Saturday, September 30, 2006

Insane 30km run: NOT for weak hearts!!

skyckmr30km i was too tired from friday long and exhausting work...din managed to go jalan kayu for supper....managed to wake up 5.30am on sat morning and managed to start my run at exactly 6am....the morning air was cooling and wonderful I was planning to do this run at least 2 months back...that is to run from my house to upper pierce and do the standard MR25 20km route and back to casuarina prata shop....still have no guts to run back from to wait long long....but this run is really not easy and not recommended for beginners without sufficient conditioning on least, it almost killed me...hahaaa Decided to keep to the run/walk ratio of 8min run and 2min walk today....the first 3km was too fast as usual as my body has not warmed up....the second 5km to casuarina was stopped by 3 traffic lights which wasted a least 5min of waiting time in total.... I entered OUTR and for the whole stretch, there was not a single souls...i was was alone all the way till i reached the gate to upper pierce reservoir park.....i began the real test of slopes and decided to go for the aircon route first....The aircon route today was not cooling..maybe aircon din on or breakdown liao....saw a lot of monkeys along the road and quite a number of old folks having their morning exercises. After exiting the aircon road, i stopped for abt 6 min at the upper pierce reservoir toilet for my first powergel break and refill my water....i started to feel some strain from the slopes as i made my way to the golf course and to the 2nd round of killer slopes.....i managed to kill them but was quite drained as i entered MR trail... I din stop at the ranger station this time and decided to go ahead...met quite a number of Ang Mo along the i reached the small hills after the golf course, i decided to conserve my effort and walked over the whole up and down slopes....the walk effort did some recovery on my legs and i was able to run more smoothly for the MR25 time trial route..... Reaching the MR lower carpark toilet, i took my 2nd powergel break and refill...a big group of raffles students just started their runs....i carry on my way back to upper pierce....this part of northern trail was tough with several slopes...i was just running with my spirits to overcome the pain and agony until i reached back to the SRCC clubhouse road...finished the MR 10.5km in 1hr 9min...not a bad timing consider i was in terrible shape.... Back to the killer slopes beside the golf course....i was almost "killed" by the 2nd one which is the most steep and longest...lactic acids built up and my legs turned was not walking break i reached the top of the slopes, this happened to be my walk break luckily and i managed to recover from right leg started to feel the usual strain i encountered during my long runs.....and dragged myself back to Upper pierce reservoir park Upon reaching upper pierce dam, a family of AN blocked the damn narrow path with a baby trolley....i got no choice by to siam them by running on the slopes at the side...din know that it was slippery, my right footing slips and i fell on my right butt and arm....with wet grass all over my right body, i scrambled up and carry on my run....swearing and cursing along the way...however, the fall did relieve my strained right knee and hamstring....i was able to run more smoothly after that.... reached the Upper pierce reservoir toilet again and took a water break...decided to take 2 more min of walk....i wondered if i can finish with the slopes ahead till the i started to try climbing the slopes, they are not as bad as the one before..and i was able to conquer mroe easily without much strain, i guess, i ahve recovered with longer i hit the gate of upper pierce reservoir park, i have done the MR25 20km route in 2hrs 15min... the rest of the 1.2km to the end point was a run with mind switch off...just run and run until the end.....totally shagged out, i brought a large bottle of 100plus and walked to lower pierce reservoir park for cool down and stretching before i headed to Sembawang hill food centre for breakfast. A satisfying and mind torturing and heart stressing run completed Shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D Total distance: 30.8km total time: 3hrs 25min average pace: 6:39min/km lap 2.9km - 17:37min@6:04min/km 6.3km - 44:08min@7:00min/km 6.0km - 38:02min@6:20min/km 10.5km - 79:16min@6:36min/km 3.9km - 27:02min@6:56min/km 1.2km - 8:57min@7:28min/km

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak Run

Training is my creativity. I wouldn't want a coach even if I could have one. The fun is in trying to figure things out for myself - Edward Epstein, runner
I guess that is what happening to me now...trying out and experimenting different training approach. At the same time to discover and understand my own body, my own brain and my own heart cpnasilmrun Very last min decision to have a LSD tonite...Speedy Teelee was jioing me for a long run...but i got craving for nasi lemak and i thought tonite i should try the famous chong pang...becos i was doing run/walk, is better for teelee to run without me since he is going long and far and he wants to start early which i cannot. Only managed to reached home at 7pm....rush to change and gear up and head out my door in no time...decided to do a small loop to punggol since the direct run will be quite short....decided to carry on doing run/walk using 8min run to 2min walk ratio.. As i turned back to SK, i need a relieve and decided to drop by the new Koufu at fernvale for a pee....took me quite to locate the restroom and lost a abt 6min there.... turned to YCK road right after the break and start the journey of i was about 200-300m away from the MRT line, a familiar figure came charging towards me and that was teelee!! He decided last minute to turn into YCK road to catch up with my run....he said he was feeling strained from his run to Nee Soon camp and back...but i managed to jio him follow me to chong pang...and he agreed to follow my run/walk since he was already tired from his run.. We reached casaurina junction and turned right along Upper Thomson Road...the road full of slopes was very shiok...(although the slopes are easy ones)...and here we saw a driver kena booked by traffic police...abt 10min later, we saw another traffic police, hiding behind the bushes and start charging out to chase after another speeding vehicle... As we reached the row of shop houses before Nee Soon camp, teelee charged ahead to get a bottle of gatorade from 7-11...finally reached Nee soon camp and past a church....after we realise there is no pavement to run on to run over the big slope choice, we ran on the double yellow line...past one or 2 strange busstop along way where there is no civilisation in the vicinity..... Finally reached the junction of Yishun Ave 1 and Sembawang road....finally there is pavement to run...and last big slope to conquer before we reach our destination. finally, we saw Mac and end our run at the junction of yishun Ave 3, grab a can of 100 plus each and walked slowly towards the finale for the nite: Chong Pang Nasi Lemak!!! DSC00160 Maybe is weekday and not meal time so no crowd over here.... cpnasilemak I ordered a plate of famous Nasi Lemak with a fried fish fillet, Chicken wings and egg and lots of chilli!!! + a glass of ICE MILO!!! chee qiong fan I also ordered a $3 plate of Hong Kong style Chee Qiong Fan with char siew and mushroom filling.... they also have char siew + prawns or mushroom + prawns.... DSC00158 We had a lot of drinks...Teelee had 3 cans which shocked the kopi uncle...i had one ICE MIlo and anotehr can of ice lemon tea...tempted to have one more rounds but decided to endure and have as many roudns as i like at home..... Took a cab back from a satisfying run and wonderful dinner.....and it is 1:40am...i am still blogging 8-( shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII total distance: 19km total time: 2hrs 19min average pace: 7:20min/km lap: 2.6km - 15:35min@6:00min/km 8.5km - 64:17min@7:28min/km 7.9km - 59:26min@7:31min/km

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

HOPE in Life

The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it - Harvey Milk

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Run to Changi again!!

skpgchangi24 it was a pig nite out the nite before with some friends donig their runs and ends at oasis along kallang river....they decided to try the taiwan midnite comments from there....maybe i am not fair to say it is good....but the whole day i was aeting and munching right from the time i woke up...worst of all, we continue to went to siglap Gelare for ice-cream wafer after our dinner!!! Reached home at 12++ and managed only t sleep at 1pm..gosh...this morning i woke up at 6am..went to clear my bowels and went back to bed the end only started my run at 7am...walaus...must be too long never wake up early for morning runs(been doing nite runs for past 2 weeks)....My body was weak and still sleeping when i set off...but the weather was great!! no sun and cooling and with a little wind I decided to run to punggol for a loop before i head down back to hougang and tampines took really quite a while..maybe 4-5km before my body got warmed up and wake up...i turned into hougang park along sungei serangoon and was surprised to see many birds having their breakfast....egrets, cranes, kingfishers, kites....those who love bird watching to come and see..and also those photographers (at abt 8.30am).... Turned into Tampines road, the run got better without must disruption and was a long way but the road was filled with many heavy to brave thru the fumes and noise....just when i reached old tampines road...encountered a big group of roadies doing their rides..... The old tampines road has no pathment so i have to run by the side of the road against the traffic...not a good place for nite run....but the greenery does make the air better here....finally turned into tampines ave 10 and cross TPE to paris ris...decided to turned into Pasir ris ave 1 Koufu for a short toilet break before i turned back to ave 3....there was no traffic break and i was doing a relax pace.....finally reached loyang ave...good thing is the whole run was not hot becos it was quite cloudy...the cool breeze came once a while and make the body feel fresher...... changijetty Reach Changi village in near 2 hrs covering abt 24km with lots of energy to go.....grab a big 100 plus and head for the beach to cool down before i proceed to the food centre for my fish ball soup(nasi lemak queue too long this time)...and happened to sit beside a table with 2 Mediacorp stars and their is pricilla (she look so pretty and slim in person) but cannot remember the actor name..... finally brought another big glass of sugar cane juice before i head home to nap...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Something is wrong Run $%@#%^

skpgpgpark10 This week is a terrible week for me....i was like hitting the "wall" at work..everyday just staring at the monitor screen....msn with those who also kena the what-to-do-at-work bug. Mainly due to the mess created for the past 2 weeks....tasks being throw around and here and there...finally today i managed to settle down a bit....went back to re-organise the confusion of my job scope..... past 2 days was also terrible for me in terms of whole body was upside down...stomach got hungry very easily and whole body just no energy...after makan, i am OK again...went to see doc also dunnoe what to say....but i took a panadol and slept early last nite...i got better this morning Dinrun for past 2 days...which is a good rest from my monday nite slow long run...original plan was to run last nite...but i was too sick to move....lucky, although i was hit but some last minute problem, i was able to reached home at 8.30pm and still have some energy to change to my running attire and step out of my house. dunnoe where to run, i estimated a 10km route without pre-planning....i just ran towards punggol road and follow towards punggol, make a loop and back to punggol park and back to punggol road..and stop near this 24hrs kopitiam called "Veri-Nice" tonite run was a terrible one...something is wrong..but dunnoe where....i was running like a old man with a clutches...hopping and jumping an just cannot get my posture and technique right....everything is not smooth and everything was wrong...i was not running with my body...i was running with my spirit only for the whole journey....but still managed to finish the 10.2km route within an hour......brought a package of fried rice from the "Veri-nice" and walked home puzzled and confused...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A slow slow LSD to YCK MRT

skpgyckmrt24 It was raining quite badly in the afternoon....but prayers was heard and it stopped before work ends...did not kena DOMS this time from last siong siong 28km run (abt 30km effort on flats)..reached home at 7pm...changed up and head out for a slow LSD...a run to no where....i started going towards compasspoint then to punggol road and make a small loop here and there at punggol before i came back to Sengkang....decided to head towards YCK Road at Jalan Kayu before i ran towards the west.....the ground are quite wet at some point and i have to really go slow to prevent splashing.... reached YCK MRT and went for a short toilet break before i head back SK by AMK ave 5....saw an accident just after i cross under CTE....obviously the driver was driving very very fast which another one is turning into the small road was unable to catch it and bang!!!...I just went along and reach Buangkok junction with YCK road comfortably...decided to head to punggol kopitiam at cove LRT for dinner....i decided to take another route to punggol road before i went over to punggol...there are more variety of food here compared to the other at meridian at this time.....had a nice ABC soup at the kopitiam before i head home to blog..hahaa Reached cove LRT covering a distance of about 22km in 2hrs average of abt 7min 30sec per km..which is about a minute slow per km compared to my last run.... a bit of change compared to the training program i did last maintain 2 LSDs instead of 1 per week......

Friday, September 15, 2006

A bad day with an insane wet LSD to MR

skmrbs28km i had a bad day today....a day which most of my hours awake are to woke up at 6.15am just to attend a 1.5hr briefing in tuas....the briefing was delayed by an hour due to the ulu-ness of the place and majority of the pple having difficulty navigating to reach it. 1 hr into the briefing, a thunder sounded and cats and dogs started pouring onto the lecture theatre the bulding is quite old, we could hear the splashing of the heavy downpour and the speaker having difficulty giving his did not stop when the lecture ends... dunnoe when the rain will stop, everyone dash to their cars and started to drove out of the place....i took a ride on one of heart sinked as we approaches serangoon and the rain still pouring...i intended to do a LSD for the second half of the day since i am not free to do one over the weekend... the driver and friend decided to go to a indian kopitiam near serangoon mrt for lunch...we reached at abt 1pm...the rain havent stop...i only took one plain and one egg prata.....we left and i managed to reached home at 2pm...depressed heart and sleepy mind....i took 2 bananas and decided to take a small nap and hope the rain will stop.....woke up at was still drizzling...and seems to be fine...took a banana, i cannot control myself and i changed to my running gear....hookup onto my Salomon black beauty(wanted to go MR for a run).... the weather is still wet as I started to pound the road towards jalan kayu...i decided with a 10min run, 2min distance is 28km...i did not regret my decision...the weather is cooling and perfect for a nice little run....running along YCK road, the rain seems to stop as i reached YCK mrt area....i was doing a too fast pace for the first 6km (abt 6min/km)...5km of YCK road between jalan kayu and UTR was a terrible stretch, i was stopped by a few traffic lights and waiting time was as long as 2min...a little break of momentum on my run/walk. As i got into OUTR, i will expect any traffic stop until i am back to bishan was still drizzling at MR when i reached it....did a quite comfortable pace as i entered MR by SRCC club house....the trail was wet...but better than i expected...not much flooding on the ground....expect to be alone but i met quite a few runners in the trail...aunties and uncles who no need to work and also an ang mo with a waterbag..went for toilet break at ranger station....although i did a 10/2 run/walk...i ran thru all slopes..managed to reach the usual startpoint toilet at lower carpark in 2hrs....refilled my water at the loo, i started with a 2min i realise..the sky getting darker..i was late into the evening...gosh..i got to reach the back to the road at the club house before the trail turned into darkness...i started to dash forward....up my pace as i was fighting with time....only took one 2min walk break in between..i managed to reach the road in 22min(wow...normally will hit at 28-30min) was 7:06pm....i was quite drained at this point but was glad i made it...before darkness came... took a walk break and continue my was a upslope i got to start i calm myself, i tackle he slope slowly and managed to recover my energy and tired legs to continue....after hitting the main road, i went on to carry on my run along bishan body started to feel tired and my legs are heavy...i mistake today is forgot to bring my powergel for replenishment.....i push on and din realise bishan park was so damn long...finally decided to end near bishan J8....took a walk to J* to get a drink before taking a cab back home for the rest of the day.. a bad day ended with a good shiok run BTW, it was still drizzling when i ended my run shoes: Salomon XA pro 3D total distance: 28km total time: 3hrs 05min 50sec average pace: 6:38min/km laps 2.9km - 16:58min@5:51min/km 3.1km - 20:16min@6:32min/km 2.0km - 14:02min@7:01min/km 3.6km - 22:57min@6:23min/km 10.5km - 71:51min@6:51min/km 3.9km - 26:33min@6:48min/km 2.0km - 13:10min@6:35min/km

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


skpghgintchg We just had what I called a BHOPS run...gang of 5 from 5 different areas coming together for a short nite run. All started with the gang of 3 from HOB. They intended to do a run to nowhere starting from B house. I intended to do a run tonite also...and aws lucky able to clear some of my work and left after my boss. managed to reach home at 8pm...i managed to persuade P to join in the run....the HOB gang decided to drop by my house to catch me by the road and we moved towards P. along the way, we were stopped by traffic lights and took a long time to decided where to ahve supper....finally reached cove LRT and as H and O decided to settle some stuff at the econ minimart, i asked P to join us there which is a stone throw away from her house. In the end, we decided to try our luck at running to chomp chomp which is estimated to be 10km or so more....O looked tired tonite and we just moved on towards chomp chomp direction along punggol road.... Punggol road was full of slopes and traffic light stop, we are moving at slow pace...finally reached hougang mall, and we finally decided to just do a small loop round the central and have dinner at one of the coffeeshop....i finished total of 8km today in abt 72min...a good nice short run... After the run, H took us to the 5 star western food....they all ordered chicken and i decided on fish and chips.....their food look great but my sucks....what a bad supper to end a nice short run...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Daily Inspiration: The courage to stop

It takes more courage to rest an extra day or to put an extra 0 in your training log than it does to limp through a workout. It takes more discipline to stop running when you first feel pain than to gut it out and finish the run. - John Bingham

Monday, September 11, 2006

After Rain half marathon

hsp22km Managed to leave office at 7.15pm and rush home after receiving news of some delay in the task (the most I OT more on tuesday nite). Intended to do a LSD tonite after resting more than 48hrs of rest from last sat siong run. I came out of Buangkok MRT and Oh Man!!! It was raining cats and heart sank...I opened my small umbrella and was cursing the rain....but hor...after just 5 min walk away from the mrt, the RAIN STOP!!! my heart pounded with joy.... quickly walk home and changed up, i decided to try my salomon techamphib again this time on the expected wet ground. Not decided or planned before hand where to go, I decided jut to go looping around punggol and SK tonite....heard that kopitiam at punggol opens till late so i decided to end there for dinner before heading home.... The run was fine and the damp ground dried fast...i was doing a 10/2 run/walk and managed to complete before 11pm and had a bowl of yummy abalone bak cho Mee at Punggol Kopitiam before i head home for the nite. Shoes: Salomon techamphib total distance: 21.8km total time: 2hrs 32min 52sec average pace: 7min/km lap: 3.4km for 21:25min@6:18min/km 6.2km for 44:00min@7:06min/km 4.0km for 27:33min@6:53min/km 5.1km for 36:32min@7:10min/km 3.1km for 23:20min@7:32min/km

Sunday, September 10, 2006

HSP LSD: Sembawang Park run

skyssbwbeach The lazy to blog virus has hit me...... Managed to finish the above route....quite a big group started out but only 5 of us managed to complete this tough routes......scenery was good and we even met mediacorps filming at the beach DSC00154 DSC00070 Thanks for all who have came..... shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance covered: 24.4km total time:3hrs 30min lap: 15.6km for 2hrs@7:42min/km rest for 35min 8.0km for 53:50min@6:44min/km

Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekday LSD to Khatib

skyskhatib19 Nota bad day for me as I managed to finish up the work planned for 4 days into can Slack a bit...went back quite early compare to normal OT time and due to the traffic jam, only managed to reached home at 7.30pm.....change to my running attires and grab my adizero SN, i headed out of my door and start my run at 8pm sharp. want to do a slow comfortable run/walk of 10min run to 2 min walk...mental block tonite so i decide to take this chance to recce the last part of this sat route. To make up the distance, i went to loop around some part of sengkang which i never went before......went by compasspoint before i head towards the deserted LRT area....reached thanggam LRT, i head up the stairs to take the short cut to jalan kayu..i head running the full stretch which the traffic heavy and uneven ground. reached seletar camp entrane and decide to try and head into the camp....sort of went the wrong way and ended up running more than expected on a busy road (no pavement so have to with the cars) which vehicles zoom past like no traffic police exist....lucky i wore my blinker to make myself more prominent i reached yishun dam and found quite a number of families enjoying the moonlight by the sea......headed towards yishun town, i took a new road which led me to yishun park...i went into the toilet and found myself in a high-tech toilet: got signal light to indicate if it is vacent, open or close beside the door....after enter, there is an annoucement over the system saying to press the button to close and the time limit to use the toilet is 10min!!! Quite surprised that the flushing is not auto like other public toilet....the soap dispenser, water and warm air are all by sensors..... After a short toilet break, i went around Yishun park and passed Safra Yishun before i head towards LOT 10....the human traffic at LOT 10 and the HDB flat after the MRT line are to slow down a bit as ran passed Chong Pang...lucky all the food are at the opposite side of the road so i cannot smell any good food...... It was up slope from this point along sembawang road than downslope and after turning left towards khatib, it was a long downslope...... finally reached the MRT where i turned left and found the start of a park connector so i decided to ran slong the park connector which runs under the mrt line. After 800m from the start of park connector,i finally reached Khatib MRT. Brought Gatorade from shop N save and headed across the road for dinner before catching an express bus home for the end of the day....... Very good run least i able to slow down....10/2 run/walk ratio is okie at the moment....slow enough for fat burning!!! hahaa Shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 19km total time: 2hrs 29min average pace: 7.22min/km lap 2.6km - 17:22min@6:41min/km 3.6km - 24:46min@6:53min/km 3.4km - 24:28min@7:12min/km 6.3km - 49:11min@7:48min/km 3.1km - 24:02min@7:45min/km

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The 22nd hr run on the day of my 29th year of life

Only one person and one person only will determine how good of a runner you become... You will become as good as you let yourself be. That one person is you. - a coach skpg99km After a long day of work, i sneaked out of my office at 6pm sharp in regardless of what happened...managed to push an important report to tomorrow morning. Had a filling dinner of steak, lamb chop, grilled salmon and chicken breast. Having difficulty to chew the lamp chop and steak as it was too rare for my weak teeth....i guess, i stick to fish or chicken next time for western food selection. Walk walk a bit at bugis to digest the full stomach and reached home at 9.30pm....feeling energised and restless, i decided to go for a quick nite run at the 22nd hour of the day....before my depression set in tomolo....hahaa Put on my adizero with my office toes socks on(want to try if it is okie after balasing recommendation a year ago). I also wear my latest blinking gadget on my arm to give it a try and head out of the door. Decided to do the 10km route round punggol and sengkang. My legs felt fresh and light after 2 full days of rest from my insane 33km run last sat. The cadence of my feet jsut went faster than 180 steps/min...enjoying the cool nite with myself and my running shoes, i maintained the fast pace till punggol mrt with a bit of struggle as my body is still not warmed up. After about 3km, running form got smoother and managed to run non-stop, dashing across traffic lights for the first 7.5km....running too fast made my throat irritated and i have to vomit out my phelgm while waiting for the lights to turn green...the 1min break does freshen up my legs as ipush on effortless but with phelgm keep oozing stopped by the second traffic light at punggol road junction for half a min. The last stretch was a bit of struggle on my throat but my legs are pretty fine from the constant pace...managed to maintain my composure to finish strong...much faster than my race time at mizuno and new balance...... anyway, not supposed to run so fast at this pace for marathon...and i do not enjoy fast pace running.......but not for today..... shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 9.9km total time: 51:41min average pace: 5:13min/km lap 2.5km for 13:04min@5:14min/km 2.7km for 13:58min@5:10min/km 2.3km for 11:46min@5:07min/km 2.4km for 12:52min@5:22min/km

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My 10585th days on Earth.........

The world is full of discourages. We have a duty to encourage one another. Many a time a word of praise or thanks of appreciation or cheer has kept a person on his feet. - William Barclay
Thanks everyone for all the encouragements and support for my journey of running, makaning and living so far......... i will keep my feet on as long as I can i really want to go for a 29000m run..but i just cannot apply leave on this day 8-(

Sunday, September 03, 2006

$20 Fried Hokkien Mee Treat!

bdaycard This is not a blog about running...but is about an important aspect of running lifestyle...MAKAN! Thanks to the hunks and babes for the wonderful $20 fried hokkien mee treat. This is one of the better ones i have tasted around in recent years. We had quite a number of dishes...but...will only show some here to prevent u get too hungry at this moement...8-P The famous Kim's Hokkien Mee at beach road: 811326080109_0_ALB Another Singapore favourite, Oyster Omellete: 526736080109_0_ALB something healthier, beancurd ring: 216736080109_0_ALB One of the must have, not the nicest around but the sotong paste is very thick: 816736080109_0_ALB Someone love the Chili so much that SHE finished 5 plates of them!!! 926736080109_0_ALB took a photo before we left: 236736080109_0_ALB Singaporean style dinner with wonderful company....i have also applied some principles of "RUN/WALK" Strategy to finish the marathons of food (not a lot like buffet but enough for marathon carbo loading)... After that we moved to the dessert shop for round 2!!! Sorry, no dessert photos..if not u will get more hungry seeing them..hee hee hee A group photo outside the shop 656736080109_0_ALB The "TO BE FINISHED IN ONE MOUTH" cake was wonderful and delicious 346736080109_0_ALB...everyone want a share of it.856736080109_0_ALB...but i managed to keep my image by finishing in more mouth than needed myself before anyone get a mouth on it.... Received this high-tech branded stuff from the makan party: nikeelectolite Thanks for giving me the chance to get more prominent in the dark for future nite runs. cheers......happy birthday to everyone on earth on this day

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another Insane Run to ECP

3 days of >12hrs sitting in front of office computer, 3 days of carbo loading, 3 days of depression had made my body recovered from tuesday insane run.....mentally tired from allt he last minute issue coming up at work...even now i was typing, it was sat, 8:20pm in the office. mananged to forced myself up from the bed at 4.45am after a longest day work in the week (came home at 10++pm). drank a cup of warm honey, i was unable to clear my bowel (must be too long never run). Only managed to start at 5:15am, this time, i brought 3 different types of gels: old version tropical fruit powergel, new favour vanilla powergel and e-gel. I kept them in the pouch given from the NBRR goodie back and slip it onto my right arm(try to see if it is ok to run with it). skecp33km The cool morning is already filled with vehicles on the road as i made my way down towards ECP to meet up with the rest for LSD. I intended to have more walk for my 13.5km to the meeting point so i tried using teh 8min run, 2min walk ratio. i was going actually at a rather fast pace. But after 30min of run/walk, my body got warmed up and i felt more comfortable with the pace....from the distance measured before the run and my time, i was running at quite a consistent 6min/km wonder if i can last till the startpoint at ECP and carry on. The colling morning does help to keep the legs cool and i was dashing across most traffic lights before the red man appear. Managed to reduce traffic lights stops to minimum. At about 70min into the run, i estimate i might not be able to meet the 6.30am meeting time at ECP so i called up to ask the guys to go ahead while i try to catch up with them. Took the pack of e-gel when i cross the underpass at parkway, taste good and it is not as dry as powergel. I was surprised that it actually took me another 12min after my call to reached the destination and the guys just started the run... Instead of following them straight, i decided to head for the toilet to replenish my water and after about 2min of rest, took a little walk before i chase after them. They are going at pretty fast pace and i need 2 walk breaks before i caught up with them. Followed their pace as the chit chat going on...but i decided to keep my walk breaks to save my legs and i went walk and chase, walk and chase... The guys are having fresh legs...but my legs have been pounded for more than 80min. we reached the cable ski area and saw vivian tang speeding away. Reached after bedok jetty and the aquathlon was in preparation. After the sailing centre, charmane and teelee decided to turn back...teelee was still nursing the damages done by his record breaking AHM last sunday. As we reached the NSRCC, i decided to U-turn back while the rest continue their way to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. I took the new vanilla favoured powergel before I back track the same way..YUCKS! taste like cough syrup!!.My legs are feeling strain but i just continue my run/walk regime. cut down to 6min run, 2min walk at some took quite a while until the food centre when i caught up with teelee and charmane....they decided to stick around me....trying my run/walk method....after a while i guess, they cannot tahan any more and continue running ahead of me....fially, reached B1 carpark again and finish up my last powergel... I took abt 2hrs 18min for the 19.6km. Wow..and the second 9.8km is 2mi fast than my first 9.8km...consider after a 13.5km fast pace down from sengkang, i think this is quite a feat for me at this moment. We waited abt 50min more before the guys started to make their way back...all of them ar looking and finishing strong after their 24km run...well done guys...they are progressing fast..especially the ladies. And i was surprised lao shi actually went to buy the tazmania birthday cake for me!! dumbfolded...i really dunnoe what to say but a big thank you to all of you...the cake also served as a good carbo replenishment for everyone..and thanks lokun for the cold 100plus..tazbdaycake tarbdaygroup and thanks teelee for collecting my AHM cert and handed it to me (as a brithday present..hahaa) ahmcert06 after wash up, we went to parkway parade foodcourt for our breakfast/lunch...had a good meal before 3 of us went home first for other appointment.... Just as i reached home, received a sms from boss to come back to office to settle some stuff.......reached home at about 10.30pm What a way to end a wonderful Sat....... run record: shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance: 33km total time: 3hrs 40min average speed:6:40min/km lap 10.6km for 63:46min@6:01min/km 2.8km for 18:21min@6:33min/km 9.8km for 70:00min@7:09min/km 9.8km for 68:27min@6:59min/km


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