Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to CBD run: re-exploring marina south

puma02 new roads have been opened at marina south to anticipate the heavy vehicles traffic at the IR construction site.... colleagues all left early for badminton..... also sneaked out to join the CBD have been a long time ever since i last joined them.... turnout was good...a few new faces...and these guys are fast i followed Alvo at the back of the back for a start...then we picked up our speed we U-turn at the round about at the ferry terminal, all the fast faster are out of fact, all the way till seafood centre, we din even see a single soul in front...... As we exit the seafood centre area then we spotted a runner in front.....we gradually increased our pace to catch up....this guy is about 100m in front.....we caught up with him and we continue to maintain our pace..... I was feeling dehydrated at the seafood centre.....i was actually OK except my pheglm keep coming again....i decided to go for a slow walk to tone down my throat and let alvo go ahead.... walked for 2min, i picked up my pace again for the last 1.2km.....saw kops walking as i exited marina area.... actually no change to the road inside...just some diversion to a new road at the entrance of marina south.....maybe few hundreds metre longer than before...but no significant changes to cause confusion.... finished the run comfortably in about 52min for about 9.2km took a ride home in the tigger's car... thanks tigger

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