Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It has been a hectic December...and it will be until end of this year......
That's the reason why there is not much updates this month despite of the several events

  • Survived StandChart Singapore Marathon on 6 Dec in about 5hrs 34min but the timing chip screwed up so timing did not captured by the finishing certs this time
  • The day after the marathon is the start of my 2 weeks in-camp training.......almost fainted with my aching and weak legs when we are assigned to rooms on the 6th level (with no lift loh!!)
  • 2 days after the marathon is the fitness test.....went thru wth pains and suffering and managed to scrapped thru the 2.4km run by 2sec to get at least a $100 to recoup my marathon registration fee and my cab fare from Sengkang to Boon Lay in morning peak hour the day before
  • Wearing boots for 2 weeks for me who wear running shoes to work everyday is no joke.....especially after marathon...every step aches for the first week and lucky they all went off in the 2nd week
  • lack of sleep in second week where < 3hrs for most of the days......
  • In-camp ended with a weekend rush to do route recce for Click-4-Klick....10.5km and 13.3km seems to be very very long for me now...................I din managed to run all the way..and walked quite a fair bit
  • 4 days in the office dunno what to catch up......too short a time to take over a task as after that is 10days of holiday again
  • Flying off tomolo morning 6am.......and back to tuesday....2 days to prepare for the charity project before it kicks off....I left with the sunday before 1st working day next year to recharge for the new challenging year
so long.....I will be BACK!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Everybody loves a challenge. I guess in my list of acquaintances and friends, none more so than this lady, Kelly. She among all that I know has ran the most marathon and ultra marathons. 38 in all in the past 8 years!

To kick off 2010, she has decided to take on not 1 but 2 challenges.

1) Challenge no 1 - to run non-stop for 30 hours and to cover 160km in the process
2) Challenge no 2 - to raise $50,000.00 for the President's Challenge.

I really have to salute her (actually if I am in camo, I have no choice ~ she is a Major in the SAF) but it is her mental strength that amazes me. Read more about her races adventure here.

Back to the 2 challenges, on 1 January 2010 at 3am she will start running circles at Bedok Reservoir before running from there to MacRitchie Reservoir where she will continue running the 10.5km trail until she hit 30 hours. She hopes supporters and friends will help her to complete the challenge by donating generously to the President's Challenge either with an outright donation or a pledge of an amount ($1 or more) for every kilometre ran.

Unlike most fund raising projects, all donations received for Click-4-Klick will go directly to the President's Challenge. There will be no deductions of fund raising expenses, admin charges etc. So please donate generously.

For more information on the challenge and how you can make a donation or pledge, click here. For more information on the President's Challenge, click here.


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