Friday, May 18, 2007

RL run: Fort Canning - Singapore River

It has been a long time before i got sick that i came to RL run.....the last time i ran, was with a JC kid who caused me to over-run my normal pace....i almost died of out-of-breath Nowadays, seems to be unmotivated to run alone, so after tuesday's CBD run, i decided to join the RL gang this evening... i was quite last due to work and luckily, i made it in time....and wow! today's turnout was huge...20-25 estimated....heard from them last week also around this and a bit more....long time din come din know it has grown so much. tonite's run was fort canning- singapore usual Eddy led the warm-up stretch before getting us move our butt.....this is the 2nd time i ran this route and still not familiar with the maze at fort i decided to stick to a the end, i stick to these 3 gers and a guy as the gers are new and i knew eddy will lead them out of the hills.....true enough,i din get lost this time the ground was wet due to the afternoon thunderstorm but is not slippery enough to cause a fall.... once out of fort canning, the gers slowed down...or is it i went faster? they fell behind and soon i found myself running alone....caught up with the limping cokiee before hitting Kim Seng park. caught up with a group in front just at Zouk and i decided to cross over to the other side which is easier to run instead of following the rest.... managed to maintain a sustainable pace until the end without stopping in from about 9+km...i take it as 9km then.... a good run tonite....

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