Wednesday, July 22, 2009

doing the longest swim again...............

After 21 days....i went to do my longest swim of 40 laps again.....for the past 20 days..can see huge improvement in my stamina, endurance and also a little bit of my pace....

I was actually quite tired after a long day work but once I started....cannot stop!

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:24

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:43

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:41

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:43


Camparing with the last 40 a huge improvement of >3min...went out comfortably fast for first 10laps and started to felt the effect on my second 10laps...but I drilled my internal energy and managed to maintain the same pace the rest of the 30 laps.....46:31min.....can be improved

My 2nd longest swim of my life

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shoes of Our Youth

Found this Article on Runnnig Times covering some of our favourite shoes in the past

Indeed, the last shoes mentioned was my first running shoes and also my favourite of all times: 1991: NIKE AIR HUARACHE

and I actually mentioned it before 4 years ago HERE.............


Singapore StandChart New Balance Marathon 2009

Got the mailer today......a lot of familiar faces on it

And is back to New Balance after 4 years with the 3 stripes

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Longest ever swim in my life

I am a weak front crawl is slower than people's breast breast stroke is much faster than my front crawl

Started regular weekly swim in mid-April...I have been swimming at least once a week and at least once a week of 30 the same time, I tried to improve my technique for front crawl...look like there is some results:

After taking a 2 day exercise break.....I went for a swim after work....wanted to try and do 10 more than my usual and I did it!

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:18

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:32

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:28

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:21


Surprisingly, my slower 10 lap is my second 10s, my last 10 laps is just 3 sec slower than my 1st 10s......I did a negative split for 2nd half is only 1sec faster than my first speed is very consistent actually......I think I can go for 10 laps more...maybe 3 moer months, I will try that..

My longest swim in my life using front crawl


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