Thursday, May 03, 2007

JPMorgan LSD

It is JPMorgan run this evening, I did not take part and will not take part as this is a corporate event which my little tiny company will not sponsor and will not be able to make up the number required... I brought my barang barang as I intended to go down RL run but thinking that the runners might go JPM and RL run might stop for a week, i decided to head home first.. it was raining heavily in the afternoon but clearer in the late afternoon....i reached home as early as possible and change up my gear....i have no plan to go legs still aches and sore from May day run.....i just ran as i wish.... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I ran towards buangkok green....kept a slow comfortable pace...after 10min, my sore legs got better..turned towards YCK road, i began my hilly run along the polluted calves are sore but overall still ok not feeling strain....i took it easy and walke for 2min for every 8-10min run....stop at a couple of traffic lights also to take a rest chance. as i reached along woodleidge mrt, i was still feeling OK....usually i will start feeling tired at this point....i guess, i ran slow enough....crossed under PIE, i decided to turn left to a new route instead of the usual route running straight....i followed along geylang bahru and reached Upper Boon Keng Road in no time....ran passed my primary! changed to an adventure company liao I reached Kallang MRT and find my way to kallang riverside park...i am still feeling OK at this was quite dark as some of the lights are off...followed beside the river all the way....the cones at the ducktour entrance for JPM run are still the pavement turned right towards esplanade, the whole stretch of lights are off, the pavement was difficult to see and i have to go slow and carefully. Once reached under the sheares bridge, got to turned to the main road and ran to esplanade before turned back to the pavement.....instead of the usual run to tanjong pagar mrt, i decided to continue along singapore river and stopped at the the usual RL run end point. At least is near to Clark quay MRT where i can take mrt home. the lights along singapore river was all not on....see raffles in the i was 300m away from the end point, heard a small dog barking and this small brown thing with curly fur came charging at me from 10m away, the owner kept shouting at i was not very fast and i slowed down and ran beside it.....(lucky not big dog) was cute running and barking and it gave up after 50m....but i continue to sped till the end point..... did my warm-down and thought of going to the usual resturant for i walked along teh road...hey! Ayin, Tekko's wife and Bambi were walking in front of me with other 2 i followed they and joined the dinner with the RL run gang.....tekko and sebas joined the dinner after their JPM run..... Had a good dinner and a very good legs are tired but not sored or aches's run was comfortable for a LSD and this should be the way to run my LSD.....

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