Friday, May 29, 2015

Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong Airport Express station)

The last trip to Hong Kong for Translantau 100 found ourselves in Tim Ho Wan at Hong Kong Airport Express Station Branch at 11am and no queue. So we sit in to dine finally before taking a boat to Mui Wo.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day Hike to Gunung Lambak Kluang Johor Malaysia

It was a nice Saturday morning. Thanks for the organizer for organizing this day trip to Gunung Lambak at Kluang in Johor, Malaysia.
12 of us rented a mini-van send us from Singapore straight to the foot of the hill.
This small hill is only about 510m but it has very technical ascent and descent and is not easy those who are not used to climbing roots and near vertical climb.

The start point is just beside a small waterpark. The starting stretch is concrete pavement

a small bridge over the stream

The concrete pavement ended at a Huge Malaysia flag with fountains beside it

The climb starts immediately with roots and roots. Ropes are tied to tree to assist hikers

We reached the 800m point fairly quick and there is this little shelter for tea.

Here is a big welcome board. From here, the route split into a direct ascent to the main peak or tranverse to the other trail for ascent to the 2nd peak

We decided to ascent directly up to the main peak and we are welcome by very tough climb. Some part of the climb are almost vertical and most of us got to go on fours. Ropes are provided to assist the climbers

We finally reached the peak after about 90min climb where there is a transmission tower and a small shelter with table and benches.

We can see the whole town from here

 We decided to top for lunch. We met other climbs and some of us are persuaded to visit the famous BIG TREE. We were told that is about 45min to an hour descent so the group split into 2. 6 of us decided to go down and take a look and the other 6 decided not to. I went down with other 5 and we descented closed to 300m before we hit this BIG TREE!! The way down is not easy and ropes are available to assist the hikers and we took about 40-50min to reach it. We took about another 50min to climb back up to the peak. 

We found that the rest have proceed so after all of us are back to the peak, the 6 of us proceed down to the shoulder where the group split up again. We descent for about 100m. 2 of them decided to proceed straight down to the start and the rest of us decided to go u the 2nd peak. 
It was a short hike to the start of the climb and Wow, we saw an almost vertical slope so we just endured on. It was a fairly short 75m climb and we saw these 3 chairs sitting in the summit.
We discovered many other trails at the peak and saw an old man coming up from one of them. After enquiring from him, we went down the way he came from. There are white tapes tying  on the tree trunk to direct the hikers to descent the right way.

The way down from this route is much easier compared to where we ascent and we have a fun time descending down. After back to the waterpark, we paid RM$1 to bath in the waterpark toilet before we proceed or coffee and dinner.

At Kluang, we can see the 2 peaks we ascent clearly.

 Here is the GPS tracking for the whole hike. The branch off line is the way to the BIG TREE and back the same way

(Thanks to those who took the photos that are in this post)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Takashimaya Cold Storage - The little Japan Counter #1

Found a great place for Japanese Sushi!!
Takashimaya Isetan.
Grab a sushi, sashimi or other japanese food from the Japanese counter and sit in to enjoy with free flow of Japanese Green Tea. Other food available for order at the small counter are soba, miso soup and various Tempura.
Only $17.50 for the above!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Rubber for burning: Vibram FiveFingers Trek Ascent

Just after 10 months from my last purchase of VFF Spyridon LS, I got another pair of Vibram Trek Ascent. This is the newest model of FiveFingers from Vibram that was designed for outdoor trail trekking and hiking. Spyridon LS have served me well especially for my Translantau 100km Ultra Marathon in Hong Kong. However, it seems that Vibram has discontinued this model and in replacement introduced the Trek Ascent series.

It is a major design change from Spyridon LS to Trek Ascent. The whole fivefingers are different from heel to toes.

The upper is a softer felt liked material and a different lacing system is used. The outsole featured a new thread design which is more aggressive and the footbed is a soft footbed instead of the hard rock stopper used in Spyridon series. The outsole also make used of a new compound called the MegaGrip which supposed to have a more superior traction than the old compound. 

Comparing the outsole with the Spyridon:

Went for a short 8km in the trail of sands, dry mud, rocks and gravels to test this out.
The softer footbed compound and the design of the outsole made the Trek Ascent much more flexible than the Spyridon with the harder rock stopper. Definitely, the protection against rocks has reduced using a softer footbed. However, I think Vibram has hit a sweet spot in terms of balancing between protection and flexiblity. with a 0.5mm increased in outsole thickness over Spyridon, the protection against the rocks is sufficient.
The new lacing system offers a better adjustment and hold the upper well over the feet. The softer upper does felt less support at first but once after a few minutes of run, the feeling was gone. The upper felt liked material is much lighter than the spyridon series and it does not cause any high pressure area of hot spot that may cause abrasion or cuts.

Let see how it holds as I increase the distance with Trek Ascent.

My little Aussie Feet long run

Brought my Aussie Feet for its longest run. 15km...feeling awesome
Hope to do a Aussie marathon in this next time

Friday, May 15, 2015

Nakhon Kitchen (Yishun)

The popular Nakhon Kitchen started in Kovan has opened a branch at Yishun Ring Road Block 233.
Expanding fast this year, there is still no queue so we went to grab some authentic Thai food before words spread out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Dream Cafe 163 : Waffles, Ice cream Lava cakes in Toa Payoh

Call: 6258 3120
Cafe: 163 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #01-1016 S(310163)

This is a relatively new cafe in Toa Payoh. Much nearer to Toa Payoh Central and right in front of the busstop. The first impression after walking into the Cafe is very nice. Especially the wallpaper they have used. Plenty of seating space compared to Creamier. This cafe only opened at 1pm daily so do not count on having lunch there. There are Ice Cream, waffles, lava cakes and other pastries. Unfortunately, the coffee is made from the instant coffee machine.

They have a set which consisted of lava cake, waffles and Ice Cream. The waffles is made with different concept and it was actually quite good with the ice cream. The lava cake is something not common in common cafe but the warm paste oozing out of the hot sponge is really good..It goes well with the waffles and the cold and delicious Ice Cream.

Recommended for nice afternoon tea but coffee from coffee machine is just a let down.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Waffles @Refuel Cafe, Bedok Reservoir Village

In a hot humid afternoon, I decided to visit Refuel Cafe @Bedok Reservoir Village for a cup of ice latte and food. Found that they have a new menu and now they have more food variety. 
Including Waffles!!
I need more protein so I went for Waffles Salomon & Scrambled eggs!!
Will try the Waffles Berries or Waffles ice cream next time.

Worth more visits!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Creamier : Waffles and Ice cream in Toa Payoh

128 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, 310128
6250 1476

One of the earlier neighbourhood cafe in Toa Payoh which is popular because of its yummy waffles. Googled Waffles in Toa payoh and this will popup at top of the list. A small setup with limited seating capacity, it is always fully occupied. Unfortunately, the range of food is limited to waffles and gelato and drinks.

The Waffles is crispy and hot and goes very well with the gelato. Recommended!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

DIY Waffles

SuaKu Me...first time see a DIY waffles counter in a hotel for breakfast. So I went making my own waffles and top up with fruits, yogurt and even Ice Cream!!


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