:

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival 2013: Event Day

It was 30min of Sun, 2hrs 30min of Wind, 1hr 30min of Rain. Started in front of the Rod Laver Arena where the annual Australian Tennis Open is held, it went thru the F1 track and the St Kilda Beach and ends at 90000 capacity of Melbourne Cricket Ground. 
A Well organised and full of support marathon.

The MCG early in morning before race starts:

The finishing line:

Inside the MCG:

Going down to the carpark to deposit our bags:

Bag deposit:

Crossing the Bridge to the Tennis Arena:


At the Start line at Rod Laver Arena:

Rod Laver hiimself:

Mobile Toilets:

Lone queue as usual for the loo:

The crowd at the startline:

The starting Arch:

Just after the Start:

At the finishing point:

Going down to the finishing area:

Got my medal:




Our bags deposit is just beside the refreshments:

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival 2013: Race Expo

The Route:

The race expo at MCG Gate1-2:

Collection of Race bibs:

Collection of Showbag:

To the race expo:

The rest of the booths:

Injinji ToeSocks:

Malaysia Women Marathon Registration:


Big Red Run/Moonlight Marathon/Sydney Trailfest:

Hammer Nutritions:

High class socks sold in a box:

Gu Sports Nutrition:

And the rest:

The rest bib and showbag items:


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