Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vibram Five fingers Classic: Weighing in

Found a small weighing machine and was curious of the new and old Vibram FiveFingers weight and so it goes:
Mileage: 119km
Weight: 360gm

Mileage: 1255km
Weight: 300gm

That is 60gm of rubber loss!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kranji Countryside Run 2013 : Heavy Rain cancelled 8km run

In my previous post on this run, I shown the cute tee. In the actual event day, It was raining heavily. Reached Yew Tee MRT and got the shuttle bus. disposable poncho was given out. Everyone was trapped at the at the club house.
We see the golfers out in the green enjoying their games:

By the runners are indoor waiting for the event to start:

At 8.30am, the rain does not seems to stop so the organizer cancelled the competitive 8km. The 4km fun run will go ahead at 8.45am. So most of us are out in our poncho waiting at the start point:

We got a surprised the foreign minister arrived for the flag off and off we went:

The rain got lighter after we started and we have a good fun run into Bollywood Veggies and back and we got out medals and cute little lamb at the finishing line:

There are booths setup at the club house and some one of the store selling quail chicks:

The morning 4km is not enough so went to Bukit Timah for second round of leg torture for 3.5hrs:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eat in Singapore: Sun Ray Cafe, a secret pet friendly hideout in Serangoon Garden

  • Sun Ray Cafe
    Address: 79 Brighton Crescent, 559218
    Phone:6283 8700

    Sunday 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
    Monday 6:00–11:00 pm
    Tuesday 6:00–11:00 pm
    Wednesday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
    Thursday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
    Friday 11:00 am – 12:00 am
    Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 am

    You will not be blamed for missing this cafe as you drive in or take bus into Serangoon Garden through Serangoon Garden Way. It was so near yet easy to be missed especially at night. But there is a chance you will see this a you drive or take bus out to Yio Chu Kang Road. Situated along Brighton Crescent at the junction with Serangoon Garden Way, this cosy and pet friendly cafe has transformed itself and getting more attention on the media (They are just featured on channel U this week).

    The special feature of this cafe is that it is pet friendly, occupying 2 shophouse units, the unit on the left is cater for pets and their owner (you can hear dogs barking and playing), and the one on the right for other diners. The owner Dave, is my friend from the army 19 years ago and he was a qualified coffee trainer...ok, you see the last photo and you know what I mean. So coffee is a must try here.

    I visited this cafe before its renovation and now is a completely different place. You can see that most customer are returning customer and know Dave himself. The staff are friendly and their service is very good. I am surprised the quality and taste for their food are very good, definitely much better than most restaurant or cafe chains outside and the price is reasonable for this quality.

    Do all to make reservation during friday, weekend or holiday night for dinner. It can be quite pack.

    How it look like from outside:

    How it look like from inside (The non-pet section):

    Reservation made:

    Nice slogan and it truly reflects their food and services:

    Dave the boss making latte art:

    display of coffee bean grinder, pitcher, cups:

    riding into the sun:

    Seafood Spaghetti in white wine sauce. Fresh seafood and nicely blended sauce;

     Sun Caesar Salad. There is really a golden sun on it:

    The "sun" is actually a nicely done poached egg, the inside is 75% cooked:

    Salmon Fillet. Thick piece of salmon. nicely blended sauce. The garnishing are not just deco, they are very delicious:

    Homemade tiramisu. The marshmellow at the bottom is a surprise. soft and nice:

    Nice simple latter. You can smell the strong aroma when it is served. Make you want to drink it immediately.

    This is the reason why coffee lover should try their coffee here:

    Wednesday, August 07, 2013

    New Rubber in the house: Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail

    Making use of the $50 voucher from Project Love Sneaker III, I decide to get a new pair of trail shoes to replace my full of holes New Balance Minimus MT00 for walking. I am not throwing NB Minimus MT00 away yet...just to get a new pair as a backup as I do not foresee my Minimus MT00 to last beyond this year.

    I was deciding between this pair (Last year color was different) and Minimus MT00 and I chose Minimus MT00 with regrets.

    Reached home with Running Lab Carrier:

    The Box itself:

    I was a US12 but the cutting for this shoes called for a US11.5 with longer toebox. One size smaller and it will be too tight for my feet:

    Vegan Shoes:

    Vivobarefoot Slogan:

    Open up:

    With descriptions:

    The pair itself. Nice bright lime color. Look like can glow in the dark:

    Aggressive outsole:

    The insert is thin:

    The lacing:

    The front toebox:

    "No Tongue"...what you called mono-tongue in the past, fit like socks:

    The heel:

    Description on the outsole:

    agressive "claws" from the front to the back:

    zoom in on the "claws". Hope it don't trap too many mud and dirt:

    Saturday, August 03, 2013

    Kranji Countryside Run 2013 : First Farm run in Singapore

    Kranji Countryside Run 2013
    I got attracted by the "not the usual" race route and the fringe activities and the cute tee for this run. Click the picture above to the event website.
    The race pack collection was cancelled last minute and the race bib, tee and information booklet was sent by mail...That was good....convenient...

    The Route:

    Here is the mail package:

    The content:

    The cute tee and there is really a real pocket in front:

    The back with a fake hat:


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