Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Interesting Article on possible causes of modern Running injuries

Found this article ont he website while browsing one of the running forum.....very interesting article that discussed about running injuries at present times....the main cause of it: RUNNING SHOES one of the interesting part of the article is the description on the history of some brands: "In 1933, Dunlop launched its Green Flash range of trainers. Adi Dassler (and his brother Rudolf) started making sports shoes in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1920 and in 1936 Jesse Owens wore a pair of them when he won four Olympic gold medals in Berlin. ADIDAS (Adi Dassler) was formed in 1948 with the now famous three stripes logo developing from three support leather bands used to bolster the sides. By the 1956 Olympics, dozens of competitors were wearing ADIDAS shoes. Rudolf Dassler broke away to form PUMA. Amidst the first rumblings of the jogging-boom, NIKE (after the Greek goddess of victory) was launched by American Phil Knight, a former track star at the University of Oregon, and his waffle-making coach Bill Bowerman in 1971(Surely you remember the NIKE Waffle Trainer!). The NIKE ‘Swoosh’ is arguably the most successful logo in the world and was conceived for Phil Knight by a local Oregon graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson, for a total fee of $35." The last part on what type of shoes we should be wearing: "3-Runners may want to consider switching to a lightweight shoe that provides less cushioning and no arch support. The only shoes on the market that come close to these characteristics are racing flats. " The above made me realised something. Adidas seems to be the only shoes company to the lead the trend of reverting us to using lightweight shoes with minimum support....the recent new shoes series have been adizero shoes which weighs much light than any others in the market....they just came out with a adizero PR which is only 3.9oz!!! Read full Article here: ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR AND RUNNING INJURIES BTW, i agreed with this article

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The Running Curmudgeon said...

I agree that this is one heck of an article. It certainly deserves wide distribution. Glad to see another "reactionary" out there questioning modern trainers!


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