Wednesday, October 31, 2007

book in my bag: Running

Miss the interval last throat acts up again after a ill-discipline friday nite..... 1 x fried chicken wing is more than enough to down me for a i dropped by sengkang library again in hope to grab something to kill my free time (from no running) and found this book called "Running"

Interestingly, this book is written by a record holding middle distance runner called Dr Thomas Wessinghage from Germany

you can read about his here:

If you know German, his homepage is here:

What made me wanted to read further although the words are very small compared to other running books is the first chapter on Running technique, what he wrote is very logical and 100% agreed with him......

Monday, October 29, 2007



Interesting website on backward running at

Friday, October 26, 2007

Time To Rethink Your Marathon Training Program?

I am not training for marathon......

but what is stated is this new training model seems to be what i doing now...except i din do the long run...which i still trying to figure out how to do it

read with cautious...this is not for everyone

Running Times: Time To Rethink Your Marathon Training Program?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back to RL run......long intervals

it has been at least 2 months since I last joined the thursday RL run....the last time was filled with ladies preparing for shape and GE women's run...

I decided to join back the run to say Hi to some of my friends there...I was late than usual..reached only at 7pm due to a long bus wait at my new office

Today seems to have more guys and the ladies who came 2 months back aer all gone except for some regulars

lucky today is esplanade kallang river route...Since I have not been clocking long runs up to 10km.....i predict i will not be able to finish the run if i do it the usual way, so i decided to do long intervals....8min run and 2 min walk recovering

Started out too fast for first 2 sets.....3rd sets started to feel the strain....but managed to reached the U-turn point 5km away at exactly 28min (end of 3rd run)....the return leg was a bit slower but more comfortable....

still managed to finish 6 sets for 10.3km in exactly an hour....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

following the trend....Facebooked!

I am facebooked! Have u? first thing is to be kena bitten by vampire friends....werewolves, zombies also a lousy cannot win race $$ to throw food at pple...This world is getting much smaller with better technology.......

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Burning the red rubber track

Weather this evening is perfect!

So I went to burn the rubber track again

decided to 400m again...last week only managed to do 5 set and my throat gave way.....i guess to do it i decided to hit more sets tonite...but going slower than last week

1st went 1:40min

2nd went a bit faster at 1:37min

3rd maintained at 1:36min

4th started to feel the strain but maintained at 1:37min

5rd lost a bit of control on the speed and a bit faster 1:35min

6th lap still feeling ok for my throat and maintained at 1:34min

7th lap legs feeling better and went for 1:33min

I decided that 8th is enough for the nite and went for 1:27min

a good workout tonite.....getting addictive to intervals liao

look like i need another pair of racer soon f i will to do intervals every week

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot hot insane run!

Have to give up my sat morning run due to some appointment....thought i will not have time to do a short happened to have a short window of "nothing to do" so i thought is good to try do maybe a 10km...

But it was insane....cos i started run in the 2pm sun......i gave up after 6.8km for 38min.....not a bad run consider the speed i went under this condition.....walked about 3km joke...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Marketing Themes for running.......

It is very interesting to see that in recent years, Sport companies are putting more emphasis on the sport called Running

On very obvious trend is that companies created special slogan for their running marketing campaigns and here are some of them:

Brooks "Run World Run" at

Reebok "Go Run Easy" at

Pearl Izumi "We Are Not Joggers" at

revival of interval again!!

As title suggested, I just did another interval at the stadium yesterday nite

The original plan is to meet up with TL for a run at the stadium..later found out that C also want to come along..unfortunately, TL last minute got project meeting so he din make it....

It started to pour after lunch....NEA website indicated thunderstorm in whole singapore.....hoping that rain wil stop in was still drizzling....i got out of office at 6pm and was happy to find that it stopped!!! Rushed home and changed to meet up with C as we find out way to the stadium......

It was already close to 8pm (closed at 8.30pm) and C plan to do 6x800m......i decided just to tag along for abt 4 laps or before i hit my throat threshold

Each set is done in 5min which include run cum rest time....first round went well at 3:32min...second round came a bit slower as C thought went too fast....3rd one was good as we went back to 3:32min....did 4th at 3:29min and I got to stop....C went on to finish 2 more sets....

Did a one lap cooldown walk and the bell rang!!! stadium close shop liao

legs still feel OK today even though 2 consecutive nites also do intervals..a good start to my revival of my fitness........and the feeling of the old track training interval is back.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What is Running!

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Pearl Izumi: "We Are Not Joggers"

Saw this wallpaper at Pearl Izumi "We Are Not Joggers" Theme site:

Runners somethings jog, jogger never run

The shoes in the wallpaper is quite chio....wonder what model is this....cannot seems to find it in their website.....

If anyone know, please let me know

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finding back my running form

Ever since I am back from green, my bad health came back nose run badly every morning and my sensitive throat always have excessive phelgm...this really stopped me from exercising again

went to see chinese sinseh....and she said is best to try to exercise again so that my body can build up the self-resistance and it will help in my she said...start short exercise within my throat threshold and build up my body slowly again

After raining for past few days in the evening...i thought this evening with clearer sky looks promising for me to go for exercise....managed to get out of my office on time

got out of buangkok MRT and saw....dark storm clouds brewing at sengkang/punggol but clear sky at hougang i fast walk home and change up my attire...managed to got out of my house at 7pm and jog towards hougang stadium

reached stadium at about 7.20pm...took 17min to run 2.5km with several traffic light stops...met a friend and started chatting for a while

feel like doing intervals so i decided do about 5 of about 1:40min per lap within my throat threahold...first round did 1:33min...damn, is too try to slowed down on second round....1:34min.....still feeling ok...1:32min...1:32min and finally, last round did 1:31min and felt my throat threshold i decided to finish there....we a bit of phelgm to spit (at least not vomit)

did a bit of statics exercise before i went to kopitiam nearby for dinner

tonite's intervals looks promising...look like my running is still there although i slack so much for past 5 weeks....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

SCSM tips from TheSundayTimes

From Aug 19 onwards, at the sports section of Sunday Times, our very own local ironlady, JW will came out with articles to provide tips and training program for those preparing for this year marathon on 2 dec.....

I decided to find the online archive and found it at

for those who ahve never run a marathon before and dunnoe what to prepare...this archive did provide some valuable tips

Out of the Green

After 5 weeks of greens.....I am back finally...i must said that I did not clock much and sleep more than usual....more like a relaxing long holiday from still an unknown if I will be there at the line on 2 dec.....but real running will starts soon

Saturday, October 06, 2007

first LSD after AHM : SK to ECP

Ever since AHM, I have not done a run more than 10km.....for past 4 weeks, havent done a run more than 30min......i missed the LSD feeling....

Found out that the pig family are doing their LSD at ECP, starting at 5am!! i decided to just run down to meet them after their run for makan

I managed to wake up at 5am,my past 4 weeks early wakeup has helped my to get out of my bed easily this morning...... hooked up my adizero SN and got my water pack with my dry clothings on before I headed out of the dark always nice to run so early in the morning as the air is cool and less fumes from vehicles on the road

it was a difficult run after an hour due to lack of the time i reached ECP, i cannot "feel" my i stopped at F2 after an hour distance is about 15km.....waited for the guys to return....met some familiar faces along the way.....the guys returned after i waited for 2 hrs and finally, we head for famous hoe nam prawn mee at macpherson


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