Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday To my Shoes: Adizero SN

Times really flies....it was exactly a year ago that i brought and I BLOGGED about my new rubber HERE Last nite, I just clocked this shoes over 500km....and still going strong....still very cushioned and sometimes, i still find it too cushioned....hahaaaa unlike my mizuno wave rider 8 which gave me black toes nails for my virgin marathon...i used this for my ast yr marathon and my feet came back unhurt!! Happy Birthday my dear shoes


roentgen said...

Amazing that your shoes can last more than a year! You really take good care of your stuff :)

eimi said...


First time I had the opportunity to have a more detailed read at your blog, and I feel quite amazed with the entries & content. How frequently do you actually run a week?

run to live said...

i dun run a lot, plus i rotate among my shoes and running shoes just for running nothing else...importantly....dun wash it..hahaa

Hi! my pleasure to have you here....i dun really run a lot compared to those hardcores....usually 3 times a week..max 4 ...important is i give my legs at least 36-48hrs of rest before the next run


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