Wednesday, November 30, 2005

3 days to marathon

Intended to run this morning....but last nite rain has damped the ground....this morning weather is also gloomy so decided to try my luck tonite if last run before the big one this sunday....... cannot believe is so near.......last year this time..i was struggling with my cough and flu....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

4 days to marathon

anxiety continues.....fortunately, I was too tired every nite to have any dreams on the marathon....busy schedules has also helped to divert my attention... Did a short run last nite at the reservoir: Date: 11/28/2005 Time: 7:30 PM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Route: Bedok Reservoir (1 round) Lap: 2.4km for 13:40min@5:42min/km 1.9km for 09:47min@5:09min/km Total distance: 4.3 Kilometers Total Time: 23:28 Average pace: 5:27.4 / Kilometer

Monday, November 28, 2005

7...6....5 days to marathon

very busy time to think of marathon......only did a 15km run at marina south yesterday morning with J, S and G..for the first time this year...I oversplept..becos I replied too much on my Hp as my alarm, I cannot get use to my new Hp alarm...J msg me at 7.30am(which is th time of meeting up) and I was still in I jumped out of bed ..without clearing my bowel (which i always do before my morning runs) ad washup, I sprinted down to took a cab there...we managed to start at 8am...We did not do run-walk as we took a easy jog all the way and carbo reloaded at Carl's Jr before we went separate ways.... Date: 11/27/2005 Time: 8:00 AM Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Comments: ran with J,S and SK Route: start from esplanade then goes into marina south following the marathon route and U-turn at the same place..back to esplanade and head towards sheres bridge, U-turn and back to esplanade Total distance: 15 Kilometers Total Time: 1:44:4 minute Average pace: 26:59 minute/ Kilometer

Friday, November 25, 2005

8 days to marathon

Want to Run but Rain....what to lor.. I suspect I tapering down too always a mental problem here that suddenly u did not run the normal mileage, you will feel your fitness going down... I only ran twice this week, 8.6km on tues and 4.3km on thurs.... Hopefully the weather permits and I can run this sunday morning...if not, I may go berserk!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

9 Days to marathon

9 in a favourite number in Chinese becos it sound like "long" Marathon is a distance which is 9 for most people to need a lot of patience, endurance, discipline to complete the 9 journey...we have to give respect to runners who takes >5hrs to finish as that is a 9 9 time for human body to be under stress So...9 more days to marathon....seems like a 9 time....but...I will wait patiently....stay cooled!!! Did a short run round the reservoir this morning...actually wanted to do 2 but my bowel started to move so i have to stop at one and head straight for the restroom....hopefully, tomolo weather will be good enough for me to do 2 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/24/2005 Time: 6:40 AM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Comments: wanted to run 2 rounds but bowel cannot hold Route: One round the scenic reservoir on grass or gravels beside my home. Lap: 2.4km for 13:33min@5:39min/km 1.9km for 10:16min@5:24min/km Total distance: 4.3 Kilometers Total Time: 23:50 Average pace: 5:33 / Kilometer

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

10 days to marathon

Starting the 10 days countdown.............. rest day was raining the whole day and night the day before and last nite sleep is one of the coolest in this year!!! This marathon is a race between my left, right brain and my body!!! "Run with your hearts and soul, Not your feet and knees" Cheers............................

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

11 Days to marathon

11days 14hrs....this is how close and how far away from my virgin marathon Did a cooling run this morning at the reservoir, covered 2 rounds at a superb temperature of about 24-25C I believe.....the second round started with a drizzle but died off after a few minutes....if the marathon is run in this condition...I bet the record will be broken and most runners will be doing their PB. Date: 11/22/2005 Time: 6:45 AM Weather: super cooling Shoes:ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Route:Bedok reservoir (2 rounds) lap: 2.4km for 13:41min@5:42min/km 1.9km for 10:34min@5:34min/km 2.4km for 12:11min@5:05min/km 1.9km for 09:17min@4:53min/km Total distance: 8.6 Kilometers Total time: 45:45 Average Pace: 5:19.1 min/Kilometer with your heart, run with your soul

Monday, November 21, 2005

12 Days to marathon

12Days and 14 hours away.......... "What is the best marathon advice you've ever received? - Buy shoes that are a half to full size larger than your normal shoe size - Get a massage a week before the race - Treat each marathon you run differently - Start slowly - Trust your training and respect the distance - Remember to have fun - Finish with a smile on your face" from Runner's World Jan 2004

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Last 3rd week to Marathon

When I was posting this, I am 13days and 2hrs away from the marathon. My first virgin marathon...mixed feelings has already started...feeling of fear, feeling of anxiety, feeling of excitement...already started dreaming of the final moments as I reaching the final 100m stretch of the finishing was that scary feeling.....will I make it? Only that day will tell.... I have started tapering for this week...from weekly total of 60km to 40km this coming week might go down to 30km...below are the summaries: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/15/2005 Time: 7:35 PM Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Comments: did a slow run this eveing with J,S,KT and GK...a slow slow run as i can still the strain from last sunday 30km...KT just recovered from flu. Route: from behind shaw, we ran along nicoll highway until we cross the bridge and ran along kallang river to Sir Arthur bridge and cross the bridge and run along the running path all the way to esplanade and up singapore river to zouk and U-turn back to padang, raffles hotel and back to st joseph church 2km for 14:52min@7:26min/km 2km for 14:56min@7:28min/km 2km for 14:01min@7:01min/km 2km for 14:23min@7:12min/km 2km for 14:37min@7:19min/km 3km for 24:31min@8:10min/km Total distance: 13 Kilometers Total time: 1hr 37min 21sec Average pace: 7:29.3 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/18/2005 Time: 6:30 AM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Route: Bedok Reservoir 6km road run Total distance:6 Kilometers Total time: 31min 56sec Average Pace: 5:19.3 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/19/2005 Time: 7:30 AM Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8Weather: Comments: ran end to end at east coast park with jianming and soo kng, shirley came later and ran on her own...i went ahead of the other 2 and ended 10min faster 6km for 37:07min@6:11min/km 4km for 25:33min@6:23min/km 2km for 11:07min@5:34min/km 3km for 20:45min@6:55min/km 2km for 11:10min@5:35min/km 4km for 24:57min@6:14min/km Route: ford road to entrance of NSCC and back Total distance: 21 Kilometers Total Time: 2hrs 10min 42sec Average Pace: 6:13.4 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 Cheers..............................................

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Adventure Run called Riverside Run

Date: 11/15/2005 Time: 7:35 PM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Comments: did a slow run this eveing with J,S,KT and GK...a slow slow run which we never went faster than 7min/km pace..i can still the strain from last sunday 30km...KT has just recovered from flu but he did well completing the run with us....we decided to do a 2km run with 2min walk to get use to the pace and also for KT to catch up due to his 80% of the route are runing beside the river, I would call this Riverside Run...actually, not a good palce to run...cos there are too many restaurants along the way and the smell from the delicious food are too strong.......after the run, i did felt a bit of ITB on my left leg...maybe is the strain of the 30km to rest properly this week and taper down for the D-day. Route: Start from behind shaw, we ran along nicoll highway until we cross the bridge and ran along kallang river to Sir Arthur bridge and cross the bridge and run along the running path all the way to esplanade and up singapore river to zouk and U-turn back to padang, raffles hotel and back to st joseph church Lap Time: 2km for 14:52min@7:26min/km 2km for 14:56min@7:28min/km 2km for 14:01min@7:01min/km 2km for 14:23min@7:12min/km 2km for 14:37min@7:19min/km 3km for 24:31min@8:10min/km Total distance: 13 Kilometers Total Time: 1hr 37min 21sec Average pace: 7:29.3 min/ Kilometer

Friday, November 11, 2005

Final high mileage week report (7 nov - 13 nov)

Due to my late runs and work...i was not able to blog individual runs for this week so I have to do them all in one day. This is the last high mileage week for marathon preparation before tapering...the final 30km was done on sat 12 Nov at east coast park...tried 3 runs with run-walk and the feeling is good and confidence is high.......details as follows: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/7/2005 Time: 7:00 PM Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Comments: Decided to go for a long run of maybe 15-18km.Happened to shout at Sgrunners forum and jio cosmic who stayed at tanah merah to join part of my I ran down to his house and we did a 8km loop before he head home while i carry on my journey back....quite a fast pace...hopefully using run-walk, i can maintain this pace and finish strongly. Route: start from my house and run along bedok reservoir road towards east and turn right to bedok north ave 3, left turn at swimming pool to new upper changi road and after tanah merah mrt, turn right to bedok road, run all the way to upper east coast road..right turn at bedok south ave 1 and turn left to bedok south road, turn right to upper changi road and turn right to bedok south ave 1 after mrt...turn left to bedok south road at junction, turn left to bedok south ave 3 at CC and turn right back to upper new changi eastwards until bedok park connector and turn right and run along park connector back to bedok reservoir park Lap Time: 3.0km for 17:46min@5:55min/km 5.3km for 33:04min@6:14min/km 5.1km for 31:19min@6:08min/km 4.5km for 26:05min@5:48min/km Total distance: 17.8 Kilometers Total time taken 1hr 48min 15sec Average pace: 6:05 min/ Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/10/2005 Time: 8:30 AM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Comments: It was a rainy aftern and decided to do a ran with J and S at the first half of the marathon route since we will be doing 30km at the second half east coast park this sat. however, J was cuaght up with her work and we met up later at 7.30pm....and a tiring me did not direct J properly and we end up going the wrong way to marina south. We only managed to start at i decided we should do a 13-14km instead of the original 18km trying out the run was a good try and J and S were fine after the run but the distance is too short to see the advantages of this method.....this sat will be the true test of the run-walk method.... Route: starting from marina south in front of chong pang steamboat and ran towards the U-turn point of SCM. we U-turn at the point and ran the marathon route back to the start point at esplanade bridge and U-turn back to where we begin Lap Time: 3.0km for 19:51min@6:37min/km 2.7km for 20:12min@7:29min/km 2.6km for 17:07min@6:35min/km 2.6km for 17:49min@6:51min/km 2.7km for 18:58min@7:01min/km Total distance: 13.6 Kilometers Total Time: 1hr 33min 59 sec Average pace: 6:55 min/ Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/13/2005 Time: 8:00 AM Shoes:Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Comments: ran with J, S and SK...SK dropped out after 18km..J and me together..S clocked 3hr 36min. Route: ran to sailing centre and U-turn to ford Road U-turn to Sailing centre again U-turn and abck to start Lap time: 3.0km for 19:34min@6:31min/km 2.5km for 15:23min@6:09min/km 2.5km for 15:10min@6:04min/km 3.0km for 20:26min@6:49min/km 2.0km for 13:21min@6:41min/km 3.0km for 18:24min@6:08min/km 2.0km for 13:15min@6:38min/km 3.0km for 19:35min@6:32min/km 2.5km for 15:31min@6:12min/km 2.5km for 15:34min@6:14min/km 3.0km for 20:56min@6:59min/km 1.0km for 7:22min@7:22min/km Total distance: 30 Kilometers Total time: 3hrs 14min 37sec Average pace: 6:29.2 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% cheers................

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vertical Marathon 2005 (Swissotel The Stamford Singapore)

I climbed stairs everyday cos my house was on the 4th floor and there is no lift…..but This very morning I have to climb 73 storeys up to the helipad of the South East Asia Tallest hotel: Swissotel The Stamford. This is my 5th vertical marathon after having completed 63 storeys of OUB building from 1999-2002, which is organized by NTU sports Club. So it was a totally different experience. A little fear of the lack of oxygen and also the strain on the hamstring after 20 floor cos for my first 4 Vertical Marathons, I was pulling the railing for support after 40 storeys and my legs turned jelly when I completed and my lungs was grasping for Oxygen…worst than a 20km run… Woke up early at about 6.30am to get ready and had a filling breakfast at the kopitiam near my house before I set off. My race is Men’s Open category which is the last 3rd event and it was scheduled to start at about 10.25pm. I reached the event venue at about 8am. Slowly walking around and started to see familiar faces from SgRunners….BrokenRunner, Meteor, YankeeII, Kops21, Mythos, fastlane…..later cokiee, runalone……we got together and placed our stuff at a corner and jaga by Mrs Kops21’s. All of them went up earlier than me becos they are under age groups. By 10pm, all of them came down and I transferred my stuff to another fren’s location as she and her frens will be up with me in the Open’s category… This year race for Men’s Open was a good one as they invited a few other international runners….Ben Pulham, the last year Men's winner and Esther Tan, last year Women's Champion were not able to retain their crown. This year men's category is won by Pedro Ribeiro, a 32-year old Portuguese reaching the top in 7min 18.2sec and Women's Champion is Kristy Rice from Honolulu finishing in 10min 13:15sec It was finally my turn as I purposely placed myself in the last wave of the Men’s Open while waiting to see the Men’s Open champion reaching the top from the plasma TV at the start area. Due to fear from previous VM, I decided to take a slow and steady pace in, I took 2 steps at one go and see how much I can continue…. For the first 40 storeys, I was surprised that the staircase is followed by a 10m walk before we proceed further, this gives some rest time for my muscle to recover. It was after the 40th storey that the direction changed from clockwise to anti-clockwise that posed a challenge. I continued steadily up and went past all the climbers from my wave. From this point onwards, there is no walking break but just up and up and I decided not to look at the storey. The stairs suddenly changed colour and found myself at the 70th storey, pushed up my pace and finished in a decent time of 12min 33sec (hey about the same time as the time i climbed OUB 63 storeys). A very good and enjoyable climb….I did not stop at all and managed to climb 2 steps at one time all the way to the top….and most important, I did not use my arms at all…My legs felt strong after I finished which is unlike my last 4 VM. I guess, all the endurance run did helps a lot here….In terms of race condition, this was much much better than OUB climb. There are actually ventilation system that keeps the air flowing so we did not experience low oxygen condition unlike OUB and there are less steps for a storey compared to OUB. The first half of the climb with some walk space did places an important part unlike OUB which is really climb, climb and climb. After that climb, some of us went to kiliney kopitiam for kopi, the and some food before we went home. Maybe next year, I can come back to beat this year timing….hmmmmmm Here the Photos: Cheers.................................Life is short, play Hard

Friday, November 04, 2005

Final run for the week and weekly mileage summary

Today is the last day of my run for this week as I rest for this sunday Vertical Marathon. I have up my mileage a lot compared to previous weeks mainly due to desperate and also whole will of holiday which I do not know wat to do other than Run, eat, sleep and Forumming. I did a full 11km round at MacRitchie Reservoir on Monday Morning.Did a 16km with my running Kaki from Yishun Stadium to Jalan Kayu via Seletar reservoir on Tuesday Nite. A 18km with Sgrunners from Macritchie Reservoir to pierce Reservoir via Upper Thomson Road and a 24.3km run to Pasir Ris, Loyang Ave, Tampines Ave 7, Tampines Ave 2 and back to Bedok Reservoir with a final complete round. So this week total is about 69.3km...Wow +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The original plan for tonight is to do a trial of 20km using run-walk method. The plan is to run about 3km-4km and walk a minute for every km ran. However, the weather is cool and the walk breaks really refreshed the legs and I was about to maintain quite a fast speed for the run section. I was feeling very good until I reached Tampines after about 14km where the traffic lights were very horrible and broke my rhythm for about 3km. The traffic was heavy and there are numerous traffic lights to cross with each traffic light waiting time of about 2min if I was unlucky. But after the horrible part, I was able to regain my rhythm and finished my 20km at the time of about 2hrs I was feeling good, I tried to continue another round of 4.3km around Bedok Reservoir with a 3min walk after 2.9km run and ended my 24.3km run at a time of about 2hrs 31min..... The timing tonight is considered incredible as my last terrible run 25km took about 2hrs 50min at East Coast with no ammo left. Furthermore, I did a long 18km run yesterday morning....As My legs are still able to go on after my run tonight, on the actual day, if I was about to keep my cool and maintain my 3km run, 3min walk, I should be able to finish my first marathon by 2hrs 15min and my second half should be able to complete within 2hrs 45min which I should be able to complete within 5hrs.....lets hope so....I will do my 30km run next week using the strategy again. To summarise, I did the following for tonight's run: Run 2.5km-> walk 2min-> Run 4.5km-> walk 3min 30sec-> Run 3.5km-> walk 3min 30sec-> Run 3.5km->walk 3min 30sec->run 2.5km with a lot of traffic light breaks-> Run 3.5km-> walk 3min-> run 2.9km->walk 3min-> run 1.4km

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Summary of this week mileage in chronological order: *********************************** Date: 10/31/2005 7:35 AM

Comments: went the full round alone this morning, starting and ending at the lower carpark toilet. took a 3min walk break at the ranger station which is about 4.7km...hit by rain at the last 1km Route:Macritchie Reservoir Full 11kmstart and end at toilet

Total Distance: 11 Kilometers

Total Time: 1:00:33.3

Average Pace: 5:30.2 / Kilometer Shoe wore: Salomon XA Pro 3D


0.6km for 3:27min@5:45min/km

4.2km for 23:17min@5:33min/km

5.3km for 30:15min@5:42min/km

0.9km for 3:33min@3:57min/km


Date: 11/1/2005 6:00 PM

Comments: Ran with J,Gerald, Shirley and weishan. Start from Yishun stadium, and run down to seletar reservoir and pass seletar airbase to jalan kayu and back. Took a 10min break at jalan kayu

Total Distance: 16 Kilometers

Total Time: 1:46:44

Average Pace: 6:40.2 / Kilometer



8km for 52:38min@6:35min/km

8km for 53:46min@6:43min/km

*********************************** Date: 11/3/2005 8:00 AM

Comments: went with Sgrunners for run from macritchie reservoir to pierce reservoir...via thomson road, old upper thomson road. we had water, toilet break along the way. Route: macritchie along upper thomson road to pierce reservoir

Total Distance: 18 Kilometers

Total Time: 2:28:29

Average Pace: 8:15 / Kilometer

Shoe wore: Salomon XA Pro 3D


9km for 1hr 15min @ 8:20min/km timing included break time


Date: 11/4/2005 6:30 PM

Route:run from Bedok Reservoir to Temasek Poly->Tampines Ave 10-> Pasir RIs Ave 3-> Loyang Ave-> Tampines Ave 7-> Tampines Ave 2-> Temasek Poly->back to Bedok Reservoir->one final round at Bedok Reservoir

Total Distance: 24.3 Kilometers

Total Time: 2:31:23

Average Pace: 6:14 / Kilometer

Shoe wore: Mizuno Wave Rider 8


2.5km for 14:16min@ 5:42min/km

1.5km for 08:56min@ 5:57min/km(include 2min walk break)

3.0km for 17:02min@ 5:41min/km(include 3:30min walk break)

3.5km for 21:53min@ 6:15min/km(include 3:30min walk break)

3.6km for 24:06min@ 6:42min/km(include 3:30min walk break)

2.5km for 19:05min@ 7:38min/km(include a lot of traffic breaks)

1.5km for 08:01min@ 5:21min/km

2.0km for 10:20min@ 5:01min/km

2.9km for 18:34min@ 6:24min/km(include 3min walk break)

1.4km for 09:05min@ 6:29min/km(include 3min walk break) all in the mind

Vertical Marathon Race pack collection

Went for lunch with J, Kay and balasing somewhere near bugis before balasing, Kay and myself went down to Swissotel Raffles city to collect the race pack for this sunday Vertical Marathon.... As arranged, we met BrokenRunner, Meteor and Alvo at the collection site and also met Fastlane who sneaked out during lunch to collect the packs. After collecting the pack, we head down to Funan and paid a visit to Running Labs to see if we can make use of the $10 voucher from the goodie bag..However, the birthday boy, Kay kana recalled by his auntie back to the office so he left us early.....We reached the shop and met Sam from SAFRA who was the sales personal at the shop. Only Meteor brought a Nike top and the rest of us left empty-handed...we decided to head downstairs for kopi at Yakun....we had a long and interesting talk mainly about what is happening in the forum and we tok and tok until 5.30pm before we decided to leave..Myself, Meteor and Alvo took a lift from BrokenRunner while Balasing continued to hang around until at night when he needs to continue at work...poor guy I reached home at 6pm and got ready for my planned LSD for the night........ My bib number is 098 under Men's Open category and this year Race pack for Vertical Marathon consisted of: A black Shoe bagEvent Tee A white brandless towel A gentle soap from Raffles Amrita Spa One travel pack of ORIGINAL LEMON SOURCE SHOWER Gel (Tea Tree & Lemon) One travel pack of ORIGINAL LIME SOURCE SHOWER Gel (Tea Tree & Lime) One travel pack of ORIGINAL LAVENDER SOURCE SHOWER Gel (Tea Tree & Lavender) One voucher from Fitness First for Special One day workout PassOne $10 voucher from Raffles Amrita Spa with minimum spending of $90 One $10 voucher from Running lab with minimum spending of $30 One namecard of the manager from i-VOX communication One certificate of discount offered to VM participants from Raffles Amrita Spa One November Issue of Men's Health Magazine (Singapore Edition) Anyone need the vouchers other than the Running lab one, please contact me Cheers................u never run alone in

SgRunners Hari Raya Get-Together-Run

Thanks to Tiwazz for starting this Hari Raya run at Macritchie....quite a number of us replied...the orginal plan was running 2 loop of macritchie of 1 loop depending on individual....looking at the bad weather recently, Alvo suggested the following 2 options: OPTION1: For those who are doing two loop. Instead of doing the second loop in the trail we can run the MR20k route. I can be the guide. OPTION2: Run along thomson road to upper thomson road. Then back. Distance: 16km We fixed to start at 7am meeting at macritchie....So i woke up 530am..just to make sure i will catch the first bus to Toa was drizzling the night before and the weather was clear this morning at bedok...however, it startd to pour when the bus reached paya lebar area...I was thinkign shit..and message dreamrunner,Tiwazz and Alvo...only DreamRunner replied and he tried to confirm the weather near MR...I reached Toa Payoh interchange by the rain came pouring heaviler...and i was feeling hungry so I took a plate of char kway tiao at the interchange canteen with a cup of hot tea to keep about 7am....the sky started to clear and seems that 2 few of them went down to MR...I decided to make my way there..... I reached at about 7.30am and saw sotong changing his shoes at the lower carpark....I went up the upper carpark and saw the rest of them....but cyberkinetic was no where to be we waited for him to arrived before we started at about 8am..commando decided to wear his boots and went for 2 rounds of muddy trail....So we took option 2 and Alvo led us out of Macritchie to Thomson road...we started with 14 runners...a very good turnout and was causing some curiocity from the runners we met on the road.... we went at a very comfortable chit chat pace and we are able to keep close to each other till we reach the lower pierce toilet for a small break. We continued on to upper pierce when we met DO near the Old Upper Thomson Road entrance...we went along the OUTR and reached Upper pierce when Alvo, DreamRunners and DO led us to the famous "aircon" the weather is already very cooling, we did not feel the "aircon as claimed...will come back next time when the weather is was about 9km when we U-turn back to the start point...we started to pickup some pace as the slower runners dropped behind...we reached lower pierce toilet and waited 15min for the last few runners before we decided to carry on.... It was about 4km left when BrokenRunner broke off from the group and went her "kenyan" style....his brother, Roger also follow her..while DreamRunner and myself trying to keep we are near MR, DreamRunner and myself suddenly pickup and passed BrokerRunner and her bro....we increased out pace and finished strongly to where we started...I came in before DreamRunners as he was slowed down by the pedestrians.....without the people blocking his way, he should be ahead of me to the end..... We waited for all to be back, washed up and head straight to the famous PRATA shop!!! we got 17 hungry runners searching for seats at the shop and finally, we got to split into 2 different groups for out carbo reloading..I had a plain prata, a mushroom and cheese prata, one teh-tarik and a MILO DINOSAUR!!!! A great meal we had before we parted..... thanks to Sotong we brought his camera along for the run and took a lot fo fun picture...and also brokeRunners for some other photo at the PRATA shop... And also thanks Alvo, DreamRunner and DO for leading up all the way and show us interesting places and routes... more report here from DreamRunner... cheers....................looking forward for the next SgRunners run-together-session..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An inspiration day with a good 16km run!!!

Today was the first day of Nov, also 5 weeks more to the big day on 4 Dec....... My company shut down for the week and was forced to take leave on Mon, Wed and Fri because of the holidays on Tues and it was a last minute notice, I did not have time to plan for anything else except run, eat, sleep, walk or sleep, walk, eat, run for the whole week.....4 running days and one final day of Vertical marathon at the 73 storey Raffles City on Sunday. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I woke up late at about 10am today, went for breakfast cum lunch and decided to join the SgRunners:DO, Balasing, TheLonelyRunner and Cyberkinetic for a meeting with Lim Nghee Huat, The legendary ironman who was the first to complete the NTU 168km ultramarathon a month ago......This meeting is suppose to finalise the sharing session next sunday which ws joining organised by SgRunners and Himself. During the meeting, he also inspired us with all his stories during teh 168km ultramarathon and also his past achievement...things i remembered: he did is first marathon in a time of 3hrs 20min without much training...he went for Kona Ironman in Hawaii at the age of 36, he was the fastest Asian to finish that year....and many more accomplishment However, something he mentioned about his 168 ultramarathon is he did the first marathon in about 4hrs 50min with run-walk method with a ration of 30min run-5min walk.....this has indeed inspired me to complete the marathon within 5hrs......I going to try the run-walk method this friday using my 20km LSD.....I got to leave early because of the adventure run at Yishun organised by ethanolic...... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I met up with J, Shirley, Weishan and Ethanolicat Yishun stadium. The run supposed to start at 5pm, but was delayed to 5.30pm due to the hot weatehr but we finally started at 6pm due to latecomers like me...heeeee we started at Yishun stadium and went up northeast along Yishun Ave 1 all the way to Seletar Reservoir dam running past orchid country club entrance...Shirley was not feeling well as she just recovered from flu so she slowed down after about 2km...I also slowed down to accompany her....J, weishan and Ethanolic went ahead.......we crossed the dam and follow the road at the outskirt of Seletar airport via seletar country club entrance...teh road lead us allt he way to seletar camp entrance and we went to jalan kayu for 10min toilet and water break...we have ran about 8km and took about 52 minutes.... After the break, the exciting part came in...we sky has turned dark and the whole stretch of road by the outskirt of seletar airport was totally darkness..the lightpost were there but there was no lights at all....we got run in the dark with cars passing by dangerously...can feel that the girls are a bit scare as I volunteered to lead the way and they sticked very close to my back...finally, we are out of darkness at the reservoir dam....Ethanolic started to feel uneasy and slowed to a walk and jog....J offered to slow down and accompany him while Shirley and weishan followed me closely all the way back to the stadium...everyone was feeling good after the run...and Shirley flu seems to be recovered fully as she did a good fast pace finished.....we took about 53min back. We ran a total of 16km... Weishan, shirley and myself went into the stadium for warm down while waiting for J and Ethanolic to come....I took the chance to calibrate my watch...based on 100m on the track, I measured that I will took 91 steps with about 110cm stride length....this was entranced into my watch and if i can follow a consistent 180 cadance pacer, I can easily have a estimation of my distance run in future...... After everyone was back, we had carbo reloading at a kopitiam near to Khatib mrt before we parted for the night........the route we ran is shown below:


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