Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eat in Singapore: Coffee Sampling at Sun Ray Cafe

Sun Ray Cafe
Address: 79 Brighton Crescent, 559218
Phone:6283 8700

Sunday 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Monday 6:00–11:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00–11:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 am

My Second Visit to Sun Ray Cafe and this time, the Dog's cafe is fully filled but the "Human"'s cafe is quite quiet. This time I dropped by after dinner for coffee and small bites. Dave is kind enough to let me sample one coffee for free outside what I have ordered.

Nice Deco.

One of the Cafe favourite: Asparagus wrapped with Bacon

Blue Batak from Indonesia and Bourbon from Tanzania. Each has their own different texture, favour, aroma and after taste. Blue Batak less bitter with fruity taste and Bourbon is much bitter and thicker.

Free sample from Dave, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is chilled coffee which is more acidic and full of many different favours like nutty, spicy, citrus...served in a wine glass does make it feel like drinking wine:

Home-made Blueberry cheese cake. Very nicely done. The cheese is not too thick or too light and goes very well with the blueberry:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: Lan Fong Yuen - The birthplace of Hong Kong "stockings" Milk Tea

Lan Fong Yuen

2 Gage Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2850 8683

One must try the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea at Lan Fong Yuen situated in Central. This is where the original Hong Kong "Stocking" Milk Tea came from. There are 2 outlets along Gage Street. The one in the photo is the original one which is situated just under the Mid-Level Elevator. 
I went after lunch so I did not order the chicken chop noodle that most customer will order. Just simple toast and a cup of hot original Hong Kong 'Stocking" Milk Tea. It does taste better and smoother with more aroma than other stores.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Toy in the House: Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp

Looking for a headlamp that is not heavy, not complicated, not expensive and bright enough for decent night running. Scrambled through the internet and found a few choices will meet my needs and zoom down to the following 3:
1) Black Diamond Storm 100 Lumens 110g IPX7 4xAAA
   - Popular choice as I talked to a few runners.
   - Many reviews can be found online
   - Regulated light
   - Hong Kong Lantau Basecamp selling HKD$499
   - 4 batteries means bigger and heavier than other 2 choices
   - Many controls but can be confusing
   - Cheapest I found on amazon is USD$40.30

2) LED Lenser Seo5 180 Lumens 105g IPX6 3xAAA
   - Difficult to find detailed reviews online.
   - No information if light is regulated.
   - Most powerful among the 3 choices
   - Many useful functions but controls can be quite confusing
   - Ability to dim from Max brightness to minimum
   - Ability to Change Focus from flood to Spot
   - Water Proof not as good as other 2 choices
   - Saw a local Shop selling at SGD$120
   - Cheapest I found on amazon is USD$42.84

3) Princeton Tec EOS 80 Lumens 105g IPX7 3xAAA
   - Many reviews can be found online
   -Weakest among the 3 choices but reviews are all good in terms of light quality and durability
   - Regulated light
   - Simple control with only 4 clicks
   - Hong Kong Racingtheplanet retail at USD$51
   - Cheapest I found on amazon is USD$30.14  

Here is a good Black Diamond Storm Review with comparison between BD Storm and Princeton TEC EOS

Finally, I have decided to get Princeton Tec EOS because
1) I am just doing 50km and does not need to run through the night
2) low usage...does not need to get very good light
3) Simple controls
4) cheapest for value

If i ever going to run a 100km through the night, I may consider getting the powerful Led Lenser Seo5

Light output : 80 lumens
Led : Maxbright LED
Burn time : up to 121 hours - Regulated on High 1h, Mid 10h, Low 50h
Power supply : 3 AAA batteries; alkali or lithium type
Water tightness : IPX7 (this means that you can swim but not too long).
Weight : 105g including batteries

I ordered though and ship to comgateway to get it re-ship to Singapore. I turn on the trial for Amazon Prime and managed to get it shipped to comgateway in 2 days. Comgateway upgraded my shipping to express for free and got it to my house in another 5 days. Wow...took only 7 days to reach my home.

The shipping package:

The actual headlamp packaging in front:

Back of the packaging:

Got all the items out from the package:

The back of the headlamp:

Built-in tool to unscrew the battery compartment:

The battery compartment:

All batteries in:

On the head, the adjustable elastic band is comfortable and the headlamp does not bounce much when i shake my head of jump on spot:

The headlamp...night trail run anyone?

Other Reviews on the Web:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hike In Hong Kong: Lantau Trail Section 3

Went down to the main road and cross over we reached a BBQ site with a public toilet to relieve ourselves:

Pak Kong Au in Chinese...the trail above this is the start of Section 3 up Lantau Peak...The highest on Lantau and second highest in Hong Kong :

More steps to climb:

memorial plaque for a heli accident:

weather doesn't look good:

The mist got heavier and heavier as we climb:

direction and distance:

The only Shelter along the way...a good place to take a break:

We are close to the peak but not there yet....still need to climb more:

As we getting closer, the path get steps:

Reached the peak and thunderstorm came...heavy rain came and we got to hide in the storm shelter at the peak. This is what we saw...the left is heavy storm cloud moving to the right and the right is another storm cloud moving to the left....both meet and great thunderstorm:

We dashed out and descend and the sky was cleared a 10min for us to take some nice photos...we can see big buddha from here...still very far away:

The reservoir and the beautiful mountain ridges:

The mountain ranges is impressive:

The beaches and South China Sea:

At a secondary peak...descending just started:

Finallly reached Wisdom path after 90min of descend...the rain came....:

End of Section 3 at the Wisdom path:

Reached Big Buddha finally and it was raining heavily:

Hope to go again and try out other section of Lantau.....................

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hike in Hong Kong: Lantau Trail Section 2

At Nam Shan, There are many trails the goes through this place. So It is important to find the directional sign that points to the one you want to go.

This one is not to Lantau Trail Section 2:

This is the right one pointing to Pak Kong Au  though Section 2:

This is not the right one:

This is the right one...Tai Tung Shan is where we are going pass as well:

The left is the route to South Lantau Road and going up the stairs is the right way:

The stone steps at the start of Section 2:

Reached a Helipad for emergency and rescue:

There are rubbish bin until this point:

Directional and distance information:

Stone steps..irregular and some are quite high:

As we broke out of the canopy, we are able to see some scenery:

Low scrubs and still stone steps to climb:

It get more misty as we climb:

small waterfall:

Met 2 Ladies coming down in opposite direction:

Very scenery at all...just stone steps:

and more stone steps and rocks:

Danger warning:

We thought we are near the top...we only see low lying grasses and can see some peaks: 

We are not there yet and the mist got heavier:

Reached a distance post...the mist comes and go...:

Misty island....wet and slippery rocks:

This is the branch off to another trail...we are quite near the top:

Checking the distance:

Reached one of the many lengendary chalets on Yi Tung Shan:

Very misty up here and we can hardly see anything:

Cannot see the peak in front:

The mist clear up for a while and see can see more chalets:

We are not alone up here...met quite a few groups of hikers:

Starting to descend....the route does not go up Sunset Peak but goes just below the peak...The path to the peak is not indicated and there are no directional signs so decided not to take the risk:

The path get steps at some point:

Skirting the side of Sunset Peak:

Start of descend:

Beautiful hills:

The descend on the stone steps is brutal:

Finally reached the end of Lantau Trail Section 2 at Pak Kong Au just down beyond the fences:


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