Monday, May 29, 2006

New Rubber to burn

Yeah baby!! After hunting up and down, left and right...from Running labs at Funan, Adidas suntec, bugis to tampines and finally at Heeran Adidas, I found the shoes, the right colour and the preferred size for this rare find..... Go google and search for "adizero SN", i bet u can find more than 5 or even correct hit on this pair of shoes..... I have been aiming this shoes months back at adidas shoes early this year.....this shoes appeared in Singapore since somewhere after last year SC marathon...The first version of this shoes is RED on white base which kind of match my RED adidas running attire.....the thing that attracts me is the forefoot cushioning which more prominent than other cushioned trainer.....months later, the yellow version came out followed by the latest orange/black... about 2 weeks back, i actually saw this shoes going at 30% at bugis hands got itchy....i holded my ground and Running labs at funan having mega sale.....the orange/black and red version going for 50% off!!!! I tried the shoes there but they only ahve size 9 for the red and half size small and another half size bigger than my preference....AArrghh!....i think i got to settle with the 30% at adidas shops..... Went down to Suntec adidas after watching X-men with sgrunners and saw the yellow and orange/black version..Funny thing is the yellow version is on 30% off but not the orange/black ones...crap....i decided to search other nearby outlets......bugis has NOT adizero SN at all.....i gave up for the day happened to dropby Tampines Mall and decided to give it a! they got the RED version which i wanted....but no size....the pretty lady told me that they have the size and colour i wanted at Heeran....i placed my reservation straight away........and picked it up hours ago.....going for virgin run with it tomolo if possible..heee Some backgrounds i found about this shoes....this seems to be meant for Asian market......u cannot find they online on major oversea online stores like zappos, road runners......there are no reviews or news on this version of i earlier on mentioned, i actually only found 4 matches (3rd one is from DreamRunner who got the orange/black version earlier on) from a news report from Hong Kong, one is from adifans in taiwan, one from Korea website and one from japanese website.... When i first wear this shoes, i really find it having a better cut than my Nike Air pegasus which is more of American feet, it is in fact wider and roomy than my other trainers(not becos is bigger in size but becos of the cutting)....compared with my Nimbus, is in fact slightly smaller and shorter... Enough of story on this great 7th running shoes in my shoes cabinet....eagerly wanted to burn the road

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The Dream Runner said...

heh...great find Taz. I am sure you will do well with the shoes, after spending so much effort to locate it...:)

Maybe I should go get a red or yellow color pair too (since my orange pair is up to 250km liao)...hee


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