Friday, November 20, 2009

ToesShoes...alternative to Nike Free 1.0

Nike Free concepts is that we should but Nike Free 7.0 to train...followed by 5.0 and then down to 3.0 where the smaller the number, the closer our free are to barefoot running....unfortunately, the marketing did not kick off as it supposed to be and Nike went back to create the Nike Free Everyday by inserting a Zoom Air at the heel of the free which actually I can consider this as Free 9.0 which is close to normal running shoes
As my biggest worry is that My Nike Free 3.0 which clocked > 400++km cannot last until end of this marathon, I also worried that I cannot find another pair once this pair is beyond wearing condition....seems that 3.0 will not be in store for the next season.....Where can I find another pairs of shoes to run with? Is there any alternative?
The big question is do I revert back to run with my other shoes like my new low mileage of Brooks Ghost?
The truth is....after running with Nike Free 3.0, no knee pain, my ITB flare up and no Hip pain which I experienced before with my previous running Free is here to stay on my feet but for how long?

On fine day, I found out that I have a $30 Taka voucher that for past 6 mths...many visits to Taka and cannot find anything to buy....and I found out from a website that Taka going to start a new counter selling something which may be a good replacement for my Nike Free 3.0
I reached Taka and found the counter beside the escalator where phiten used to have a phiten was a big seller and upgraded to selling inside one of the sports section....I was walking around the counter looking for the sales person and same an old couple hanging around...the old man was wearing a pair and was happily walking around the counter....Saw this boy in black back to the counter and the old man paid for his pair
The sales boy came to serve me....after measuring my feet on the measuring template....he went in to get 2-3 pairs of my size.....a middle aged man came along with his 2 daughters and found this interesting...he sat down and wait until the sales boy came back with a few boxes for me...the man asked for a few pair to try and without any other question...brought a pair after consulting his daugthers on the colour to get.......2nd pair sold
As for me.....I saw this (Vibram five fingers classic) and try but somehow the shape of my left feet does not fit well into matter how I tighten, it will still feels very loose...the heels seems like slipping out of it all the time

So I went on to try this(vibram five fingers sprint), with the strap on helps to hold the feet in place and solved my loose left foot issue....

an I saw this (vibram five fingers KSO) but the price is out of my budget and also....I prefer to start as minimum as possible...maybe next time run trail will need this then get it

So...I became the sales boy 3rd customer and got the red sprint....I chit chat wit the boy and found out that he was just a few hours into this job.....and commission only comes in after the 3rd pair sold......I was amazed by his luck and wish him good luck....and I am glad to hit his 3 pairs quota....which means the next pair onwards, he will get commission for them.......
So I got this in the box...the rest of the photos speaks for themselves:

Note: The first run went well for 6km...I was able to maintain the same running style as my Nike Free 3.0..calves got ache after that..this shows that 3.0 is still a distance away from 1.0.......conversion will be done after the coming marathon
At least, I found my replacement for Nike Free 3.0 and I am advancing to Free 1.0....or should I said moving backward to times before shoes are born
Time to ditch my Nikes', Adidas' and Brooks'..................


Tekko said...

U wearing this for the marathon?

insanetaz said...

Not the coming one...maybe for next year.....not enough time to accustom my calves to run that long yet

Anonymous said...

Hi, i would like to know more about your Vibram shoes, please email me at


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