Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Insane changi nasi lemak LSD

skchangi21km It is already morning 1am on Wed. Not in very good mood yesterday...mainly due to some forever changing in task everyday which makes me difficult to catch up and organise my schedule properly..will expect to do OT till maybe end of the year...dunnoe y my words are small or ang mo no good..some pple just cannot understand what i wrote.... Only went home at 7.30pm and i was surprisingly the last one to leave office. reached home at pasar malam and funeral downstairs side by side....a bit wierd situation...only managed to start at 8.40pm... i feel i really need a long long run...without pre-planning the route..i suddenly have craving for changi nasi there i went running towards my destination. My start was a bit fast as i met this lady runner wearing the SCM 2003 tee and listening to her mp3...she was going quite fast..having some difficulty to catch as i have not warmed i just keep her within 20m in front....we went separate ways after 1km...i decided to do run/walk with a ratio of 10/2 this see if this ratio is OK to i tried to do a slower run pace as my lower legs are still feeling some ache from AHM 2 days back. without pre-measured the route and distance checkpoint, i just went and went...reached bedok reservoir and went for a quick pee before i ran towards was after safra that the situation from last sunday AHM came again...traffic lights stop but with lnger waiting time....these stop has broke my run/walk momentum and i lost a few min doing more walking and was until TPE that the situation got better. entered loyang area...the challenging slopes did slow me a bit but i was still going at a comfortable lower limps started to feel a bit strain. i slowed down a bit after a long downslope. finally reached changi point after 2hrs 15min. went straight to 7-11 to get a bottle of isotonic i walked towards the food centre, found that the famous nasi lemak got no queue at all, grabbed a plate immediately as i down myself with the delicious chicken wings and egg. changinasil it was already 11++pm....did not waste much time after finishing my food, i proceed to the busstop hoping to catch my bus home as quickly as possible.... although slower...but a much better run than least i din vomit this time. Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 20.8km total time: 2hr 14min 14sec average speed 6:27min/km lap: 8.2km for 49:16min@6:00min/km 4.6km for 28:33min@6:12min/km 8.0km for 56:24min@7:03min/km

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dialy Inspiration - how to fight

"fight fire with water, anger with love, sleepiness with kopi, depression with a run" - TazzyBoy on the run

Sunday, August 27, 2006

AHM 2006

It was the day of the year for the biggest running (maybe sports also) event. 60-70k runners gathered at padang for the annual sheares bridge and army half marathon. most runners will be out to do a PB, but for me...PB is bonus...finished without injuries of illness is more important. I have been doing long slow runs so i dun expect myself to come in strong in speed here. I was pickup by gentle together with red xiao ding dang, JT and KJ. We reached at abt 4.45pm at raffles city. started to jan into the carpark but we still got a good parking space. met a few other sgrunners before we proceed to tam kim seng fountain to meet up the rest..i went for my last toilet break. We moved to the start line and the mc was not impressive with a poor choice of music, The crowd moved and we moved....the run started...i followed lokun until 2+km before i lost him..started out with a good warmed up i hope i dun have to vomit too many times....catch a toilet break at ECP....the run was smooth and comfy until the 14km mark where i was stopped by traffic for the first phelgm came and i got to split out constantly to clear my throat.... The rest of the journey are stop, run, vomit....took a powergel after 16km...the water provided are too cold which constrict my throat and made my problem worst....and the isotonic drink is the coconut juice which is too sweet and thick for my liking......... reached the 20.5km at exactly 2hrs and slowly make my way to the finishing line..... finished 27min faster than last yr below is the briefs at each lap points.....who knows...maybe i will vomit blood during a race one day race detail analysis: Shoes: Adidas adizero SN total distance: 21km total time:2h 02:50min average pace: lap split 1km - 6:29min 0h 06:29min -->big crowd along shenton way. warming up with lokun 2km - 6:28min 0h 12:57min -->turning into sheares bridge, massive jam, still with lokun 3km - 6:10min 0h 19:07min --> going up sheares bridge, everyone slowed down becos of the slopes, i push faster 4km - 6:01min 0h 25:09min --> strted to ahve more space and i started to warm to go faster 5km - 5:33min 0h 30:42min --> concentrating on running form, breathing is OK 6km - 5:22min 0h 36:04min --> going into east coast, running path narrower, squeeze and move faster 7km - 5:42min 0h 41:48min --> started to slow down a bit due to congestion 8km - 5:44min 0h 47:33min --> continue to maintain the pace and squeezing 9km - 6:20min 0h 53:53min --> after U-turn, dashed into the toilet to pee, met gentle 10km - 5:25min 0h 59:19min --> able to push on with more space to run 12km -11:13min 1h 10:32min --> along nicol highway and reached the best water point by 6 div 14km -11:37min 1h 22:10min --> pace maintain comfortably until traffic stop just at the junction of middle road and beach road...14km marker just across the road, phelgm problem came 17km -15:17min 1h 37:27min --> from middle road to liang court, kena a lot more traffic light stops and breaks the momentum, started to stop for vommitting phelgm a few times. took my powergel 18km - 8:16min 1h 45:44min --> really wonder y this 1km was the slowest and i dun feel i slowed down. but i stop to vomit for a few times 19km - 5:46min 1h 51:31min --> a bit of slopes and started to have more phelgm to clear 20km - 5:49min 1h 57:20min --> push on and on 21km - 5:29min 2h 02:50min --> reached 20.5km mark at exactly 2hrs, i was splitting and focusing at the same time...tried to slow down to comfortable pace and finish decently

Friday, August 25, 2006

Daily Inspiration - Run to unblock your mind

"I do better thinking when I run. If I'm stuck in the middle of a column, I'll go running and after a while it'll hit me. Either that, or a car will" - Dave Barry, columnist and runner

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last nite run before AHM

"Running is a childish and primitive thing to do. That's its appeal, I think. You strip away all the chains of civilization. While you're running, you go way back in history" - Joe henderson, runner and writer
skpg99km continuous 2 days of mind bogging OT at work has drained my energy....wonder if that is the cause of my slow recovery from tues CBD run. My claves are tight and legs heavy as I managed to start my run tonite at 9pm....i decided to do a last light run before AHM. Forced my legs to move..i hope to warmed up by 4km and feel better...but it did not..headwind was very strong at punggol as as i struggled and managed to do a 9.9km in abt 54min....including some traffic light stops for the last 2.4km....i think i need to try the eagle brand muscle rub given in one of the run goodie bag. shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 9.9km total time: 54:34min average speed: 5:31min/km lap: 2.5km for 14:24min@5:46min/km 2.7km for 15:08min@5:36min/km 2.3km for 12:14min@5:19min/km 2.4km for 12:46min@5:19min/km

Daily Inspiration - Running is a wonder drug

"Running should be viewed as a wonder drug. It has profound potential in preventing disease and in rehabilitation after various illness. However, just like other wonder drugs, it has the potential for abuse" - William P.Morgan, Ed. D

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CBD run to sheares bridge

"Run into peace. The man who is in the state of running, of continuous running into peace, is a heavenly man. He continually runs and moves and seeks peace in running" - Meister Eckhart, 14th century philosopher
cbdrunsbr2208 Went for CBD run this usually, a big big crowd appeared...Aichai was planning the run..this time, we will run to marina park up the sheares bridge from city side, cross over to suntec area and up the sheares bridge from the other side and back to marina park. I was running with J...met C and YY lost their way so ended up running together back to end point....YY was nursing knee injury so got to run slow....reached the end at abt 55min and C and J was jumping and jumping for more superboy and myself escorted them to run towards esplanade and back...a fast and furious run...ended up with superboy suffered stomach cramps......we came back at abt 18min for abt 3.4km... funny..distance i measured using streetdirectory seems to be shorter than what i expected based to our speed and time...... anyway, a good run before AHM

Monday, August 21, 2006

Daily Inspiration - Why I always love running!

"I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs." - Jesse Owens

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Balance REAL Run 2006

Woke up 5am just hoping i can clear my bowels and bladder properly before going for this terrible crowded run. managed to reach MRT before the gate opens.....waited 5min and shut came...we went down as planned to meet up with JT in the train and went to DG mrt to take a ride from the bladder started to filled up as we near DG...and shut and I went ard to look for restroom but failed...already running late..i decided to endurance to Sentosa. We reached Sentosa quite late and the jam into Sentosa is terrible until more manpower was deployed to reduce the car waiting time....we went straight to the beach carpark and dash my life into the gents to relieve my filled to brim water bag.....we proceeded to the start line and lokun was suggesting to start at the front so that we can have fresh sand to run in...we managed to squeezed into the first 25% of the crowd. Scheduled to start at 7.45pm, the run was slightly delayed. The weather was wonderful and i went out on the my own pace.....saw Brokie and decided to follow her a while...she just ran a 24km with the animals the morning before and she was still looking fresh....saw the lead runners back when i reached the satellite station....elangovan was as usually te lead man with Ben again.... after the satellite station...someone shouted for sukaimi!! i was shocked!! how can he be so slow? i guess he started behind me and was overtaking everyone of us..i did not came for any trial run this year so i was having some difficulty to pace myself...i was doing a pace until the 5km mark before hitting the sand. The sand part was fine with me after i switched my running style this year...not much fatigue and i was breathing comfortably..however, the poor pacing for 1st half has caused my phelgm to develop....i started to vomit after i finished the 2nd sand portion...decided to take a min walk break while clearing my phelgm was developing and coming out continuously....slowed down my pace and was able to control a bit....after the beach area, we crossed the road to the 2km "trail portion"....i was stop and vomitting phelgm every 500m....i guess from my run/walk training before...every re-start is fresh except for my irritating traget was to hit below an hour this year and i got quite a lot of allowance to i just stop and run until the last 500m where i met alvo..... I shouted for his name and ran past him....and i dashed the last 200m to the finishing line and my watched shown 54min....went to the side and vomited watever phelgm left....collected the tee and met up with the sgrunners...we took a "giant" photos and managed to meet a lot of new faces and some "old disappeared for long" faces before we parted and joined the group at tanjong beach for 2nd part of the morning. We swam, played volleyball and took more pics before we left for lunch at harbourfront....walked ard a bit and went home to rest for the rest of the day...... Not a good run that i expected due to poor pacing. But timing was much faster than i expected this is the first time i broke the 1hr mark..and it was 10min faster than the year before..... hopefully, i can pace better next week and enjoy the run.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Daily Inspiration - Best reason to run

"My college coach believed second place wasn't worth a damn. If you aren't running for first, there is no reason to run. That really limited the number of people who could be runners. These days, the only reason I run is so I can run again tomorrow." - Joe Henderson

Friday, August 18, 2006

SBR & AHM 2006 pre-race expo

A kiasu Singaporean today, i went to Toa Payoh Safra 2 hrs after the race pack collection is open for business....quite a number of pple there already but no familiar faces.....all the vendors booths are not up yet.....this year looks quite organised and instead of the past yr wired system, this year they actually using the Champion Chip as the time keeper....At least this year Tee is much better looking than the last but the material feel rougher...... ahmtag06 Other than the race tag, Championchip and event tee, other goodies in the pack are 1. outdated SNAG magazine which has half naked photos of some is defective -> got repeated pages inside 2. voucher of 40% off Reebok products -> Wow! Shopping time soon, maybe is time to get a new shoes.... 3. $5 pastamania voucher - good for pre-race carbo loading 4. SAFRA running club and energy one club flyer 5. a pair of AAA GP batteries 6. My 3rd booklet of NDP discount vouchers 7. One blank imation CD 8. a packet of activade sport juice beverage -> maybe is leftover from NDP BTW, i have not received my last year cert

Daily Inspiration - What is Running?

"Running is real and relatively simple - but it ain't easy." -Mark Will-Weber.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Daily Inspiration - reward yourself with a run

"We must recognise that out real duty is always found running in the direction of our worthiest desires. No duty that runs roughshod over the personality can have a legitimate claim upon us." - Randolph Bourne, philosopher
Many people run because it gives them energy to do other things in life, such as work. It's a boost, like caffeine, only healthier. But you can take it the other way too. You can use running as a spur to do those other things in life, a motivator. Once you get them done, you can run. We always see rewards out of running. We can always see running as a reward. So, do what you need to do...and reward yourself a run today

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sengkang > tanjong pagar again!!!

"you eat a hamburger, you run like hamburger" - Steve Riddick, sprinter
sk2tjpg16km tried this route again tonite becos i did not bring my gear along and wanted a i decided to meet up with the sgrunners CBD run group...... did better than last time and felt better...i guess, i have improved a bit..quite a number of traffic light wait (timing below include waiting time) before i reached kallang river...but the breaks are good resting points...when i reached my destination, saw a big group as usual...and celebration for cfred coming birthday.. after a good dinner at maxwell market...was sent home by TLV again.....and a disgusting thing happened!!! i should not mentioned abt it....especially after dinner..and lucky it was dark in the van.... Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII total distance: 16km total time taken:1hr 31min average pace: 5:44min/km laps: 2.0km for 10:30min@5:15min/km 3.4km for 20:38min@6:04min/km 3.0km for 18:43min@6:14min/km 3.0km for 17:00min@5:40min/km 4.6km for 24:47min@5:23min/km

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Daily Inspiration - How to run a race?

I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart. - Mike Fanelli

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Daily Inspiration - Running the right pace

"I want my runners to run at a relatively even pace. Given this, they should view those who bolt out early as foolish people whom they will catch at the end" --Tom Grogon, running coach

Saturday, August 12, 2006

NBRR 2006 Prelude + french fireworks

The NBRR Prelude was held at Liang Court this year...we guess, must be trying to get more pple into this "dead" shopping was quite confusing as everyone took quite a while to find out where to collect it.... Another 4D number to buy: nbrr0186 This year, there were some booths like the usual New Balance, powergel/polar, neat feet, nature valley and eagle brand muscle cream...met kops and dasher here...i keep hanging ard NB booth to find if there is any socks for sales like before...but nope this time.....went over to get 2 packets of powergels:vanilla and raspberry cream...this time having new packaging....hopefully they taste better also 2powergel after which i went hanging around shopping centres like funan, suntec and marina sq for the rest of the day.....these days...feel like doing retail therapy but does not seems to find any things to buy for myself.....towards the end of the day, i found a shops with lots of magazine and i saw this 40th anniversary Runner's World issue....i grab without thinking to satisfy my urge to spend $$$.... rw40thissue The night ended with the fireworks display by the french for the last night of fireworks festival:

Northern adventure: Point to Point Run

"I still love those long easy runs on sunday. They're the mainstay of any training program. It's like saving pennies: put them in a jar and over a year you accumulate 50 or 60 dollars" --Robert Wallace, marathoner
skcp2wlcp I set my alarm on my HP to 5:50am. Somehow, where i managed to be awakened by it, it was already ringing for 5min.....pulled myself out of the bed, i went straight to the toilet and sit there....for 5-10min...dazing and my mind was blanked....finally managed to woke up, i washed my face and felt my adidas adizero SN over my feet, i headed out to the door on a cool sat morning. I reached compasspoint and lokun's Honda CRV just came in with LS and KJ. JT came not long after CW also appeared and TL ran from his house in this Orangy Saucony quick dry tee. 3 more supposed to joined but pulled out last minute..... I was still in dazed as they feedback to me.....we only managed to start at abt 6:50am....i was running in front with KJ and the rest just followed behind....a great morning, cool weather, wonderful company.....we started our unknown journey, about 18km away towards the other Point in the north, the Causeway point. As our journey continues, so is this FR which u can continue reading from HERE

Friday, August 11, 2006

Daily inspiration - a cure for distress

"Whatever the emotion, whether it ranges from annoyance to rage, from disquiet to terror, from guilt to remorse, one of the best remedies is vigorous action. Sport is the therapy best suited for the instant treatment of emotional distress"
-- George Sheehan, philosopher-runner

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

41st National Day LSD

"I run for endorphines and not lactic acid" skupr22km It was a very cooling national day was our country's 41st birthday. Next year will be 42nd..maybe next year we should think of something like running 42km to celebrate the nation birthday. Unfortunately, i am still not conditioned to run 41km this year to kick off this idea. There was this Bug's Run this morning which they will cover abt 13km of this year AHM route. Maybe i was just plain lazy to travel i did not join the run. I decided to attempt the 22km run to UPR and back which i did in june again. Woke up at 6am, i managed to start my run at 6:35am after dazing in my house trying to wake up my brain. The morning was very cooling today....due to national day, there was very few vehicles on the route....saw quite a number of morning runners and joggers along the took me abt 5km before my body got warmed up..... i was lucky that for the first half of the run, i was abt to run thru traffic junctions without waiting for the lights. trying to keep my pace slower than my last i entered the road leading to UPR where the wonderful slopes are, the air got cooler and cooler....i guess is abt 22-23C only...the sky was cloudy and i doubt the sun will be up.....reached UPR toilet at abt 1hr 03min. I too a quite break at the restroom for abt 2:30min before i on my way again....suddenly, i started to shivered a bit.....the temperature was pretty low (in singapore standard) was like in the aircon room..... My legs felt light as i reached the UTR and YCK junction at a faster time i took compared to running in just now. I waited for quit a while before the lights turned i started my run..i started to feel uncomfortable....just plain tired and lazy.....managed to reached the 16km point but waited at the junction again. The rest of my 6km back was full of struggle and i was running with my willpower....i stopped a few times at the junctions waiting for the lights for at least 1min...which has gave my legs some rest. it was at 18km when light drizzle came.....the blessing of showers did not make my feel better....i struggled on and was running very awkwardly and managed to finish at 2hrs 09min....this was 5min faster than my last run including rest time...... after a check at home...did realised that i was pressing too faster for the whole run but managed to maintain at quite a constant speed....i should try to cut down my pace by 10s for every km the next time.....or maybe i will try my run/walk on this route. shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII total distance: 22km total time: 2hrs 09min average pace: 5:52min/km lap 2.9km - 16:35min@5:43min/km 3.1km - 17:53min@5:46min/km 2.0km - 11:23min@5:42min/km 3.0km - 17:29min@5:50min/km 2:30min rest 3.0km - 16:35min@5:32min/km 2.0km - 11:49min@5:55min/km 3.1km - 18:07min@5:51min/km 2.9km - 17:01min@5:52min/km

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday blues run in loops

bk2kmloop It's monday...and it's blues...why not green, red or yellow?? system was extreme slow in the afternoon which caused my work to be delayed...i was unable to complete my task today by 6pm so i was carry on afetr office hour when the system become normal again.....left office at 7.45pm lucky for me that, a small walk at my neighbourhood shopping centre was able to find the thing i need.....took a brisk walk home and changed up for a run. originally, wanted to do a 10km the end....i cannot believe what i did!!! i was doing 2km loops at buangkok MRT field....i wanted to do a comfortable pace so that i can last for 5 laps.....started out at abt feet just went haywired.....pounding the road with no control....i finished the first round heavily breathing at 10:21min...i guess..the warmup part was a bit the too fast liao....went ont he second round and try to contain my speed....just not the day of running for me.....mentally sick...struggled to finish in 9:46min, which was way too fast......i decided to try to maintain for the 3rd round.....feeling better and more smooth in my steps.....but after the last turn, i started to pickup speed...i decided..that's it....i going to stop...cos i going way too i dashed the last 500m to finish the last round in 8:56min.... bad run on the bad day.....once in the blue moon.... shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 6km total time: 29:04min average pace: 4:51min/km lap: 2km for 10:21min@5:11min/km 2km for 09:46min@4:53min/km 2km for 08:56min@4:28min/km

Sunday, August 06, 2006


This year....i decided to do something more meaningful for my 2nd marathon...i wish i can do more...but let me start with this..which was started by a group of wonderful and capable friends. Here is the website for it: fund-raising effort for the Handicaps Welfare Association at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon .....if u interested to donate...u can contact me by leaving a note in my comment

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Early bird run with me, myself and my running shoes to ECP

"How important is rest in the training equation? More important than most runners know" - Paul Goss, running coach brecp20km Got to be home by 8pm for another appointment. So i will not hav enough time if i will to join the group run at legs just urge to go for a long i decided the nite before...i should go for a 20km run/walk with the new ratio of 8min run 1.5min walk which i wanted to try out. Managed to pull my sleepy body out of the bed at 5.15am when the nite outside is still silence.....changed up and wore my air pegasus out of the the way, i regret not wearing my other 2 pairs as this is too small for LSD....anyway, i thought if i do run/walk, maybe this pair still works... headed out to the road...i was deciding..where should i was 5.30am, an hour to the meeting of th group run at ECP...i thought...maybe i should try and see if i can catch them at the starting point by going the new way which i never tried due to the heavy traffic (but not at this time of the day). I headed down eunos link and went down towards ECP along still was a cooling and lovely morning...only me, myself and my running shoes pounding the road....i reached marine parade library junction at abt 30min...i guess, must have covered abt 5km....i guess I was pushing quite a fast pace for my run part and relaxing for my walk.... I turned towards parkway parade before going right to katong shopping centre and turned to mountbatten road...going towards ford road....all these while, i was very lucky that all traffic lights turned green at the moment i reached the i din lose much time waiting for the lights....i was doing quite a comfortable pace when i finally entered ECP service road from ford road...heading towards the carpark meeting point....i was just in time and a small group of them gathered around lokun's CRV....I only stayed for a few min and chat a while before i head for the toilet and on my way again.... I estimated to have rested for abt 8min there.....the re-pickup of my run was tough but i keep to my previous pace and run/walk was abt still not 7am but ECP was filled with runners burning the road......the sun started t rise by the horizon and the wonderful breeze was blowing against my sweaty body..... I reached the food centre after abt 30min from my re-start point before i went up the highway towards bedok south road....the sun was up and the traffic has begun to get heavy.....i was unfortunate this time to be stopped at the traffic lights for a while which breaks my momentum...i followed the road all the way to bedok central before i turn right to bedok community centre....the traffic light wait in front of the CC was toes started to feel the pain...i guessed the shoes was really too small for this run (or maybe this shoes are just not good enough for LSD??)...either i was hit by blisters, or black toes...i will not dare to bother abt it now..crossed over to the swimming pool...i continued my way down towards the reservoir. I was stopped against at the next traffic light for quite a while..... I finally reached the reservoir and the sun was already heating up the place....there was quite a number of morning runners along the running path and i finally reached my end point at abt 7.40am comfortably....just enough time for cool down....dragging my painful toes...i dare not use this for >10km again Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 2005 total distance:19.8km total time taken: 2hrs 07min average pace: 6:25min/km laps: 5.1km - 30:03min@5:54min/km 4.5km - 25:49min@5:44min/km 8min rest 5.1km - 30:18min@5:56min/km 2.3km - 14:59min@6:31min/km 2.8km - 17:52min@6:23min/km

Friday, August 04, 2006

LSD to chomp chomp

Is almost exactly 4 months to singapore marathon. Last year this time, i was still suffering from bonchitis.....very unsure if i still able to make it...but lucky i made it first time skpgbkamkcc Is actually a very short distance to chomp chomp from my house (maybe abt 6km??) i decided to detour until i was able to cover abt 18km. Did a slow slow run...and finally reached in 2hrs 26min.....a lot of traffic lights stops...very crowded at AMK mrt area had a fried hokkien mee a tthe food centre and took a cab home shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance 18.2km total time 2hrs 26min ave pace: 8:01min/km laps 3.0km for 17:57min@5:59min/km 5.0km for 38:00min@7:36min/km 5.2km for 44:35min@8:34min/km 5.0km for 46:24min@9:17min/km

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A lousy day to start a new month

what a lousy day to start with on the first month of aug...due to the following 5 reasons: 1. HACKED - The F was hacked!!! and it really caused disruption to quite a few activities and especially those who visit it like a lost of a best friend....felt lousy and useless that I cannot do anything to help. 2. ULCERS - i am proned to ulcers...currently having 4...1 at the left side of my tougue and 3 joined togather at my also pain, drink also pain, tok also pain....except running will not feel so pain 3. WORK - was called into boss office to be told that I ahve to cover somebodies job due to improper planning by the other parties and i got to check and plan testing for my own design...tell to find bug like that?? 4. Fitness test - this was my worst fitness test ever...was supposed to report at 3pm...i obeyed the end 3.45pm still got pple walking in....we waited for half an hour and the sky started pouring...and it was getting heavier and to run in rain later...but half an hour later, a useless briefing was conducted.then we waited...i dozed off for an hour..and we started to do some organisation..luckily i met 1 friend there and made another friend so that i am not so bored....i already cleared my test for this year but i thought maybe i can try to go for more $$ so i did not went home(which i can actually do that). Finally, after 2.5hrs of long wait, we started the static station of the test at 5.30pm...first station was statnding board jump for me..the mat was in very bad was slippery at the take off and i almost slip..i really wonder if the distance marking is correct..seems to be quite long...first try was 2.21m, lucky...tried another one only reached 2.25m..crap..there goes my extra $$....moral low...went for chin up...dunnoe i only managed 8 and din made it for 9 which is minimum for extra $$...crap 2 stations gone case...i can opt to go home but my friend said he wanted to try and do a below 12min 2.4km so that he can get $200 so i decided to pace him later. shuttle run was next...the one who timed was crappy...he start his stop watch before he said go...0.1s lost...and he was sitting down wayang wayang...din do timing properly..worst of all, we are doing on sanding rough ground...i only managed a 10.2s...which is good enough for 5 detail all did >10s becos of him...the final was situp which i fared badly 3 weeks bad....but i managed to do 38 for full was 6pm when we finished our static stations before we proceed to the start point of the run.... The conducting person was he end, his supervisor also lost patience and step in to get things organised...everything was big stopwatch for runners to check their lap also so my friend was quite worried as he did not ahve a stopwatch to monitor his pace...we supposed to run 3 laps of my friend need to do below 4min for each rd in order to do <12min. we finally started the run at 6.15pm...i followed beside my friend for the whole run and finished the first rd at 3:35min...he started to slow down a bit during the second i encouraged him to hold his ground..finished second round at 4:10min...i pushed him on and he started to increased his pace...The pace was nice and he(and me) managed to pull off a 3:40min for the last 800m to finished in 11min 30sec which is more than enough for his $ least, i did not wasted my trip there 5. CBD run - I started to miss CBD run


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