Thursday, July 27, 2006

Discovering your heart

i was reading this book which i came across this paragraph which i thought is very meaning and was the author answering a question by his junior staff on how to pay attention to his heart, understand and discover oneself... His answer to the question is "Well, you like to run. A very practical place to start would be to go for a run all by yourself every day, with no company, no headphones, and no distractions. When youa re out there, ask yourself this question: What's most important to me, and why? When you get home, write down what came to you. Do this repeatly. try not tosuccumb to early deadline pressure to get your application in, and don't fall too much in love with your first answer. Keep asking the question. See wat you learn in the process. You might be very surprised by what you find. Things are never quite as they seem at first, at least not for me." i how wish..i have the discipline to run everyday all by myself everyday and ponder about this..... How about you?


roonz said...

" company, no headphones and no distractions..."

wow..that's the zui gao jing jie!

KickJazz said...

I prefer to run in a group. Running alone, i will be cursing under my breath so much I have no energy to think about what is most important to me :P hehe ... kidding lah ...
i oso read somewhere about dedicating some time each day to do this, self-reflection. Similar concept. :)
So r u running alone tonite ? :P

T@z said...

i also do "no company, no headphones "...but not the last one

control your pace is the key to keep yourself running with normal a skill and art to pickup.

if u can sing the national anthem without breathless when u run..u have achieved it

i ran alone...tonite


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